Hotel King Episode 13 Recap



Mo Ne needs to get her act straight if she wants to keep the hotel and make it the way her father wants. I’m getting tired of her clinging to Jae Wan to get every explanation even though she knows Joong Goo is pulling the strings.

Episode 13

Mo Ne still can’t believe the old cold Jae Wan is back. Spy girl tells her to attend the meeting. Mo Ne asks about her release and if Jae Wan had to ask Joong Goo. Spy girl says Ciel’s legal department did everything.

Joong Goo says to Jae Wan that he doesn’t believe in him fully. Jae Wan has to gain his confidence and trust. Joong Goo in the passing mentions he changed a wine dealer and that guy tried to commit suicide. Jae Wan says he will take care of it.


Mo Ne standing outside the meeting room can hear the directors’ unhappiness. Mi Nyeo asks her if she is trying to run away. Mo Ne says she is getting her confidence. Meeting starts and Mo Ne is met with harsh criticism. Jae Wan is sitting stone cold faced. Any other day he would have helped her. Mo Ne agrees it’s her fault but blames Joong Goo. Joong Goo is like “I know it’s my fault, how would I know this would have happened.” Mi Nyeo comes to rescue Mo Ne saying no one consults her. Jae Wan speaks this is not the time to play blame game. Mi Nyeo brings up the scandal and Jae Wan brushes it as no big deal he just trained Mo Ne to the hotel basics and Mi Nyeo pokes him saying seems like his lessons were lacking.

Mo Ne is surprised that Mi Nyeo took her side. Mi Nyeo says it seemed like her time would be up earlier than the original plan. They both see Joong Goo and Jae Wan. Mo Ne wants to talk but Jae Wan refuses as he has important things to do. Joong Goo asks Jae Wan to go ahead and listen to what Mo Ne has to say after all she is the chairwoman. The two oldies who seem to have a past together. Joong Goo asks Mi Nyeo again whose side is she on. Mi Nyeo replies did she ever say she was on his side.

Mo Ne asks Jae Wan if was Joong Goo was behind everything. Stone face says to apologize and thank Joong Goo as he was the one who saved her. Chae Kyung is outside the door and apologizes to Jae Wan as she didn’t mean to eaves drop. She knows he is doing all this because of Mo Ne. She asks him what his end game is. He doesn’t reply. -I noticed something when Jae Wan was at the elevator door he looks at his own reflection and averts his gaze. He does not like what he is becoming. Or I should stop looking into every minor detail.-


Jae Wan once again without any prior notice is in Joong Goo’s house talking to his daughter. Joong Goo again doesn’t like that. Jae Wan and Joong Goo’s daughter are whispering about her father’s birthday party. Joong Goo can’t take it anymore and calls Jae Wan to his room. He says his daughter is immature and not to pay any attention to her. Joong Goo asks if the usb is the only thing left by the chairman, wasn’t there any sort of last letter for her. Jae wan answers, no. Joong Goo shows Jae Wan the map of Ciel and tells his plans to make casinos there. Jae Wan had a similar conversation with Mo Ne and she wanted to make her dads dream come true there.

One happy family is having dinner. Jae wan looks at Joong Goo and Chae Kyung’s question rings in his head and he has the answer, “to finish his father.” Jae Wan leaves after bidding farewell but he hasn’t walked few steps that he feels nauseous and throws up. -Please tell me that the dinner with his daddy dearest was hard to digest than he has sort of incurable disease.-

Jae Wan sends an email to someone. He at his house looks out of his window. Mo Ne has posted cute post it’s on the window saying he is mean but she will pretend she knows nothing about him ,he shouldn’t be hurt and come back to her. Mo Ne plays with the female robo that Jae Wan gave and is again sad. She drinks coffee because Jae Wan liked it and Jae Wan eats cake because Mo Ne likes it. Mo Ne watches Charlie Chaplin and Jae Wan watches cartoons. They both lay down on their floor seems like something happened to their beds. Jae Wan extends his hand as to touch someone and there is Mo Ne, he pats her. -Patting is Jae Wan’s hobby I’m gonna steal the kitty from his house.- It’s totally expectation vs reality going on. One second Jae wan is patting Mo Ne’s head and the next second they both are lonely, longing for each other.

Spy girl gets threat calls for Mo Ne but she doesn’t tell her. Jae Wan has new rules set for the concierges and they oppose it. Jae Wan tells them to resign voluntarily. Mo Ne barges in opposing it as well and Jae Wan says she is misusing her position. He is still harsh and cold to her. Woo Hyun consoles her and they look at Jae Wan with his new team. Once their gaze meets Jae Wan leaves the scene. Woo Hyun decides to ask why Jae Wan is acting like a jerk and gets the answer that he does not have time to satisfy his curiosity.

Spy girl wants Mo Ne to retire for the day because some trouble is arousing. Mo Ne hears protestors and goes in front of them and she gets all sort of things thrown at her. Spy girl calls Jae Wan. He comes at the lightning speed and wants to save Mo Ne but sees Joong Goo. Mo Ne too sees Jae Wan and Joong Goo. Woo Hyun saves her. The protests were about Ciel is not doing business with the small suppliers anymore. Dressed neatly spy girl remembers going to Jae Wan asking and not believing that he was the one behind this. Mo Ne asks if it was Joong Goo. Spy girl says he was but someone else ordered it and she knows who he is. Mo Ne asks her to leave and cries.

Jae Wan has a visitor no, not Mo Ne but Chae Kyung. She came to stop him from running to Mo Ne. She asks him to make the stake and babbles which Jae Wan doesn’t pay any attention to. She looks at him and he has cut himself but he didn’t notice and keeps chopping onions. -Coincidence? I too cut myself while cutting onions and it was stinging. I ran to the room put the bandage and starting doing work from where I left.- Chae Kyung holds his hands and he realizes that the onions has some blood and takes a tissue paper to wipe from them. -Great Jae Wan has gone cuckoo.-


Mo Ne is texting to Jae Wan that she knows he is sorry and asks him to come or she would get angry. Thing is she is just saying it not writing anything. Mo Ne has a visitor no, not Jae Wan but Woo Hyun. He gives the ribbon to Mo Ne and tells the whole story about the painting, garden and the boat. Mo Ne runs to search because she believes her dad must have something left for her except she can’t find anything but an empty box which means something was in there. Woo Hyun somehow missed or Jae Wan put it back later for her to notice. Anyways she asks if anyone came here and yes its Jae Wan.

Chae Kyung and Jae Wan sip wine seems like they are done with the dinner. Chae Kyung asks when will it end and Jae Wan is mum. Mo Ne comes behind Chae Kyung and asks her to leave. Jae Wan holds Chae Kyung’s wrist and tells Mo Ne he will deal whatever it is in the hotel. Mo Ne begs her to leave. Jae wan stops Mo Ne from going into the house though after entering he keeps the window open, she follows. She asks him about the ribbon, boat, painting. He says he has nothing to say. Or he can say what she wants him to say. Mo Ne starts saying that he would never betray her trust and he repeats it but he says it’s her who poised the trust on him. -Oi wait were you not the one who asked her will she believe in him no matter what.-


Jae Wan calls someone and speaks in English saying he will come at the airport to pick him up. Mo Ne thinks back to Jae Wan’s old behavior and his story and scars and what creepy pervert said. She looks at the cellphone and calls Jae Wan. He doesn’t pick up. Mo Ne is at her houses door standing inside and counting because last time Jae Wan ran to her within one minute. Jae Wan on the other side is literally on the other side of the door and can hear her counting. Mo Ne keeps crying and asks if he is there but she is afraid to open the door what if he is not there. Jae Wan on the other side had his wish she doesn’t believe in him anymore.

Jae Wan is at the airport to pick Loman Lee. Roman? Lohan? Rohan? Anyways Jae Wan lived in America for twenty years and his Engrish is…. I’m not saying mine is any good but….- Loman is one of the highest share holders. He asks Jae Wan to take him to the best place in Ciel and Loman is standing at an empty place, looks like a desert to me. Oh it’s the place where Mo Ne and Joong Goo has their own plans for. Loman says he hasn’t planned to join his hands or Joong Goo’s. Jae Wan is sure that he will join him.


Meeting presentation with Jae Wan, Loman, Joong Goo and some directors. Mo Ne gets the news from Mi Nyeo and she barges in the room saying to Jae Wan how could he do it. Does he not know it was her and her fathers dream? – I’m sorry but what the heck is Joong Goo’s tie, its green and with butterflies.

Mi Nyeo is playing piano and Loman enters her room and sits behind her. She finishes the melody and Loman hugs her saying mother. -Ohmygod ohmygodohmygodohmygod hyperventilating.-


Joong Goo gets angry at Jae Wan for choosing this place for the meeting. Jae Wan says it was Loman’s idea. Joong Gooo says then how come Mo Ne knew about it and looks at Jae Wan with suspicious eyes. Jae Wan says this deal is important to him too. Mo Ne is ready with a trash can in her hand and charges toward them. Joong Goo escapes while all the trash is dumped on Jae Wan. Joong Goo leaves the scene. I hope he trips and falls. Mo Ne again asks Jae Wan how could he do it. He asks her not to trust him anymore.


So when will the angst end, forget everything this Loman guy and Mi Nyeo are mother and son, such twist. But their sir names are different. One of them is using a fake surname or Mi Nyeo is using her maiden name. What the hell someone just give me the script. Is Loman going to complete the love triangle now?

Mo Ne needs to wake up. She knows Jae Wan is doing all this because of Joong Goo. Just save the hotel first and love later. He is not going anywhere except he might be dying so speed up your game.

Sometimes I feel like I want to slap Jae Wan. Just you wait when Mo Ne knows about his involvement in his father’s death. About Jae Wan giving the pills it will be her who will turn cold and he will beg her like she is doing. First one party gets angry then second then the viewers lose their patience and that’s when the drama ends. After some episodes or so I start writing my own story hehehe.


10 comments on “Hotel King Episode 13 Recap

  1. Thanks youuuuuuu , love you miss khan without your amazing recaps I would have suffocated ! LOOOL an di got the same reaction to mom thing


  2. Lynne says:

    Miss Khan thanks for this I really love your recap. It makes me understand HK more. How I wish next week episode will show Jae Wan and Mo Ne’s true feelings. Love Love Love!!!


  3. naniex says:

    thanks…can’t wait for Hotel king ep 14 recap..Jia you Semangat Fighting..


  4. Lola Paloma says:

    Ouch! Spikey .. all your frustration and anger is in the recap!!! Loving it 😉 Mi Nyeo has bring on her own army … *sigh* what battle is she preparing for??


    • Miss Khan says:

      I don’t cling onto someone who wants to leave me. So, that’s why I lost temper when I saw Mo Ne doing the exact same thing.
      Mi Nyeo has a major part to play in the story but right now she is not fitting anywhere. We don’t know if she is completely on Mo Ne’s side or why is she acting so mysterious. dammit lady I’m gonna take the whip from your hand and gonna hit you until you tell the truth.


  5. ekta says:

    Thank you


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