Blade Man Episode 18 END


It ended finally. The drama that had potential if writer had thought more scenarios but NO they had to bring the dead ex-gf back and waste some time here and there and not telling the actual stuff. The reason our boy sprouts blades. I don’t like the reason they gave. No one will ever know daddy Joo and head maid had a child or she almost murdered Tae hee. Actually Tae hee dying is head maids fault. Who cares about that? Hong bin’s real dad? What? No one cares. I just said that, weren’t you listening errr reading?

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Blade Man Episode 17


Let me quickly write before I forget what happened in the episode. Oh wait nothing actually happened. Dammit, I wasted an hour. What was that? Tae hee the hell you came back for? No seriously if you had just died quietly and never interrupted the life’s of the rest, I might have felt sorry but not anymore. You can drop dead in the next episode and I won’t even blink.

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Blade Man Episode 16


It was nice to see Hong bin worrying about cutie pie for once. He always treats him like a punching bag. Finally, head maid’s real identity is going to be revealed about what kind of special bitch she is. Both lovers of Hong bin are willing to give up for the other.

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Blade Man Episode 13


We can all thank God for one thing. The break up story didn’t drag. Se dong’s decision made Hong bin do the same for her safety because he is not a normal human. I swear cutie will die at this rate if he keeps taking his master’s anger. All the “what ifs” are answered and confuse our characters.

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