Liar Game Finale


Where do I start? How about, what the hell did they do to Woo jin’s hair? No seriously, the heck? Were you trying to make him look ugly? I don’t know about that but you sure made me angry.

Such an intense episode. What more to say about Do young when we all know he is some sort of psychopath who is out there for revenge. Da jung’s trust in Woo jin shakes as Woo jin tries to eliminate her. Who will be the winner?

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Liar Game Episode 11


I want season 2. I know we have one episode left but….season 2 is season 2. I don’t want to hear anything except the confirmation for season 2. Get it. I need season 2.

This was again an OHMYGOD episode. Do young the mastermind, the puppet master wants his friends back and that’s why he is doing what he is doing. Not only Woo jin but Da jung too is connected to him. Did I mention, I need season 2?

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Liar Game Episode 10


This episode was best of the best of the best. I never felt this happy with Jamie’s betrayal ever. We finally see Do young losing his cool and boy it was scary. He went to la la land. The day we were dreading is here, Woo jin’s secret is no longer a secret and with him Do young’s past has revealed. What’s the connection between the two guys? I can’t believe next week will be the last one. I want season 2.

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Liar Game Episode 8


Never ever underestimate your opponent. I don’t know why Woo jin did that and more over he is a psychology professor. He should know more and that’s how Do young took control over him.

I’m scared. Do young is scary. I don’t hate him I’m scared of him. I don’t ever want to meet a person like him and if I did I would probably run as I’m no Woo jin or I would become his friend, becoming an enemy is not an option. Did I mention that I’m scared of Do young?

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Liar Game Episode 7


me trying to understand rules

me trying to understand the rules

Who made the 4th round so confusing? Why did you do that? Don’t you know my poor brain almost died trying to figure out the rules and whatnot? Do young, you devil you should have made the rules simpler.

Now that the stage is set for the 4th round. Be prepared for the unexpected scenarios. Do young, the man behind the curtain, what does he want? Does he want to show Woo jin that he is smarter than him or does he have some other agenda? How will Woo jin come out of this web carefully woven by Do young?

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Liar Game Episode 6


Do young is seriously freaking me out. I think Woo jin’s assumption that everyone is connected might be true. I was wondering how would Woo jin enter the game and his entry was totally awesome. Do young is scary for sure. He is always wearing a calm expression when he is not glaring at the pd and telling her, his real motive.

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