Hotel King Episode 14 Recap



So I thought the drama was about Mo Ne saving the hotel and not clinging to her love and asking him to come back. Mo Ne hasn’t even taken a step on how to make her father’s dream come true. On the other hand some secrets are out which at least kept me interested.

Episode 14

Mo Ne asks Jae Wan how could he do it. Jae Wan replies her not to trust him again. Mo Ne can’t believe that he with Joong Goo is planning to ruin the hotel. Jae Wan thinks that Casino wont ruin the hotel but her fathers dream will. Using the last resort Mo Ne asks would he come back to her? Should she wait for him. Jae Wan’s response is as cold as his face, “he didn’t go to her in the first place.”

Spy girl brings something to Jae Wan -a bag of clothes? Cellphones? because he keeps throwing them- and he tells her to comply to chairwoman’s demand only. Joong Goo calls Jae Wan to his office. He is still wearing the funny tie and is going crazy because his meeting didn’t go well thanks to Mo Ne. He tells Jae Wan to stop her no matter what.


The concierges complain to Mo Ne that the new system is hard to follow and as Jae Wan said to leave voluntarily some have left already. Mo Ne says she will talk to Jae Wan and speak of the devil, Jae Wan appears. He points each of them and tell their short comings. Mo Ne steps in and describe their strong points. Jae Wan isn’t moved and I’m with Jae Wan on this one but his way of approach is totally wrong. And when ever Mo Ne and Jae Wan are face to face they fight the dialogs are different but the meaning behind them is the same.

Joong Goo’s daughter asks Jae Wan for the lift to her house. He is planning to use her own sister in this game of revenge. Joong Goo sees them together. Jae Wan knows he is looking he deliberately leans in making her heart flutter to only remove something from her hair. He tells her not to tell that she came with him. -You ask why, because she works at Chae Kyung’s restaurant and her family doesn’t know. I wonder does Joong Goo have a blind fold when he is at Ciel. How come he never saw her or why didn’t anyone else told him about his daughter. Joong Goo asks her where she is coming from she is nervous and lies. No worries dear father knows.


Jae Wan sips wine and sees Mo Ne going to her house. He again counts till three and as usual she switch on the nights. Mo Ne too is getting drunk on beer and wine. She sees kitty and says to her to live with her because if she lived with Jae Wan she will become like him. Kitty just runs to Jae Wan’s house and drunk Mo Ne follows. -Kitty playing cupid.- Mo Ne asks how could he do this to her and come back. Which of course she is not saying to the kitty but to Jae Wan. She just sleeps there on the table. Jae Wan comes out and is about to pat her head again but doesn’t. He covers her with his cardigan and tells her he will come back to her once he cleans himself and will live with her and decides to sleep there as well. -Yup something truly happened to the beds because they are not sleeping there anymore.- Morning – Maids all stare at Mo Ne who is still asleep but she makes an excuse she was just having some fresh air and then realizes she is not at her place. She asks about Jae Wan. He already left for work.


Loman and Mi Nyeo has mother and son bonding time. She asks him to be careful of Jae Wan. Loman asks her whom should he start first with and Mi Nyeo says Mo Ne. She says they are almost there. Where I don’t know, the drama is saving it for another flashback.

Mo Ne goes rock climbing and Jae Wan’s harsh words are her only thoughts. Loman joins her. He tells her she doesn’t look like someone who wants to reach the top but who wants to fall. Mo Ne literally falls on the springy bed. She recognizes him and tells him to get lost from the hotel.

Spy girl tells Jae Wan every single detail about Mo Ne but he isn’t interested. Spy girl says then she will just monitor Mo Ne. Jae Wan sees her cycling and Loman with him. He isn’t happy and goes straight to his room to tell him to back off. Loman guesses right he is doing all this for Mo Ne.
Mo Ne asks for Mi Nyeo’s help and she flatly refuses. She would do it if Mo Ne ordered her. Mo Ne asks what she should do to stop Joong Goo’s plan. Mi Nyeo gives three names, she has to deal with them. Farms chairman, Loman and Jae Wan. Mo Ne asks why Jae Wan. Mi Nyeo says he was the one who made plans with her father to his dream Ciel.

Mo Ne takes Woo Hyun to talk to the farm chairman. He doesn’t want to but agrees when she pleads. Mo Ne asks for farm chairman’s land near Ciel, but he wont budge. Mo Ne asks him what is Joong Goo paying. He says what ever she pays double than that. She says is he going to leave all the money to his children to which he responds he doesn’t have one. He had a son but he left and never came back. Mo Ne remembers Jae Wan saying that he is a money grubber. And who ever is swayed by money cannot be trusted. She repeats Jae Wan’s line and tells him she will see how long can he and Joong Goo can work. Mo Ne leaves and Woo Hyun isn’t happy with his father. Chairman asks if she is the one he loves and doesn’t like his choice.


Mo Ne gives the tour to Loman and some people for what she is planning for Ciel. Joong Goo is deliberately feeding the birds there. Jae Wan standing by his side. Mo Ne totally pales and dramas favorite flashback. Young, Mo Ne is with Joong Goo and he leaves her at a place where there are birds in cages. Mo Ne is having panic attack and Joong Goo is a psycho son of a bitch. Jae Wan clenches his fist in anger he can’t do anything to help her.


Jae Wan drinks at Chae Kyung’s to forget the pain he is giving to Mo Ne. Chae Kyung tells him to come back to her. Jae Wan tells her why can’t they be together because they love themselves and they think about themselves first before anything. Chae Kyung asks if Mo Ne is any different. Jae Wan nods and says when she is hurting she looks at him -and I think that is her weakness.– Jae Wan says its nice to have someone to go back to. He touches Chae Kyung’s face and tell her to move on. He is not for her. -Let’s see you can use her when you want to hurt Mo Ne but don’t want to be with her, Jerk.-

Jae Wan goes back to his house and Mo Ne is waiting for him. He asks her to go back but she follows him inside. She hugs him saying hug me. He pushes her away but she keeps hugging him. She says she was scared no one was there to help her. She wants that person to be him and back hugs him. Jae Wan fights the urge to stay like that but removes her hands again. She leaves and he looks at his own hands. He pushed her with his own hands. He says if he didn’t to this his father will kill her.


Mi Nyeo is at a church. She is sitting with her eyes closed and a tear rolls down. Loman is there to take her back because it’s some special day and Mi Nyeo specially doesn’t feel well on this day. They almost get in an accident and Mi Nyeo for some reason is panting.


Mi Nyeo brings a gift to Mo Ne for Joong Goo’s birthday party. It’s a voice recorder. Oh it’s the same recording that was playing in Joong Goo’s room and he thought it was Jae Wan. Mo Ne can’t believe that Joong Goo killed her father and Jae Wan knew about it and was silent all this while. Instead going to the party she lays in her bed. She has called the doctor and gets the news that he died. She remembers Jae Wan saying her not to trust him. She cries and apologizes to her father.


Woo Hyun stops his father from going to Joong Goo’s party. Chairman says she wont come to him even if he does this. Woo Hyun tells her father saved her. He died the day his sister died. His father says the late chairman has ruined his child. Woo Hyun tells him to stop before he loses him too for forever.


Mo Ne arrives at the party uninvited. She gives the present to Joong Goo and it’s the picture of three people, joong goo, late chairman and the doctor. Joong Goo the drama queen pretends to be sad and Mo Ne brings the wine as the second present. Jae Wan notices it’s from the rejected suppliers. She says that the wine guy apologized for any kind of inconvenience.


Mo Ne is waiting for the opportunity to play the audio. Jae Wan tells her not to provoke Joong Goo. Mo Ne excuses herself and goes to search for anything that links Joong Goo to her father’s death. She finds a framed picture of young Joong Goo and her father. In rage she throws it on the floor. Jae Wan is looking for her, hears the sound and enters the room. He locks the door and that is when Joong Goo decided to come there as well. He knocks on the door and Jae Wan hides Mo Ne behind the window and opens the door. Joong Goo knows someone is there and its Mo Ne and he puts oil on fire saying Jae Wan should do as he has been doing. Like deceiving the last chairman and working for him. He leaves the room and Jae Wan takes Mo Ne and leaves from the back door and Joong Goo sees them.


Totally random scene of Loman taking a shower just to show us he has the same tattoo Jae Wan has. So is he Ji Won and how come he came to Mi Nyeo?


God knows why Jae Wan brought Mo Ne to his house. She asks him if Joong Goo was behind her father’s death and if he knew. He replies no. Mo Ne knows he is lying and she looks for anything he is hiding and goes to thrashing his place. Throwing everything including his beloved robots. She isn’t satisfied with one room and goes to the other as well. She sees a gun and Jae Wan quickly covers her eyes and closes the safe. It’s the gun Jayden used to kill the gangster. Mo Ne sees him in the eye, she is scared and asks him who is he? He can see in her eyes that he lost her.



So Joong Goo and Mi Nyeo were together at one point. They were in an accident Joong Goo lost his leg and Mi Nyeo got a scar on her back. Joong Goo took Jayden and Mi Nyeo Ji Won.

Did Ji Won/Loman, Jayden/ Jae Wan had the tattoo when they were kids? That’s the only reason why the tattoos are identical though Jae Wan’s more pretty. Anyways that’s not the point. So then Mi Nyeo knows that Ji Won and Jayden were together? If Mi Nyeo knows everything then that means she knows that farm chairman and Woo Hyun are father and son.

Who the hell keeps a gun just like that? Why wasn’t the safe locked? Why didn’t Jae Wan threw the gun why keep it to remember the painful past?

Let’s see what Mo Ne does. She is scared yes, but will she still accept him?

Why was this episode so choppy, the camera must had a cold or something because it was shivering.



21 comments on “Hotel King Episode 14 Recap

  1. SyeeraH says:

    Thank you so much for your lovely recaps!! It is such a pleasure to read them to make me re-think about the things that happened in the episodes 🙂


  2. brilianacm says:

    thanks for the recaps :))


  3. michelle says:

    What did Roman hand An No Ne? A handkerchief? And why?


  4. This was an awsome recap and an awsome episode ! Cant wait !!


  5. Benny Sonia says:

    Curiouser and curiouser. These new developments are keeping me intrigued. I can’t wait and see whats going to happen next.

    Miss Khan as always your recaps are amazing.


  6. Lola Paloma says:

    Still I would expect Mo Ne to be strong and quick and keep her mind straight about saving CIEL instead of clinging to Jae Wan.. *I wanna do that heheheh*

    I can see her progress learning about her staff *salute to Mo Ne* but she needs more than that to fight CJW and JG.

    So many unfinished business .. *heartache*


    • Miss Khan says:

      Yes, Mo Ne leave the clinging part to us. *in an imaginary world with Jae Wan with the rest of the fan girls*

      Mo Ne standing up for the staff for the first time was indeed admirable but Jae Wan isn’t wrong. Instead of telling him that he is right (of course the tone and behavior are wrong) Mo Ne argued with him. Jae Wan wants what is best for the hotel. You walk into a seven star hotel and the receptionist can’t speak English?

      heartache? you mean headache right?


  7. michelle says:

    Thank u so much for answering my question! Love your recaps!


  8. kiki says:

    thank you…..
    its so sad seeing this….why JW doesnt just tell MN the truth so they wouldnt hurt each other….I love seeing them being happy as in 11&12 eps….please MN dont leave JW……and for JW dont hurt her more……
    hopely we will watch them being happy in the next eps….


    • Miss Khan says:

      Welcome ^__^

      What should Jae Wan say to Mo Ne? Sorry I unknowingly killed your father and the gun you see is from when I was seven and I killed someone. So,will you marry me?


      • Booyah says:

        Actually everything is better than what he did. I don’t get why he just didn’t give Mo Ne a message saying that he will come back to her at one point but that she has to back off right now.
        And saying the truth doesn’t mean she’ll forgive him right away, but at least she would know the truth and won’t think about horrible things. And knowing what he went through I would even think she’d understand.


  9. Annyeong thanks for your recaps 🙂 And can I ask you mentioned “Oh it’s the same recording that was playing in Joong Goo’s room and he thought it was Jae Wan. ” What ep is this and which part was this cos I can’t rmb 😦 Thanks!


  10. Booyah says:

    They didn’t have the tattoo’s since they were kids. We saw in an earlier flashback that they both drew each other wings with a pen, because they wanted to fly and “be free”. That’s why Jae Wan really made it into a tattoo and Loman too because he is the kid from back there. It’s just surprising that it’s like totally identical to the one Jae Wan has, a bit too much of coincidence for me. xD


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