SnK Season 2 -Episode 34 and the enemy is…?


SnK= Shingeki no Kyojin aka Attack on Titan

Talking! Talking…talking…talking and more and more talking. Maybe I was fasting and was tired but still, that’s a lot of talking in this episode.

Reiner definitely has split personality. The way he just switches to other person and pretends nothing is wrong is really scary. So, do we know how the human titans came into being? How come Ymir knows about the enemy? And damn Reiner for stopping her from saying the name. She only hears Christa’s name and sides with Reiner’s team. Eren is clueless about everything even about the beast titan. He needs to watch the first episode of the 2nd season to understand what’s going on. Continue reading

I’m your destiny- Boku unmei no hitto desu: Episode 7


What’s your size? Ring size!

Mystery guy gives another problem to Makoto for him to solve. Give a ring to Haruko as a birthday present and well you know what ring means but the thing is Makoto’s not to ask her about her finger size. Enter rival, the jack of all trades. He can guess the number only by looking at the finger and helps Makoto and they buy lots and lots of Asparagus and Makoto learns how to guess the size. I don’t think it’s a very outstanding ability.

Mystery guy introduces himself to rival as Kame and he’s holding the turtle (Kame) and Kame (Makoto) is sitting in front of him and soon corrects himself and says he’s Kami. Makoto jumps in and quickly makes up a story that Kamishiwa Saburo? came from abroad. Ahhahaha. Rival and mystery guy find a name for each other, Sabu chan (mystery guy’s name) and Mi chan (rival’s name) and they become friends. That’s quick. Continue reading

Ruler: Master of the Mask-Episodes 11-12 Noble idiocy or guilt?


Sun was at the Pyunsoo’s hideout trying to find out their secret. Pyunso people be stupid, who lights a fire at a hideout? Ga eun and her companions get rescued by Sun and Chung woon. She recognizes him as Chun soo, that’s the name he gave her when they met first, but he says that he isn’t the one she’s looking for. Shucks! He feels guilty about her father’s death and knows she hates the prince but Chun soo’s her first love.

Surprise! Sun is the master peddler Ga eun was looking for. After hearing her troubles they go to a merchants meeting and lo and behold clingy is there. She’s a merchant now and hates Dae mok and that doesn’t mean I like her. Sun strikes a deal with the merchants and they agree to help Ga eun’s people but on a condition, clingy wants to know why Dae mok is demanding the money suddenly. Or she can ask her father and grandfather directly. Why is she throwing him in danger? He still doesn’t know she’s Dae mok’s granddaughter, the guy who killed his father. I can see some heartbreak coming. Continue reading

Ruler: Master of the Mask-Episodes 9-10 Greed has no end


Again I’m going to blame the king. He wanted to be the king at any cost and held Dae mok’s hand so why is he trying to run from his grip? He, himself gave the leash to his collar. He agreed to bow his head to him then why is he acting like he’s being wronged?

To be quiet honest it’s really funny and stupid when Sun came running and yelled FATHER!! in front of Dae mok from whom his father’s been hiding him all his life. Great, you just revealed your own identity. Continue reading

Lookout: Episodes 3-4 Gripping


Do han isn’t the bad guy, he just appears to be a jerk, he pretends to be on the bad guys side. He’s planning to ruin them. LOVE IT! But I hate is hairdo. I call him hairdo instead of Do han.

The high school boy who pushed Soo ji’s daughter is the son of the chief prosecutor and the prosecutor better start counting his days because he’s on Do han’s ruin list. Do han’s father got life imprisonment after the prosecution said he’s a spy and the prosecutor at that time was the now chief prosecutor. Continue reading

Circle:Two worlds connected: Episode 2 Interesting


Beta world: In 2007 the young boys have their picture taken with the emotionless alien girl. Only Woo jin thinks she’s but his brother and father think she’s an ordinary girl. She saves Woo jin and gets injured, on the neck, but still doesn’t show any emotion.

In 2017 they both see the saw alien girl. Bom gyun runs after her. Woo jin is sick tired of his brother’s fascination with the alien theory. He runs again into the alien girl, Han Jung yeon, and she attends the same university as him and is in the same class and they end up working on the same project. He thinks she just looks like the alien girl because she’s emotions and expressions but he sees a recording in which she enters Bom gyun’s room. He’s then forced to ask her once again about her real identity. Continue reading