Okay, like I said before, time to cut a bitch or two. Why am I in a crappy mood? Because the dramas I’m watching are not airing this week.

Don’t waste your time guys, you won’t be able to find anything new on Investigation Couple. IC didn’t make it clear before that it won’t air like Wok. I thought only one episode is going to be cancelled but NO! T_T (can I hope for a new episode tonight?) Continue reading


No dramas for you…this week


Were you searching for Secret Mother episodes 21-24 and couldn’t find? No? Great then I was too lazy to post “not airing today”.

And before you guys panic for no reason, let me remind you Wok episodes 23 and so on will not air this week. I still haven’t figured out if this is a good thing or not.

Partners for Justice better air or I’ll be chopping a bitch or two or flipping tables. Whichever is easily available. Continue reading

Eid Mubarak


This Eid is much different from all that has come, in my life, or will come in the future. Nothing is the same and it’ll never be.

This year’s Ramazan was the first without my father and so is this Eid. I have no words to describe the feelings and emotions I’m feeling. May Allah grant him the highest place in Jannah. Amen. Continue reading

Wok of Love/Greasy Melo Episodes 21-22 Will it wo(r)k?

wok of love-greasy melo

IMPORTANT NEWS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dramas are being cancelled right, left and centre. Reason? Go and search. Investigation Couple/Partners for Justice Episodes 19-20 will not air. Don’t look for it you won’t be able to find it. Let the wait begin T_T you don’t end the episode on such a note, drama.

Wok only aired one episode this week and will not air any next week, so, see you on 25 June for more Wok.

On to the episode- Hungry wok’s business blooms but the danger still looms. Giant hotel is jealous of their success which is not the recipe to longetivity.

Cutting lady’s heart is wavering towards the hotel after all its money but on the other hand is loyalty. People do say, money can’t buy everything and they need to think again. Loyalty is royalty but not when you have other things on priority. Continue reading

Investigation Couple/Partners for Justice: Episodes 17-18 A second opinion

Investigation Couple

Prosecutor Kang is crossing all boundaries and without investigating properly is attacking psycho just because he hasn’t and can’t accept the truth about his brother and that he lost his first case which was of course against psycho. He’s just guilty for not mending his relationship with his brother and now wants someone to blame. Can someone kill him?

Coming back to the teenagers’ death, psycho can’t rule out accidental falling and doesn’t want to share much with Miss prosecutor, because he’s not sure, which angers her and she starts talking informally to him which shocks him but she’s quick enough to pretend she’s talking to the dog. Continue reading

Secret Mother: Episodes 17-20 The game of cat and mouse

Secret Mother

Everyone is on pins and needles including me. I swear if the secret turns out to MEH then the husband needs to be slapped some more.

It’s to be an earth-shattering secret from the way the mother-in-law fabricated the video to make it look like doc has lost her marbles. The video shows the tutor’s the patient of the doc’s which means the doc failed to recognize her own daughter’s kidnapper and trusted her son with her. Even the witness says it’s the tutor with the hit and run incident. Doc doesn’t believe in any of it but other than her memories there’s no proof. Continue reading

Wok of Love/Greasy Melo Episodes 17-20 Let’s just go…with the flow

wok of love-greasy melo

The story isn’t going anywhere and the competition between the Giant hotel and Hungry Wok is just taking tooooo long and every scene is unnecessary looooonggggggggggggg. And don’t get me started on the popping dough scene, instead of the process we are forced to see the upper bodies mainly the face of the actors. I know they are good-looking, so stop cashing them and do something with the story.

First of all, I made a mistake, by watching this drama, I watched episode 18 first instead of 17 but guess what, I could understand what’s going on. It means SKIP, SKIP, SKIPPING is good for health.

So, the writer thinks he/she made a mistake in concluding the love triangle this early so a memo is given to the chef but horse girl’s deprived of the new development. Its one step taken forward and two steps back and the whole drama is dangling from a cliff ready to be put out of misery. Continue reading