Voice 3: City of Accomplices – Episode 4

I never ever understand how can someone abuse the other for no reason. I have seen and heard parents beating and spanking their kids for minor things and its a different world for me because my parents never raised their hands on us siblings. We were scolded and were warned but raising hands never happened.

My parents talked to our teachers and told them not to lay a finger on us and contact them if we are poor in studies. Rest we were pretty decent kids. So, I’m grateful for my parents for that among many other things.

I sometimes really do want to hit my nephew when he runs my patience dry but I just scold him. This new generation is nothing like the previous one and my ma says the same about us and her ma used to say about her kids.

Back to the episode.

The young boy called Hyun soo falls from the rail and miraculously has no major injuries. The shady old man acts like a guardian and takes the boy. Kwon joo and Kang woo both have a bad feeling about him.

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Voice 3: City of Accomplices – Episode 3

Why won’t Kang woo tell the truth so we all don’t have to run around using our brains to find out the undetectable clues or maybe he doesn’t remember much and what he remembers he won’t say because if he said, he won’t be Kang woo.

This Japanese cop has nothing on Kang woo but still keeps jumping on non existent leads to nab him. Is he stupid or what?? The team leaves Japan for Korea.

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Doctor Prisoner: Episodes 31-32 THE END

A brilliant drama from the beginning to the end. There’s never a dull moment and it made sure we were on our toes.

Each and every character has so many expressions and emotions. I don’t know what to capture and what to leave.

I want to watch this drama again just for the smartness of the characters and the brilliant expressions.

Yi je makes a plan, like he always does it’s a daily routine for him by now, to get Jae joon which includes him getting injured by him. Yi je will do anything to get him behind bars. The plan succeeds.

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Save Me 2: Episodes 1-2

First of all, season 2 has nothing to do with season 1. The cast is different, the characters are different, the story is different, the setting is kinda same as in a cult but this time it will be made from a scratch by a single man and his secret followers (the back tattoo guy and his friends??) in a village which is soon going to be submerged.

So, a polite and a nice looking man, Choi Kyung seok, arrives in the village called Wolchoori. A young guy, Byung ryul, from the village knows him because he once saved him from being scammed. Byung ryul calls him professor and says he teaches law in a university. He respects the older man till one day he finds something unpleasant and investigates it. I wonder what he saw or where he went and what he found.

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Voice 3: City of Accomplices – Episode 2

I’m enjoying this dark cup of tea and would like to have more servings, thank you. I just got to know that Japan is doing a remake of Voice. Maybe I’ll check that too, hoping I won’t compare them which seems inevitable.

The Golden Time Team and their race against time!!! Kang woo with his rude personality still helps the team and time is of essence when a life is on the line.

And the Japanese police interferes because its their turf and both sides are not wrong. Japanese officers give time to find the victim and gloat when the Golden team comes up empty hand.

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Voice 3: City of Accomplices – Episode 1

Why are the posters so BLAH? I guess I only like season one’s poster and I’m still waiting for Jang hyuk to make a cameo.

I want the drama to go full dark, bloody and gore. Make it PG 18 so none can complain. I mean why complain when you know you’re watching a drama where the killers are psychopaths??

Woohooo!!! The horror, the thriller, the adrenaline rush is back!! Now I only need to get the memory back for the tiny and major details that happened in season 2. Hopefully season 3 will help to fill in the gaps made by my memory loss.

So, after the explosion Kwon joo gets injured badly and it takes her eight months to recover and still she’s not completely fit. She still hears ringing in her ears which can affect her performance in the future, you just know.

Kang woo’s long disappeared and is said to be kidnapped. An investigation unit is formed to find him and there are no results. The unit is disbanded.

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Doctor Prisoner: Episodes 29-30

My goodness!!! I have no idea what to say. When did Yi je become readable? Or was Jae joon always the smartest of all?

To take down Jae joon, Yi je makes a plan and includes Seon, the betrayer. Jae hwan is ready to sacrifice his life but his mother’s against it. The plan continues nonetheless.

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