Wok of Love/Greasy Melo (Last) Episodes 35-38 And the stupidity finally comes to an end.

wok of love-greasy melo

A useless drama in the history of uselessness. This is no secret but I didn’t like the drama. Some might have loved and enjoyed but… I wish it’s the same for me. The writer wasted everything from a great cast to a drama that could have been enjoyable.

The title and the synopsis are utterly and terribly wrong. The title should be: “a meddling mother” and synopsis shouldn’t even touch the word ‘revenge’. It should be something like, a guy trying his darn hardest to get the approval from his girlfriend’s mother who is a gold digger. Continue reading


Investigation Couple/Partners for Justice: (Last) Episodes 31-32 Its not over till its over

Investigation Couple

It’s not me but its written at the end of the episode “to be continued…” and yes, of course, I would like some more psycho and his yelling and his “are you writing a novel?”

The fiancée’s story comes to an end with her death and psycho manages to see her before she closes her eyes and apologizes to her. Kang’s brother’s suggestion to fiancée about lying was revealed but then he himself committed suicide. Poor psycho finds out the child was his. Thank God this arc wasn’t dragged, it shouldn’t have been inserted in the first place. Continue reading

Investigation Couple/Partners for Justice: Episodes 29-30 It’s a long time ago

Investigation Couple

What does it mean to be a team? The members discuss and give their opinions and two cents instead of being a bullhead and going in the wrong direction.

Psycho comes up with new clues but is shot down because everyone for some reason doesn’t think he’s capable. We are at the end and I have yet to figure out the hatred against him. Its one of the way to make psycho seem smarter than rest of the dumbos. In the end, the investigation goes the way psycho’s saying. The cold case killer is caught and who would have thought he’s one of the ex-detectives but the sole survivor dies by his hand. Continue reading

Wok of Love/Greasy Melo Episodes 31-34 Trust- that I don’t have in this drama anymore but gangsta has in chef and vice versa

wok of love-greasy melo

Again some competition, with high stakes, between Wok and Giant and it would have been much exciting if its earlier in the series. Better late than never or whatever.

And as usual, our good guys have one hurdle after another. First girl’s mom threatens her people to throw them out if they tried to help chef and bad guys being the bad guys can’t do anything good. I was surprised by the lack of attention and competence from the gangsta as he doesn’t have a counter attack. Well, he had no idea bad guys almost ruined the competition but things work in the favour of good guys. Must be the lucky day. Good guys win and chef’s revenge is completed just like that. I loved the hug but bromance wins for me. Continue reading

Investigation Couple/Partners for Justice: Episodes 27-28 The past comes to haunt

Investigation Couple

New episodes, new case and a new prosecutor with an unfriendly personality. Either he’s super competent or others are just dumb. He knows what he’s doing. The moment he looks at the dead body he knows all hell is about to break loose because the killing style is the same from 30 years old cold case. The killer is some military person or had the training.

If the case is that famous then why none of our team members thought about it? Anyways, a team is formed, of prosecutors, detectives and medical examiners, to catch the killer where the help is taken from the ex-detectives, (who first worked on the case), and a sole survivor (and she just might be in danger now), and from the first victim’s body and psycho manages to find the murder weapon, a military knife, from his collection of blades, swords and katanas. Continue reading

Investigation Couple/Partners for Justice: Episodes 25-26 Money over family

Investigation Couple

The old man’s case continues where psycho can’t find out the reason which caused the death. Old man’s children are lying one after another. They can’t see the fault in themselves and are busy pointing fingers at each other.

Till the end, the old man’s thinking about his children. He’s reliving the memory in which they were all happy. But the grown-up children cry more for not getting the inheritance instead of their father’s death. And finally when they realize the mistake they cry and regret the decisions they made and I don’t have any sympathy or pity to give them. They won’t be getting anything because they don’t deserve it after how they have treated their father. I don’t care about them. Continue reading

Secret Mother: (Last) Episodes 29-32 The horrendous truth

Secret Mother

I thought there are 40 episodes but okay. So, who is the secret mother according to the title? That’s one misleading title and because of that me and my sister came up with so many random theories and all of them proved wrong. Good thing I didn’t share any. I should have! Not only the title has anything to do with the story the summary is wrong as well and so are our theories. There’s no surrogate mother and the children are too young to go into the university. Well, the university part is kinda right. The whole story is hidden in the poster above.

I can share a theory or two, before the final episodes were aired me and my sister thought that the “secret mother” is the sister. She’s actually the mother of the daughter and the doc also had a daughter but she died so the husband, who is still a cheater in this version, takes sister’s daughter and gives it to doc and sister tries to take her child back. This is nowhere near to what actually happened. Continue reading