Familiar Wife/Wife That I Know: (Last) Episode 16 It’s a drama I will definitely watch again

what if

Such a beautiful ending. I’m not crying…someone again is cutting onions. In the end, it all comes to timing, understanding and communication. After all, a family is home when its familiar.

Joo hyuk and Woo jin both learn from their past and the mistakes they made and try to be a better person. The character development is great on all the characters. A huge round of applause for the Familiar Wife’s team for creating such a memorable drama. Continue reading


Familiar Wife/Wife That I Know: Episode 15 A unique proposal

what if

The episode started with a wedding, Joo hyuk’s sister and chefs and ended with a wedding, which we didn’t see. But we get to see Jo Jung suk, dropping by for a cameo and making me all giddy and excited. He needs to come back to the drama land like NOW!!!!

He’s reprising his role from Oh My Ghost and I didn’t watch that drama. I tried to, I love the actors but still, it didn’t click with me T_T so, anyway Chef Kang’s Seo jin’s university senior and its pretty evident he likes her and Joo hyuk can’t let himself be the second lead in his own life and drama. Continue reading

Thirty but Seventeen/Still 17: (Last) Episodes 31-32 A sweet end

30 but 17

Happiness is never too far away. Maybe its hidden at the bend of the road and you can’t see it because you have already given up and have stopped moving forward.

Life is unpredictable that’s why we are always on our toes ready to fight what’s to come and never slacking and achieving what we really want.

The drama is for all those who like light and fun stuff. There’s guaranteed sweetness and unicorns and no evil leads and plotting, no curses and grudges. Just pure love and fluff. If you are watching something heavy, and need to calm down this one is the right dose for you. Sometimes you need to turn your brain off and relax, again this should be on your number one list. Continue reading

Thirty but Seventeen/Still 17: Episodes 29-30 You’re special

30 but 17

I thought we were done with cutting onions. Who brought another batch?? Dammit!!

Woo jin and Seo ri were each other’s first love but they never had the courage to speak to the other and then the accident happened. Woo jin kept blaming himself and she tells him that it’s never his fault. Call me naive or a fool but the kiss between Woo jin and Seo ri’s unexpected for me. It took me by surprise. Another surprising thing is the rabbit/moon keychain that Woo Jin accidentally took. It’s actually meant for him but he got Seo ri’s instead. That’s fate if you are meant to be then no one can stop you from being one. Continue reading

Voice 2: (Last) Episode 12 Hatred makes you stronger

voice 2

What did I tell you guys about the cliffhanger?? Don’t remember?? Don’t worry. I said we’ll get a mother of all cliffhangers and LOOK!!! Voice season 2 ended with a BANG…a literal BANG. I’m just speechless, like WOW!! This is what I wanted for the finale. Let’s go! Voice season 3: the city of accomplices.

Time to feel sorry for the killer because we get his story. He’s born as a result of a rape. He and his mother supported each other in every way. They were ridiculed and insulted by the society and I have no idea how did everyone know their story. I mean it’s not like the mother shared it with everyone.

So, when he’s rescued by the abuse which he didn’t ask, the hatred was born and he started killing those who separated them or abused them verbally. His mother’s scared of people and didn’t go to the hospital and died at home. Because of her promise of being together, he kept her body with him for seven years. Continue reading

Voice 2: Episode 11 Great, I’m lost

voice 2

So, our killer was abused as a child by his mother, if he didn’t bring the results she expected and wanted form him, and when Hyung joon rescued the child the boy blamed him for taking away his mother and wanted to go back to her.

Okay, so that’s the reason for killing the Na brothers, even though there’s more story but let’s just go for now. But where does Kang woo fits and Kwon joo and the golden team? Why does he want to harm them? Is it because they keep stopping him from committing crimes? Continue reading

Familiar Wife/Wife That I Know: Episode 14 You’re my life


what if

The end of this episode could have been a perfect end for the series. Don’t let me down drama because I love you too much.

So Woo jin pesters the hell out of Joo hyuk for a “yes” even the colleagues support her and only Hwan is being grumpy. But Joo hyuk continues to stand by his stance of not being confident enough to give her happiness and she backs down when he rejects her again and again and again. God dammit Joo hyuk not again!! Continue reading