Mad Dog Episode 13 The enemy of my enemy is my friend


Phew, Noo ri manages to send the warning text to Kang woo and before things go out of control Kang woo jumps to stop Min joon and before you think its fine to breathe, stop right there because Kang woo and Min joon are about to spend years of life in jail and Min joon sacrifices himself and takes all the blame because Kang woo did the same once.

Hyun ki unexpectedly comes to help. Don’t worry he’s still evil and is only helping to get the original black box evidence which he easily gets. Great, now he’s the original insurance and the black box. The tables have turned and Hyun ki drops the nice act in front of Hong joo but he says his feelings for her are real. He’s only giving her father a chance to confess that he killed his father.

Hong joo without wasting a moment is with her father for the truth and the truth is different from what we know. We were told that Hyun ki’s father had a shock after the plane crash and then we saw chairman Cha stepping on his inhaler. What actually happened is that Joo papa (Hyun ki’s father) always belittled Cha papa and reminded him again and again of his poor origin. He acted high and mighty and kicked Cha’s wife’s beloved tree repeatedly and wanted Hong joo for his son. Cha papa lost his temper and sprayed the pesticide on him and crushed his inhaler when he tried to reach it. Continue reading


Witch’s Court Episode 14 Try, try until you succeed

witch's court

The drama is ending next week TT_TT is this the reason we are succeeding? Whatever the reason is I want Gab soo down, rotting in prison and Yi deum reunited with her mother and a little romance won’t hurt.

Yi deum with her trademark smile helps the younger brother get a three-year prison or five-year probation and nephew gets life imprisonment. She makes it clear to younger brother she wants the evidence his brother promised and he finds it under the tree. Okay, so the house wasn’t sold, ma bad. The evidence is a diary. He wrote two of them? Such clear and pretty handwriting, mine looks like something crawled on the paper, says everyone. Continue reading

Witch’s Court Episode 13 Too much talking and stupidity

witch's courtWas this episode made to boil my blood? I’m not really interested in politics its BS no matter who you hear it from. I admit I’m a listener and not a speaker but that’s too much talking for my limited brain.

In this episode, we have two stupid freakin moronic girls. One is our smart and brave Yi deum and the other is the spy, working for Ji sook, who gets the intel on Gab soo. Are the girls stupid? Or are they stupid? Ji sook warns them again and again not to take a rash decision but they don’t pay any heed and walk right into the trap set by Gab soo and almost lose their lives. I knew it, that’s why I wanted the girls to play safe.

Jin wook to the rescue, he finds their location by Ji sook, takes the beating but manages to take the video which can prove younger brother’s innocence and can put the nephew behind bars. It’s the video of him hitting the attitude girl. Jin wook gets angry at Yi deum because she got hurt, AWWWWW okay this is not the time for this. I’m upset with her as well. Continue reading

Dil Nawaz Episode 6 Love VS Love

Dil Nawaz

I should watch one episode a week. My resolution which I’m not planning on keeping. To stop myself from watching and catching to the latest episodes I screen-capped the moments I really enjoyed, starting from episode one. It’s hard to choose. I left many of my faves T_T

So, Dil Nawaz has heard the name Kiran and is curious about her because Fawad is under her spell. Seeing him in love makes her wonder about love and what will happen if beings like her fall in love.

Dil Nawaz has to be the sweetest thing. She cooks for Fawad and even does laundry? She’s holding his shirt. She wants to interact with him and yes he talks to her. She even follows him to his job. She wishes he’s like her and not human. My SHIP!!!

Dil Nawaz and Fawad. He’s no idea, she’s always with him
Continue reading

Mad Dog Episode 12 The game of cat and mouse


Things are not black and white as I thought. Lesson to be learned: never ever completely trust anyone. I don’t, not even on my cats which keep multiplying…

I knew chairman Cha is a shady person but I never knew he doesn’t have a heart. He killed Hyun ki’s father by destroying his inhaler. How does the chief prosecutor know about this? Was he there as well or did Cha told him? Chief prosecutor knows everything that’s to know about Cha and so doesn’t fall for his tricks when Hyun ki meets him to take the fall for having his son gravely injured.

Chief prosecutor is also one greedy man. Why am I such a simple woman? Why don’t I have any ambitions and greediness?Anyway, chief prosecutor wants to be the president. Is ruling the country really easy? I always thought it’s the hardest and tedious job. But every Tom, Dick and Harry wants to try their hands on it. Continue reading

Mad Dog Episode 11 Family


I named the episode first “Friends indeed” but as the story progressed I changed my mind and even Cheetah called the team “family”. And yeah my theory got completely debunked about Noo ri and misunderstanding in the team. Kang woo knew Noo ri is hotshot chief prosecutor’s son but the rest of the team had no idea and only Cheetah reacted to the news. Shouldn’t Min joon know beforehand about him because he investigated every member?

Hotshot father wants to get out of Hyun ki and chairman Cha’s grip and asks Kang woo for help and he doesn’t like his son and I don’t like him. The hell he raised his hand on his grown-up son! He locks him up in an asylum where he gets bullied and his different personality shows up. Continue reading

While You Were Sleeping (last) Episodes 31-32 Time to wake up, the dreams are over


When the drama aired I was excited, everyone was, and the first episode really impressed me in every department and it gave me hope and I looked forward to what’s to come and then came the second episode which fell flat and with it my enthusiasm went down as well. I really disliked the humor, to me it looked forced. I never connected to the romance part so the chemistry was between whatever and okayish. I was disheartened, I wanted to like the show. It felt like its potential but the story wasn’t going anywhere. I wanted to drop the drama but for some reason couldn’t *looks at cop guy* sigh~

In this episode, I didn’t pay any attention to anything. It took me like five hours to finish this episode and yeah my concentration was everywhere but here. It looked like an emotional episode with tears, death, crying and marriage, hmm. One more thing, I forget what I ate a day ago, who is going to remember an exact dialogue after a year?

If my memory serves right, cop guy tells the truth about his color blindness and even resigns but his testimony stands and works in favor of Jae chan. He then just disappears from the episode. IT’S THE LAST EPISODE!! WHY IS HE NOT APPEARING? He then continues his cameo for a few more minutes, at the end, and appears with a beard. He still looks cute. He’s studying law. He wants to be a lawyer. Convenient as always, Hong joo saw the dream and brought him Jae chan’s books. The most selfless second? third? Which number he’s on? lead. Continue reading