Strongest Deliveryman Last Episode 16 It’s nice meeting you

strongest deliveryman

Of course, the drama should have a happy and satisfying end, it’s no thriller.

So, Kang soo goes mopey big time and Dan ah helps him get his soul and spirit back. In his absence, his gang gangs up to find a solution and their hard work get paid.

A dejavu kinda thing happens. Five years back Kang soo and Dan ah were on the same train to Seoul but were strangers and this time they are there for each other. Continue reading


Strongest Deliveryman Episode 15 Give me back my sweetness, kindness and cuteness!!!

strongest deliveryman

Giving up is not an option, it’s not even a word in Kang soo’s dictionary but what is this!!! He gives up and goes into hiding after Hye ran plays dirty. She couldn’t bear to see her rival win, Grrrrrr.

The most I’m angry at are the restaurant tenants. They turn their back on Kang soo when he’s the only one helping them when everyone left them in misery. Kang soo will help them again but if this was me I would never see their faces again and would have run a successful shop right there, hmph. Continue reading

Temperature of Love: Episodes 1-4 Not my cuppa tea

temp love

Let me just sit in a corner and cry T_T I was so looking forward to watch this drama because of the cast but the story disappoints me soooooo much.

I tried to like the story but the romance ruined everything for me. I need some psychopaths with a kettle bell who smash people’s head and has a weird cackling voice or evil clone or a corrupt newspaper or an emotionless prosecutor but not this sweet vibe.

From the beginning, we are told it’s a love story which ruined lives and we hop on the train hoping it reaches its destination. If you are wondering you have seen the main couple somewhere then you are right, Seo Hyun jin and Yang Se jong were in Romantic Doctor. I still remember the name I gave him, “baby cranky pants”. Now the baby is all grown up into a man. He falls in love with a woman older than him. He’s a chef at 23 years of age??? The fudge I was doing at that time?!! Oh well, I’m still useless, I mean jobless, same difference!! Continue reading

Save Me Episode 13-14 Scary and terrifying

Save Me

As each week passes by I get more worried and anxious. The cult is a scary place. The people there believe in the nonsense they are fed. They are completely brainwashed even the priest and Kang believes what they are doing is right. But why do they drug people then? Why doesn’t Jo feel the same way as them? His love for money blinds the belief in the fake religion.

Priest’s a fraud and a prisoner and Jo knows about him and so does Kang, I believe, but she’s infatuated by him. She’s a nurse and she killed her husband and Jo covered everything for her. Her daughter was also the only sane person, who begged her to wake up, like Sang mi and she time and again sees her daughter in Sang mi. and this makes me believe that she’ll help Sang mi but then she goes back on the cultish things and my hope is dashed. Continue reading

Strongest Deliveryman Episode 14 Hard work pays off

strongest deliveryman

This world needs people like Kang soo. He’s someone who never gives up, not on people or difficult situation and circumstances. He fights with the problem till he gets the solution. He’s not the kind to leave. His abundant kindness does irk sometime. He likes to meddle in others business but his intentions are never wrong but he really needs to mind his own business sometimes but these traits of his have given him many, many, many, many, MANY friends.

Just like any other day Kang soo comes up with a solution which is acceptable to everyone and just like that the Deliveryman are back to fight with the Jung group who wants to monopolize everything. Hye ran makes me uneasy. I keep wondering she’s going to use some underhanded methods to get the upper hand against the deliveryman. Continue reading

Strongest Deliveryman Episode 13 Where there’s a will there’s a way

strongest deliveryman

Easier said than done. Jung group holds the reins of the business in the neighbourhood and the small restaurants have no hope to survive so they give up, they resign to their fates even though Kang soo helps then in every way he can.

Even if one person believes in you, it makes a huge difference. Dan ah believes in Kang soo and declares her love to him and asks him to make her stay by making her happy by succeeding. KKYYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! Continue reading