Haechi: Episodes 5-6

Its been proven again and again and again that bad guys have more brain or perhaps they use it more while good guys rely on just luck which sometimes works and sometimes doesn’t. Well, that’s luck for you.

Even with the testimony of Geum against Tan, evil ministers make sure it doesn’t stand. Its quite obvious they are helping Tan but they are making it look like Geum’s wrong and is helping his brother, puppy. Grrrrr

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The Fiery Priest: Episodes 3-4

The story went dark pretty fast. I didn’t ask for this many feels and I don’t know how to swim.

This drama was supposed to be my stress reliever and that’s why I prayed to drama gods not to kill the old man but nope my wish wasn’t granted. We know how close Hae Il’s to the old man and treats him as a real father.

Did I ask for a handsome husband or never ending wealth?? Huh??

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The Fiery Priest: Episodes 1-2

What is this show and Why is this so good?? I want MORE!!!

Its a story about a priest Kim Hae Il who deals with bad people, be it scammers or sinners or juveniles, with his fists and lectures. Heck he deals with everyone. A gangsta priest. All hail the Almighty.

His message isn’t wrong. He just asks the people to ask for forgiveness from those who have been hurt by them and then the Lord will forgive them. Easy, right? Wrong!

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Haechi: Episodes 3-4

This has a very good balance of humor and palace politics. Humor has never been my strong forte and politics is just…yeah. Good thing the drama’s focus isn’t my life. I don’t want this drama to fail because I’m totally enjoying it.

I don’t think Geum has recognized Yeo ji from the gisaeng house. Anyway he protects her from the coward Tan. The whole shooting the arrow scene was funny with her pointing out his nuts injury which she inflicted and him denying the pain.

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Haechi: Episodes 1-2

Me is back!!! I guess…I hope so. I didn’t watch a single episode of any K-drama or J or… you get the point. This drama is 48 episodes long.

Jumping right into the episode. I really like it, though I’m unable to remember the titles and ranks of the minsters, princes (why 2 names??) and others but that’s another matter for another day.

The setting is of a palace and there’s all sort of betrayal and backbiting and of courses princes and factions who support them.

The ruling king has appointed a crown prince but he won’t be able to have children because he’s impotent and every faction is ready to put their prince in the seat so they can have a powerful and luxurious life.

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Priest: Episodes 15-16 END

Dang, it took a long time for me to finish this. The main thing; this drama not being my priority MY NEW BORN NEPHEW IS!!!

He’s a cute looking potato.

Coming back to the drama, I have mostly forgotten what I have watched but let me try to summarize.

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Children of Nobody/Red Moon Blue Sun: Episodes 31-32 The End

I very much liked the drama. It definitely isn’t everyone’s cup of tea. At times it makes you uncomfortable and you just want to scream or swear or just click that red cross button.

Since this is the last episode every truth comes out and I’m not completely satisfied with the the end. But first Kudos to the whole team.

Who is Red Cry? What is Red Cry?

It it he who after seeing the abuse took charge or is it the one who actually committed the murders? Or should we blame those abusers who gave birth to Red Cry?

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