Goodbye, till we meet again…

Guys, I have decided to drop Revolutionary Love and Black.

I’m not able to connect with the story of Revolutionary Love. I really wanted to like the show, I did give time, 4 episodes, but it’s not working, something is missing and if it’s like that then I’m afraid I’ll move on.

I’m surprised myself for leaving Black. I watched only 3 episodes. The story is interesting and needs attention, it’s just that I don’t feel like continuing for some reason. It’s not pulling me in. Break up is the answer. Continue reading


Mad Dog Episode 4 A thought-out plan


I’m really slow and have just figured out Min joon and his brother’s story and of course not completely. So Min joon’s brother left him and told him he’s going to live with their aunt but that never happened and he lived in an orphanage and Min joon’s adopted in Germany and lived as Jan Gebauer but he ran away because of his abusive parents. Why did the brother lie about living with the aunt? Aunt didn’t like him or he never went to her? How did the brothers meet again and recognized each other? Do we know about their parents? Why did Kang woo stopped eating mouth freshener?

Min joon is still with the Mad Dog team and they execute a plan, to see if the friend of the dead husband is really the killer. Min joon is sent as a German researcher at a pharmaceutical company where the friend works. The friend is very conscious of Min joon and even tests him by speaking German and it’s not a problem for him since he lived in Germany but still, that doesn’t put the friend at ease. Continue reading

Mad Dog Episode 3 Finding the truth


Min joon’s the leash on the Mad Dog team, all their illegal deeds are in his hands, and he uses that to threaten them and they have to do what he asks but Kang woo isn’t the one to bend and he wants to know why Min joon appeared now and manages to find a hidden room in his house which has the clippings related to crash, pilot and insurance.

Are they working together now? Kinda but NO. Min joon finds another target in a church. *Save Me flashback* but this time he isn’t going to save the girl but to find about an insurance fraud. A pregnant widow sits in the church and the rumor is her husband killed himself so she can get the insurance money and she denies and is sure someone killed her man and she’s suspicious about her husband’s friend but our Mad Dog doesn’t believe till it’s too late and they finally get moving to find the evidence. Continue reading

While You Were Sleeping Episodes 15-16 A fine line between right and wrong


WOW! Finally, an episode I really, really like. Cop guy shows what it means to trust someone and to be a true friend. Okay so the cable guy didn’t have bad intentions, but he lost points in my eyes when he makes the threat to cop guy, he’s just desperate and wants cop guy to believe in him.

Cop guy helps him and tells him clearly if he killed the archer he needs to run and if he’s innocent he needs to surrender and let the law help and the cable guy surrenders. Cop guy already saw the case is going to Jae chan in the dream and he asks the prosecutor for a fair judgment. Continue reading

While You Were Sleeping Episodes 13-14 Mistakes are not to be forgotten but to be learned from


First of all the cop guy didn’t die. YAY! Throws confetti and a party. If he died then the drama would have died for me. I need not to worry because he’s a secret and I wonder why aren’t the other two dreamers dreaming what the secret is about. Is he related to the soldier? A robot? An alien? Hong joo and Jae chan’s future son?

Cop guy tells how much he’s loved by his family but his empty refrigerator seems really mysterious to Hong joo. And because it’s time for his story to come out Hong joo and cop guy dream of trouble.

The trouble is a cable guy and an acquaintance of cop guy and he becomes a suspect in a murder case of a gold medalist archer. He threats cop guy to prove his innocence or he’ll reveal his secret. What a nice friend. You don’t need enemies if you have such friends. Continue reading

Witch’s Court Episode 4 That which does not kill us makes us stronger

witch's court

It’s Yi deum’s win in the trial against the creepster but she’s badly shaken. I love how Jin wook stick with her like a chewing gum. She felt relief and let him help her in the case and he also let her stay in his CLEAN apartment while he tries to manage to stay in her PIG STY.

From the beginning, it felt like the case is slipping from prosecutors’ hands like sand. Yoon kyung after losing her reputation with Gab soo takes the creepster’s case and tears apart every argument of her opponent. She just wants to humiliate Yi deum because she lost her previous case to her. Continue reading

Witch’s Court Episode 3 Learn the hard way

witch's court

Yi deum’s mentality of winning the case regardless gets her in trouble with her boss and she gets reprimanded for not regarding the other person’s feelings. And Jin wook wants to bang his head on the wall because Yi deum doesn’t care about anything.

Yi deum’s ability of not sympathizing brings her downfall and I seriously didn’t even think it’ll come this soon. Maybe now she’ll think twice before hurting someone in the name of winning. I feel so bad for her. What should I do? Continue reading