Doubtful Victory Episodes 33-34 The harsh and bitter truth that I already guessed. Did ya?


I have some questions, here goes nothing. Jong sam says his mother didn’t die from the hit and run. Then how did she die? Did I read the subs wrong? Did prosecutor Kim really think chairwoman is going to sit still as he leaves with some excuse to meet chief Jang? Is the hitman stupid or what? Why didn’t he take chief Jang with him? He’s following the men in black there’s no way he didn’t know they have kidnapped him, don’t give me; he didn’t have time because of the cops. A hitman can’t deal with two klutz men in black? Didn’t we see the younger guy showing his martial arts skills, was that just a show? Did the hit man really have no idea chief Jung is in the trunk or he didn’t have the order to bring him back? I kind of have grown fond of the klutz boys, so, can anyone save them? Why do I feel like the younger guy’s betrayed? Continue reading


Weekly Watching-34


I think I know but then I think I don’t. I was just sitting doing nothing, as usual, wasting my time and life, and tears just started dripping. One after another like they were in a hurry I’ll stop them.

I must be out of my mind. I brushed my teeth and was ready to hit the bed. I suddenly remember about the cream puffs, my sis brought, I immediately had some and regretted because I would have to brush again and completely ignored I ate a calorie bomb at 11pm. That night I reminded myself, the weekend is over but still I woke up at 6am instead of my usual time 4.30am. Sigh~

Reminder: check the tags to see the names of the dramas or stuff that I write about. Continue reading

Dil Nawaz Episode 15 Love, love and some more love

Dil Nawaz

Everyone is in love with someone and from the way things are looking imma die alone. Starting from Dil Nawaz, she’s crazy about Fawad and will do anything to have him, like scaring the ladies of the house or going against Alam Ara who is against her relation to Fawad. In her defense, she says she’s done everything Alam Ara asked her to do and in return never ever asked for anything till now and she won’t let anyone be if she’s deprived of him.

Fawad is a sensible guy and he asks her not to scare or tease his family. He reminds her humans are different and get scared easily, she’s ruining her chance to be introduced to his mother. How will he be able to convince his parents and tell them he married a jin? Continue reading

Doubtful Victory Episodes 31-32 Huh! Why? Wait. What?


Jong sam’s already feeling bad for lying and hiding his identity from detective Park and when the secret comes out he thinks it’s better to leave. Detective Park knows Jong sam’s a kind man and is best in his work but he’s also a criminal which he’s willing to keep at a side because he can’t do anything since there’s no proof and the man behind all this is manager Lee and catching him is no easy feat. It’s nice to see him getting all worried for Jong sam and caring about him. As he can see how badly Jong sam wants to catch manager Lee, he asks him to come back to the team and makes Jin young his partner. She sends him PPL pizza so he can rest after eating.

Why is Jong sam keeping prosecutor Kim out of the loop? He’s on Jong sam’s sides, knows about his identity and helps him. Then why is he not sharing chairwoman’s conversation with him? What if he actually becomes angry and twisted as he says? Jong sam gets the written proof of the murder from chairwoman, it’s her way to earn trust. Continue reading

Doubtful Victory Episodes 29-30 The enemy of my enemy is my friend or its better never to trust anyone.


It’s all a plan by the chairwoman to take manager Lee down for killing her son. She saves chief Jang by faking his death, with the help of her spy working as a part-timer in the cafe, hoping he’ll side with her but the plan backfires and chief Jang joins manager Lee’s side again and chairwoman’s given a chance to choose sides again. Why would chief Jang want to work with someone who wanted him dead? Is it a plan? Is manager Kwak, the man in black actually a spy for manager Lee working for chairwoman? I don’t feel like believing this.

Adopted son believes in chairwoman because she’s been helping him and asks her to avenge him and points her to an evidence which is a written confession of Mr Cha about cleaning and clearing the original murder scene. And as Jong sam suspected Ddakji almost became a suspect and was a witness because it’s his fingerprints on the knife. Jin young feels worse and meets his sister at the PPL place and apologizes without revealing her fault. Continue reading

Two Cops (last) Episodes 31-32 It’s not at all nice to meet you

two cops

Someone, anyone, for the love of God do explain what just happened? What was the writer thinking as he/she wrote the twist which served no purpose other than me scratching my head like a monkey to understand the reasons?

I had high expectations because I really really really like Jo Jung seok and Kim Sun ho and because of that, the disappointment’s even greater. The boys are not at fault, the acting’s on point. I wish I could say the same for Hyeri. She looked way to green in front of Jo Jung seok and for me, there’s no chemistry between them. The boys had better chemistry and great timing. I enjoyed their scenes. No words for Jo Jung seok for portraying two characters PERFECTLY. Conclusion: Thank God I still love the boys after this mess.

Let’s end this story which is full of loopholes. Continue reading

Two Cops Episodes 29-30 A final twist

two cops

before we get to that let’s go through what happened in the episode. So the helmet killer lost her parents in the same accident that happened sixteen years ago, which made her deaf and mute from the shock, and blames Soo chang’s father for the accident as everyone else and that’s why she wanted Soo chang dead and she can hear now.

The mystery of the lighter is solved and the lighter is actually a recorder, which has papa Tak instigating a murder and this is what papa Tak was searching for. It lands in chairman Jo’s hand and its all a plan made by Dong tak and Soo chang to get why Jo’s helping papa Tak. Papa Tak once asked him to make a cop look like a corrupt person, that’s Ji an’s father.

In case we forget it’s the last episodes, the bad guys fall easily. Isn’t it obvious that papa Tak is being baited? And he still falls for it and gets caught. I mean how stupid are you? And the way the helmet killer’s sneaking is so damn obvious and hilarious. Everyone can see her but they pretend not to as per the orders. Why didn’t papa Tak’s mole in the police station alerted him about the plan? Why did papa Tak ask Tak prosecutor, to save the helmet killer? What is it that I’m missing? Continue reading