Ruler: Master of the Mask – (last)Episodes 39-40 Much ado about nothing


Such a predictable ending. The story started really nice, I wonder what happened? Even though it’s the last episode there wasn’t any tension or suspense or intelligence.

Is Ga eun stupid or what? The dowager or pauper could have taken the antidote to prove it works but NOOOO she had to take the poison and then the antidote to show it works.

Is this the writer’s way to mend things for Ga eun because clingy’s way too helpful and Ga eun hasn’t done much so here-taking uselessness to another level just to prove she’s worthy to be prince’s side or whatever. Continue reading

Ruler: Master of the Mask-Episodes 37-38 The true king


All hailed the king. The end. No? Okay.

So, it wouldn’t be Mask if there’s no poison involved but no one died. They will in tomorrow’s episode, don’t you worry.

Sun claims his throne and pauper goes crazy. I thought pauper had a plan when he took the poisoned cup but… I need to keep my expectations low. I think he’ll die protecting the king or maybe they’ll be friends again or he’ll remain evil and die.

What’s with Ga eun breaking the pots delicately? Drop the damn things on the floor one by one, lady, we don’t have time!! The drama just wanted her to have some scratches on her hand so we can feel pity for her and praise her hard work. She finds the jar which proves Sun is the prince. Continue reading

Lookout: (Last) Episodes 31-32 Memories


I loved this journey and would like to embark on it again just to see our very own clown’s cleverness.

I never had any intention of watching the drama, the synopsis didn’t pull me in and Kim Young kwang WAS just an okay-ish actor for me. I never really cared about his work. I’m glad I didn’t listen to myself. I was blown away by Kim Young kwang’s portrayal of Do han. I hated him with all my might when he’s introduced but before I knew it, I was actually rooting for him to succeed in his plan. I won’t say I’m happy how the drama ended, I expected this much and worse…

A round of applause to the whole team of Lookout for creating such a memorable drama. Continue reading

Lookout: Episodes 29-30 Punishment of the crimes


Our gang’s ready to get the punishment for the crimes they committed but the murderer boy decided to play a game. He not only locks the love-sick stupid girl but puts the jammer on and plants a bomb. This shows how much of a psycho he is and I dislike his mother more than him because she’s been harboring a criminal fully knowing what he’s capable of. What’s she waiting for? Another murder by her son?

With Soo ji still busy with her investigation the lover couple contacts Do han for help and he tries to push the murderer boy’s buttons but he’s smart and won’t give Do han what he wants. I said I love Do han’s smile, not this murderer boy’s! Can he stop smiling!! Continue reading

Duel: Episode 12 Short lived happiness


I know we live in a perishable world but can’t I wish for a happy ending?

Deuk cheon finally got some happiness in his life but it’s about to be taken away if he doesn’t get the medication. Soo yeon is dying and so is Hoon and Joon. What if only one can be saved?

Why is then Yoo ra not allowed to leave if she doesn’t have the recipe for making the medication? She joins hand with Jo hye to bring down Sanyoung. Continue reading

Duel: Episode 11 Family time


with loads of PPL and laughter. I didn’t even have a walkie-talkie when I was 12 and Soo yeon gets an S8!! Should I sulk or mourn? I got my first cellphone when I was 18 or something and it’s Nokia something something. My brother gave it to me after using for gazillion years. I had no use then so I kept it for my alarms and well you can’t do anything much with that phone and after some years I got my first Android, again used by my brother. These things don’t matter to me. I’m not a show-off kind of person. I do have my own cell phone now, used only by me and it’s frigging expensive and I’m in no mood or hurry in getting a new one. Continue reading

Ruler: Master of the Mask-Episodes 35-36 Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the king after all?


The showdown is here. We have two kings and one throne and maybe a sensible story till the end.

Pauper’s needle is stuck on Ga eun. He whines like a small child who wants his favorite toy and won’t stop until he gets it. He’s taken the title of clingy and we know what happened to the real owner.

It’s no ones fault pauper’s born poor and lived a life of hardships but why does he blame Ga eun? She never looked at him is not because of his status or she wouldn’t have been his friend. Continue reading