Kuroshitsuji Manga – Chapter: 129


The twin theory is true.

It’s a matter of time this came to light. There were many hints’ given. I don’t remember each one of them right now but there were clues.

In the circus arc(?) in Ciel’s memory, we see one of the twin hiding behind Vincent and the other happily greeting the guests. The time when the Phantomhive mansion was burned Ceil was abducted, we saw two of them. One was caged and the other was on the ritual table. How did he survive? Maybe Ciel thought he died, he’s in too much pain and agony and wanted to leave. The devil came, Ciel made a pact, took his revenge and never looked back. Continue reading

Ruler: Master of the Mask-Episodes 27-28 Love is poison and so is jealousy and hatred


Greed has no end and pauper proves it. First, he only wanted Ga eun but now he wants to be the king even if it means to kill the real crown prince. He tells Dae mok about him and clingy gets locked up because she saved and helped him. He then reveals his face to Ga eun and feeds her some lies and truth about Chun soo aka the crown prince. The person she hates to death because he killed her father and now she’s another reason to hate him, he deceived her and she fell in love with him. Her attitude and behavior clearly change towards Chun soo. Continue reading

Ruler: Master of the Mask-Episodes 25-26 And the poison story continues


Chun soo and pauper were worried about Ga eun because poison and here I was drinking tea with a spoon of coffee- ah, the aroma~

Ga eun didn’t die, no one did and it’s revealed that dowager’s behind this and to counter attack clingy steps in from Dae mok’s side and then Dae mok steps in and makes Ga eun the suspect of the poisoning incident.

Chun soo does everything and puts the plan on the platter to save Ga eun and gives it to pauper and he betrays his friend, threatens dowager and makes Ga eun his concubine. The poisoning thing is ruled out as food poisoning. Continue reading

Natsume Yuujinchou Roku: (last) Episode 11 My story


Wait! What? This is the last episode? I thought there are going to be 12 episodes T_T I was deceived T_T

Natsumeg and Natori try to find the secret room which has the work of the famous exorcist and they find one of his dragon shiki guarding the door and he won’t let anyone enter or take the work because his master wanted his work to be kept hidden and if someone tried to take it by force he and his partner shiki will destroy the work and that’s what happens when Nanase of Matoba clan tries to get the research. Natsumeg and Natori get lucky and find some material. Continue reading

Circle: Two worlds connected: Episode 10 The meeting


Two more episodes to go.

Beta Project: Human B was actually active in 2017 and was very much interested in papa Kim and prof papa’s research about memories. Assistant prof made a deal with them because he’s the only one who knows how the system works and will have the full authority.

Woo jin’s lost, he’s no way to help his brother who keeps losing his memories. He thinks it’s for the better but crazy friend is against the idea and to help his brother he asks the system for help and it gives the answer: the cross. Grandma willingly gives it to him after resisting and there in it, Woo jin finds papa Kim’s research. Continue reading

Lookout: Episodes 19-20 The deceiver gets deceived


One by one all the reasons are coming out to why Do han’s identity’s to be kept a secret. It’s too late now…

Our trio is the first to trick Do han. The face-off was interrupted by prosecutor Kim’s brain who brings the police and our team gets out safely, after almost getting caught, by making a situation where Do han’s Soo ji’s hostage. Prosecutor Kim never believed in that play.

Prosecutor Kim’s been giving hints upon hints to Do han that he knows he’s planning something but Do han isn’t catching them hints. Dammit! Use your head, it’s all because of the hair style you are using your touch. Prosecutor Kim helps avoid suspicion from handsome priest. He doesn’t want Do han ad Soo ji to be in danger but he’s no choice and gives the evidence of Do han helping Soo ji to the witch and presenting it as Do han’s working on chief prosecutor’s orders. Continue reading

Circle: Two worlds connected: Episode 9 Searching


The drama’s 10 episodes or 12? I don’t want to panic so I’m asking beforehand.

Beta Project: assistant prof hits jackpot. He’s the first one to notice the star-shaped device and it responding to Woo jin alone. He’s very much interested in it. He stays quiet when prof papa goes crazy because he doesn’t know how the system works. He kidnaps him for his later experiments and this is why the cops couldn’t find him.

Bom gyun at first recognizes prof papa as the culprit but later he starts to lose his memories and goes back on blaming bluebird for everything. He can’t have the surgery to remove the blue bug because it’s dangerous.

Woo jin and Jung yeon find the star device and it shows Woo jin’s memories. He realizes no one would ever let go of this technology. It’s a gift from Byul to younger Woo jin because he couldn’t remember his mother’s face.

Who’s this new guy prof papa’s student was talking to? He seems like a leader or something. Continue reading