Return: Episodes 13-14 A drama behind a drama


You may have already heard about Go Hyun jung and frankly, I don’t like this. We don’t know why it happened and everyone is keeping quiet. I have yet to see a statement of the cast and crew. I read two different statements, one states she’s fired and the second says she left on her own. Is it a coincidence we get the news of Lee Jin wook’s scandal, the accuser getting jailed and this news at once?

All the eyes are on the replacement but things will never be the same again. She’ll have to fill the void and she’ll have her own acting style. There’s going to be a lot of nitpicking and stress. What if Ja hye gets killed? I don’t see a happy ending anywhere near.

On top of everything, episode 15 and 16 will not air on February 8 because of the Olympics and its nothing to do with the mess, says the related person. Continue reading


Cross: Episode: 4 At your own risk


I did watch the episode, I swear, but my concentration’s someplace else. I’ll try to be coherent but as you may know, I fail every time like always even when I paid attention to what’s going on.

What is In kyu thinking by saving the girl without a plan? Why didn’t he take the car that’s right there? He wanted to gain Hyung beom’s trust and that’s why laid the debt papers and told him he wants to make money and gives a hint of being a part-timer for those who can’t afford to see the doctors. And Hyung beom gives him a chance because he trusts him. He believes because In kyu told him that the medication will make him better and the pain is the process. Ookkaayy. How does Hyung beom know the other doctor is working in the prison for his son? Why is he trying to get closer to the son? Continue reading

Cross: Episode: 3 A good man at heart


I just got out of business (Money Flower) jargon and now I have to deal with the medical one. Don’t worry I won’t understand even if I try to~sigh~

Revenge maybe In kyu’s motive but he’s not a cold-hearted person to those who deserve his sympathy. He feels a connection with the old man who just wants to save his daughter because his own father wanted to do the same for his daughter. Why did his father want to sell his kidney? That’s how the organ trader kept an eye on him and took everything.

I would have never thought In kyu can read people’s mind or how did he know Hyung beom is going to send someone, his lawyer, to his place. In kyu deliberately displays what he wants them to believe and records everything. How did the lawyer know to search behind the clothes? He finds nothing, don’t worry…yet. Why is Hyung beom suddenly feeling sick? Why does he plan to use In kyu though? He wants him to harvest organs for him? Continue reading

Money Flower: Episodes 23-24 (Finale) Sometimes an open end is satisfying


I’m so glad the drama wasn’t extended, nothing comes out of being greedy and moreover the last four episodes were less exciting but still it’s a quality drama with excellent writing and marvelous acting and chemistry and I love the perfect background score which by the way is out and I’m listening to it right now. Congrats to the cast/crew and team for creating this impressive drama.

Each and every character gets a closure and I don’t feel regret in the romance department of Moo hyun and Eun cheon. The most pity I feel is for Ms Han and Boo cheon. It’s more than enough for me that Pil joo lives after completing his revenge. I was dreading he’s going to die. Continue reading

Weekly Watching-36


After playing for some time you’ll think I’ll get better with badminton but NO. My sis says we are the bad in badminton. The weather is still cold. Can’t it go for a walk and let the sunshine? I can’t even move, it’s that cold.

Summer, oh summer, how I wish you were here. Don’t worry I’ll complain about you too but right now I miss you, dearly.

Read the casting news of Suzy and Nam Joo hyuk. Maybe two wrongs can make a right.

Aangan Episode 13

Every episode manages to hit me in the feels.

Alu and Anila are the prime examples of those who can’t be happy in others happiness. They just have to create an issue out of nowhere. They will insult and belittle all they want but if someone jabs or pokes them they are all up in arms. Where did the Anila go who wanted Alu to keep quiet about her sister’s wedding plan? Continue reading

Kuroshitsuji Manga – Chapter: 136 When one door closes, another door opens

2 (2)

Heels!! Just look at them!! Only a devil can wear it, but why is he wearing it? Isn’t he already tall or appears tall, since he can change shapes. Oh well, I love heels too.

I have confused myself and now I think both the boys have the name Ciel. I most definitely read the panel wrong. No name for Smile yet but lots and lots of tragedy for the boys who only hope for a miracle from the God but give up when the help doesn’t arrive. Someone else arrives to heed the prayers. Continue reading

Dil Nawaz Episode 17 Anything for you~

Dil Nawaz

Dil Nawaz is trapped in chains and Fawad isn’t allowed to enter the house to meet her. She begs and cries to let her go but Alam Ara is a bish because she never fell in love so she doesn’t want others to do it either. Fawad climbs the wall but he can’t free her, either Alam ara releases her or dies are the only solutions and options but Fawad is willing to learn any method to free his wife. Eepp! He wants to learn black magic!!

Alam Ara makes Jahan Ara promise to keep the legacy going of whatever stuff they have been doing and Jahan Ara unwillingly agrees. She clearly doesn’t want to follow her sister’s footsteps. Can’t she go back on her words after her sister’s death? Continue reading