Hotel King Episode 32 Recap Final


And we are here at the end of our four-month journey. Which was not at all a smooth ride and in between I really wanted to get off. To tell you the truth the story wasn’t anything special but the actors were. The story was endearing because of the actor’s portrayal of the characters.

And why did Loman had just two minutes in this episode?

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Hotel King Episode 31 Recap


What is happiness? How do we obtain it? Will it stays with us for a long time or just passes by as a memory?

So here we are almost at the end. A friendly note: not to post spoilers if you have watched the last episode and I haven’t uploaded the recap ^__^

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Hotel King Episode 28 Recap



Such an amazing episode and whose brilliant idea was to have two heartbreaking episodes in a row? I’m again cutting onions today. Give me a box of tissue paper and some calming pills before I reach into my screen and kill that drama queen myself. Loman, why did you do that?

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Hotel King Episode 27 Recap



The sky is gloomy and so is this episode. I’m not crying, I’m just cutting onions. This was one of the saddest episodes. My heartaches for Jae Wan and for Mi Nyeo when she finally learned the truth. Thank you Loman, I’m willing to go to the States with you.

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