Witch’s Court Episode 4 That which does not kill us makes us stronger

witch's court

It’s Yi deum’s win in the trial against the creepster but she’s badly shaken. I love how Jin wook stick with her like a chewing gum. She felt relief and let him help her in the case and he also let her stay in his CLEAN apartment while he tries to manage to stay in her PIG STY.

From the beginning, it felt like the case is slipping from prosecutors’ hands like sand. Yoon kyung after losing her reputation with Gab soo takes the creepster’s case and tears apart every argument of her opponent. She just wants to humiliate Yi deum because she lost her previous case to her. Continue reading


Witch’s Court Episode 3 Learn the hard way

witch's court

Yi deum’s mentality of winning the case regardless gets her in trouble with her boss and she gets reprimanded for not regarding the other person’s feelings. And Jin wook wants to bang his head on the wall because Yi deum doesn’t care about anything.

Yi deum’s ability of not sympathizing brings her downfall and I seriously didn’t even think it’ll come this soon. Maybe now she’ll think twice before hurting someone in the name of winning. I feel so bad for her. What should I do? Continue reading

Black Episode 1-2 Till death do us part


The drama reminds me of different stuff I watched. Like, Ha ram can see the shadow of death and by wearing sunglasses she can’t see them, reminds me of Zombie Loan (anime/manga) where Michiru can see a mark on a person who is about to die and she too wears glasses so she can’t see it.

While You Were Sleeping has a similar thing going on. Hong Joo, Jae chan and cop guy can see the person’s death but in their dreams.

Ha ram’s ability to touch the shadow and seeing their final moments reminds me of Vampire Prosecutor where prosecutor tastes the blood and sees how the victim died.

Ha ram means forbidden in my language.

Coming to the story, Ha ram (Go Ara) is seeing all the spooky stuff since she’s a child and her father, a detective, gave her sunglasses and the blackness of the glass helped her in not seeing the black shadow. She even saw her father’s death (again Sleeping) and warned him but he’s prepared or he knew he can’t evade it or whatever was going on in his mind. Her mother remarries and asks her multiple times to seal her lips because people won’t believe and think of it’s a nonsense and of course this happens and she blames herself for their deaths and calls herself unlucky and cursed. She develops a snarky personality perhaps to not get friendly with others and it works, until one day… Continue reading

Revolutionary Love Episode 2 Anything for money


Is Hyuk a poet at heart or is he just a random narrator? He says some deep things. Things went down pretty fast in this episode. To not look like a loser and a troublemaker to Joon, Hyuk tries to solve the trouble he created but gets beaten up by his father in front of the board members/shareholders. Never ever humiliate your child or anyone in front of others!!! It doesn’t matter how older the recipient is. IT HURTS!!!

Hyuk’s told to hide and never come out and not to do anything, this way the company will still have some reputation and they won’t lose money. With a swollen face, from slaps, he meets Joon and after some more misunderstanding about his background, she takes him to do a part-time job where he almost dies by the end of the day as he’s not used to doing anything. Continue reading

Revolutionary Love Episode 1 Same story, different actors



A third-generation chaebol Byun Hyuk (Choi Si won) who gets in trouble regularly like its mandatory. His father’s upset with his antics and they clearly have a communication gap, just to be clear neither party is deaf, and of course, his elder brother is praised more than him. This all sounds very familiar, no? Well, I last saw this happening to Jin gyu in Strongest Deliveryman.

Hyuk’s a babysitter Kwon Je Hoon (Gong Myung) who even takes a beating from Hyuk’s father because Hyuk created trouble. His father also works for the family. He’s enduring everything as he believes there’s going to be a reward. He should stop dreaming about getting the girl. Yes, he’s the second lead and he also blew his chance when she confessed him in college and now things aren’t looking bright for his love life, Hyuk has fallen for the same girl. No one can resist Hyuk’s puppy eyes. Continue reading

Mad Dog Episode 2: A Meeting: fate, coincidence or a plan?


All this insurance talk remind me an incident happened with me. So, once upon a time, I was pretty desperate to get a diagnosis of my allergy and I went to clinics and private hospitals but all in vain. I had to spend a sufficient amount because my insurance didn’t cover every hospital. So a doctor told me that he’s a couple of insurances and I should get them too because I’m young and anything can happen when crossing the road or anywhere. I was like??? Excuse me!?!!! and I never again visited him.

Back to the episode. The whole episode is a flashback and we see how Kang woo lost his family two years back. He’s supposed to be with them but a scammer plans a big game and gets Kang woo’s colleague involved and gets what he’s aiming for.

Just the luck of Kang woo’s family and other passengers on the flight. The assistant pilot is suffering from depression and after taking antidepressant he crashes the plane and of course, he’s insurance and it goes to his brother. If the pilot really wanted to die he could have just killed himself!!! Why take innocent lives!!!? Continue reading

Mad Dog Episode 1: 38 Task Force meets Lookout

First of all, what’s with the posters!!!? What’s this awful looking thing?? I’m no poster maker but I’m never going to submit anything like this anywhere!!!

On to the story, it’s a bit cringy here and there but bearable. Our group of not so good guys take the bad guys out. Because I didn’t read the synopsis I was thinking, is Choi Kang woo (Yoo Ji tae) with the law or against the law? It seems he’s with the law but is working against them and helps them. Does this make sense?

Kang woo is the leader of Mad Dog, and his gang consists of three, Jang Ha ri (Ryu Hwa young) the only female in the team, who uses her charms to get what she wants and I actually forgot her nickname. The oldest in the team Soon jung (Jo Jae hyun aka creepy Jo from Save me) gathers the evidence from the field. He’s a nurse and an ex-convict and goes by the name Cheetah. And the youngest Noo ri aka Pentium is the hacker guy and he hates the sun. We don’t know how and why they are a team or what they are getting from being together. Continue reading