Circle: Two worlds connected: (Last) Episode 12 So this is how it ends.


This was such a fantastic and memorable ride. I never felt bored, not even once. It’s a bit confusing and hard to follow at first but once the story reveals the secrets you have to pick your jaw that you dropped and hold on to it because some more jaw-dropping happenings happen.

With the reconciliation of the brothers, they decide to fight Human B instead of running away. They have to find the evidence against the chairman and it isn’t easy or so we thought because Joon hyuk makes a brilliant plan -this man should be given standing ovation and massive applause- and traps the chairman. Continue reading

Lookout: Episodes 23-24 Counter attack of the villain


I knew it. I spoke too soon. Never ever underestimate your enemy, especially when there are eight (four) more episodes to go before the drama ends.

Chief prosecutor takes ex-chief justice’s help to take care of detective Nam and he kills himself after giving the password to his cell phone where he stored all the call recordings. The twist here is the ex-chief prosecutor is prosecutor Kim’s father and he’s involved in Do han’s father’s case. Will this affect Do han’s and prosecutor Kim’s friendship/understanding? Continue reading

Circle: Two worlds connected: Episode 11 Mind boggling


Surprise! What? Wait! … I don’t understand. Okay, I do but I need a moment to process this. This is brilliant!

Beta project to New World: Woo jin finds that the data and research have been deleted by his father because it wasn’t a technology a human should have and Byul asked him to remove her memories, seeing how dangerous it can be. We still have no idea from where Byul came from.

Woo jin still has no idea assistant prof is not a nice guy and thinks he’s been helping him but soon he sees the prof’s true colors and tries to escape but ends up in an accident which puts him in a coma. Assistant prof makes a human clone and plants Woo jin’s memories in it and this Woo jin is the one Joon hyuk and Jung yeon meet. Continue reading

Lookout: Episodes 21-22 Too little too late for the bad guys


Am I jinxing, after all, we have a couple of more episodes to go. Think positive. Stay positive. And let Do han deceive you.

We never saw Do han being emotional like he’s in this episode. He’d the chance to save Soo ji’s daughter but he didn’t because he only thought about reaching the chief prosecutor. She doesn’t know that and has started to believe and trust him and this is eating him.

I just love when he plays the bad guys and pits them against each other. Chief prosecutor was this close in getting Do han’s identity but Do han kept his cool even when he mentioned his spy father’s story. I LOVE his devilish smile and finally, chief prosecutor realizes he’s been played by Do han. Detective Nam’s no idea what he’s gotten himself into and it’s revealed he’s Viper and most definitely will cause chief prosecutor’s downfall as he’s been recording his calls. Continue reading

Duel: Episode 8 The truth


So many questions answered finally but still, gazillion left.

Deuk cheon’s learned to play Hoon’s game and plays with him. He knows Hoon doesn’t just want to kill the target but wants his kidney. This of course makes Hoon angry and the female boss orders to do as Deuk cheon wants. As to why the organs are needed is because the doc injected some important stuff/medicine in him but soon after he’s killed and that medicine’s precious and the female wants it.

To save his daughter Deuk cheon strikes a deal with Jo hye. She’ll get the kidnapper and he’ll get his girl and the Jo hye can arrest him. I have a really bad feeling, something bad is gonna happen at the meeting place. Continue reading

Duel: Episode 7 Anything for the loved one


Hoon shows Deuk cheon his daughter. He can have her if he does what Hoon ask him to. He asks to kill. This is not a random killing. Hoon does everything according to a plan. The target’s the kidney of the original guy, doc Lee Yong sup, and the target’s one of the three who killed him. The other two guys who took part in it are dead as well, Joo shik and the organ trafficker.

The target asks for help from the cops and Jo hye takes him. He tells about the illegal experiments 24 years back and that they killed the doc but he’s come back to kill him. Jo hye uses him as the bait to get to Deuk cheon and Joon. Deuk cheon still gets to him easily through his daughter. Continue reading

Ruler: Master of the Mask-Episodes 27-28 Love is poison and so is jealousy and hatred


Greed has no end and pauper proves it. First, he only wanted Ga eun but now he wants to be the king even if it means to kill the real crown prince. He tells Dae mok about him and clingy gets locked up because she saved and helped him. He then reveals his face to Ga eun and feeds her some lies and truth about Chun soo aka the crown prince. The person she hates to death because he killed her father and now she’s another reason to hate him, he deceived her and she fell in love with him. Her attitude and behavior clearly change towards Chun soo. Continue reading