Wok of Love/Greasy Melo Episodes 9-12 Stupid but enjoyable

wok of love-greasy melo

What in the world is going on here? What does the writer want? Its one of those dramas where you can and have to turn your brain off so you can watch it.

I really don’t like the way the drama is going. Mr gangsta truly likes the horse girl, whereas the chef is falling or wants to fall in love with her because the damn fortune cookie said so. You be the judge. Gangsta is a goner. Dammit! He’s so much in love, with her, more than the chef in my opinion T_T

Horse girl is totally trampling on gangsta’s heart. She knows she excites him and asks him not to have a crush on her. This I can understand. But once she finds out her husband had another woman, she’s heartbroken and finds an equally broken chef and decides to have an affair with him, doesn’t matter if it’s a one night stand though the idea is rejected, they do share a kiss and thank goodness gangsta isn’t there to see it. Continue reading


Secret Mother: Episodes 5-8 I’m lost like nobody’s business. Welp!

Secret Mother

Am I mixing things up or is that the intention of the drama? The tutor mixed up the flyer to her own sister’s disappearance. And the person doc is looking for is the tutor? But that’s not right. Tutor never knew about the daughter so how come she is the one who took her? Do we know what actually happened? What is this car accident about? Who was involved in it? Is the daughter alive or dead? I still have no clue how the young detective is related to the daughter’s case.

There’s some bonding between the tutor and the boy. She can feel the pain he’s going through. They both have lost a sister and the doc finally understands what she’s doing to her son is harmful to his mental state and decides to put everything behind her and focus on her family which she keeps neglecting. Good thinking because erasing the memories by throwing the stuff but still wanting to find the culprit makes no sense. Continue reading

Secret Mother: Episodes 1-4 A mystery to solve


Secret MotherWhy is the poster so creepy? Who is looking at the ladies? Are they both being played by a third-party?

I really, really enjoyed the episodes. Though we are still going in blind as to why and how everything happened. What happened to the psychiatrist/doc’s daughter? Why in the world is the doc hiding that she lost her daughter? Is she protecting her own reputation or what? Is the daughter not hers? Why does she want her son to forget about his sister? Why did the son just went with the strange lady?  Only the young cop knows about the daughter and wants to help but what for? What’s the relation of the young cop with the doc?

What happened to the tutor’s sister? Is she dead or alive? How come the tutor doesn’t know about the doc’s daughter? Did the tutor actually have an affair with the doc’s husband? Why did the tutor die? Who killed her and why? Continue reading

Investigation Couple/Partners for Justice: Episodes 3-4 What’s wrong with her?

Investigation Couple

I’ll not be falling or digging deep into the jargon of court and forensic. Thank you. I did enjoy the episodes but sometimes, make it almost every time, I can’t process and analyze the thought process of Miss prosecutor. Why in the world is she getting angry at psycho for revealing the truth? Is he supposed to hide and lie so she can win the case?

Cutting everything short Miss prosecutor loses the case. The wife staged everything. She framed her husband by taking the wrong medication but the plan backfired. The husband admits beating his wife and not killing her and hence is freed. The higher-ups’ wish is been granted. Continue reading

Investigation Couple/Partners for Justice: Episodes 1-2 My ship, my order!

Investigation Couple

My new agenda is to just randomly watch dramas to find something that interests me. And here I’m with Investigation Couple or Partners for Justice. Has it been like this and I’m only noticing it now? The two names thingy. What is this, a historical Chinese drama where every character has at least three names?

Moving on, why is the female lead so stupid? I tested my patience by sitting through the first episode and kept cringing for indefinite reasons. Don’t know if I want to continue or not but I love gore and bloody shows. I’m willing to give a chance, maybe.

So, we have a prickly personality forensic doctor (Jung Jae Young). Let’s find a nickname for him! Wait, someone already gave him one, psycho, and it isn’t me. He’s lost his wife and the trauma lives with him. We still don’t know how the accident happened or if he’s the one at fault. I like that he’s a pouch which has everything he wants. He won’t tolerate any stupidity and won’t let anyone be if they are not obeying him. Don’t worry he’s totally right. The prosecutor lady (Jung Yoo Mi) is at fault here. Starting off the wrong foot, eh? Continue reading

Wok of Love/Greasy Melo Episodes 1-8 and the first impression is…?

wok of love-greasy melo

So many dramas dropping right and left and so many are ongoing already and even more have ended and not even one could pull me in. Most likely because my heart’s dead and I wanted no joy in life and that phase is passing now, hopefully. What are you guys watching? Anything new or exciting? Can’t guarantee we share the same taste though.

After three months gap, I’m still the same. I just can’t remember the names of the characters. Why did I decide to watch this? I like the cast and now I’m wondering why did the cast picked this project because I don’t know how to define whatever is going on in here. It’s weird but hilarious. <————Just defined. I really, really love Jealousy Incarnate, by the way. Why mention that? Umm because the writer is the same if I’m not wrong. Who cares if I’m?

Without spouting more nonsense lets just jump into the mess called Wok of love or Greasy Melo. Choose your pick or is it take? Whateva!

What I understand with my limited brain is that the story has three main characters. The chef, Mr. gangsta and the horse girl and one of them is going to get their heartbroken and that person is most definitely me. Continue reading

Return: Episodes 13-14 A drama behind a drama


You may have already heard about Go Hyun jung and frankly, I don’t like this. We don’t know why it happened and everyone is keeping quiet. I have yet to see a statement of the cast and crew. I read two different statements, one states she’s fired and the second says she left on her own. Is it a coincidence we get the news of Lee Jin wook’s scandal, the accuser getting jailed and this news at once?

All the eyes are on the replacement but things will never be the same again. She’ll have to fill the void and she’ll have her own acting style. There’s going to be a lot of nitpicking and stress. What if Ja hye gets killed? I don’t see a happy ending anywhere near.

On top of everything, episode 15 and 16 will not air on February 8 because of the Olympics and its nothing to do with the mess, says the related person. Continue reading