Kill Me Heal Me: Episode 19 & 20 END


I apologize for using this format to write about what I watch and read. From now on I will properly write the title in the title box so you guys can easily find what you are looking for ^___^

Episode 19

One thing is for sure, goodbyes hurt so FREAKIN much

Here I’m sitting in tears. I don’t want this to end T_T yada…yada…yada

Never thought Ferry park would make me cry. Whenever he opened his mouth, and spoke saturi and did his weird dance wearing weird suits and made bombs * sobs* I can’t even T_T

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Things I’m doing besides studying


Akatsuki no Yona, Ghost hunt S2, Kill Me Heal Me: Episode 17&18

Akatsuki no Yona

This is love both manga and anime. The anime is faithfully following the manga. I’m at the end of the anime T_T I want more. By the way how many episodes are there? 24?

I love Yona and how she tries to be strong and wants to protect who are close to her. I love Yun, the genius pretty boy. I love the dragons. I love how Hak teases Ki ja, the white dragon. I love Shin ya. I love his shyness. I love when he ran from Ki ja and jumped into the river and gave him a fish. Hak all that time kept teasing Ki ja saying, it’s his fault Shin ya is drowning. I love Ao, the cute squirrel of Shin ya’s. I love Jaeha and how he tries to be friendly with Hak. I love when he said, “I want you” and everyone was staring at them and murmuring. Continue reading

Things I’m doing besides studying


Akatsuki no Yona, this was made into an anime and I had no idea T_T but no worries ^__^ now I know and am enjoying it. I love the colors and the scenery and everything. I never read the manhwa but it was in my list. So now I’m gonna enjoy both.

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Things I’m doing besides studying


I have stopped watching Tokyo Ghoul because……it sucks. I loved the first season so much. I can’t bear to watch it going down hill.

Kill Me Heal Me Episode 11

As usual, an AMAZING episode. I feel bad for Se gi but this fight is of Do hyun and he understands that. When he said, “Don’t kill me. I’ll live as Do hyun’s shadow, so let me stay by your side.” I became weak again. I know they both are one but… Continue reading

Things I’m doing besides studying


Kill Me Heal Me: Episode 9&10. Tokyo Ghoul: Episode 5

Other than watching this all I did was read manga like, Rurouni kenshin (ruroken) and Shingeki no Kyojin(SnK), Noragami, Tokyo Ghoul.

Tokyo Ghoul: Episode 5

The two, one-eyed girls were once human and were in the same class with the red stitches boy and their teacher was Amon. Now the question is, how can human become a ghoul? Kaneki’s case was different. Yay we again got some Kaneki with his amazing fighting skills with his new centipede weapon. I HATE THE NEW MASK. Is the owl someone we know?

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Things I’m doing besides studying


I was so busy this week T_T I didn’t watch anything else or maybe I’m lying…definitely not.

Kill Me Heal Me:Episodes 7&8, Tokyo Ghoul Root A: Episode 4

Tokyo ghoul Root A

Episode 4

Kaneki’s evil team goes to a center where ghouls are kept in prison to free someone. Amon also happens to be there with Akira because his “father” is a ghoul too. Father as in the one who run the orphanage or father as in dad? Half of the time I’m looking at the wall during the episodes. Something is missing in this season. Anyways Kaneki gets the shit beaten out of him once again and finally he speaks, a whole line. He wants to become strong or the weak will die and he has freaking evolved. WOHOOO

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