Two Cops Episodes 11-12 Desperate times call for desperate measures

two cops

I had a choice, sleep or watch the new episode and I went to bed because I knew nothing thrilling is gonna happen. The episode is gonna revolve around saving Ji an and I have no interest in that mission.

I want to know how did Soo chang and Dong tak meet. Dong tak wasn’t a detective at the time of the accident so why did Soo chang ask him for help? From what I know, Soo chang’s father’s blamed for cutting the line and causing the accident, which isn’t the truth, and the other party blamed him because dead people don’t speak and Dong tak got his confession on the recorder by being sneaky and gave it to the detective. Which detective? Ji an’s father? The said detective didn’t do his job and because of him Soo chang all along thought Dong tak didn’t help when he actually did. With the misunderstanding out Yay! My bromance is back. Continue reading


Two Cops Episodes 9-10 I’m not paying much attention

two cops

So where does Dong tak’s soul go when Soo chang possess his body? Why can’t it possess Soo chang’s body? That would have been hilarious. A con man doing righteous things.

And yes, there’s more to Dong tak and Soo chang’s backstory. How did the car crash lead to being framed for some crime? Was the taxi driver killed because he’s related somehow and the detective that killed himself is Ji an’s father? I have no clue and its Ji an’s fault or maybe writer’s or is it director’s, perhaps mine for watching this. My brain goes for a walk while I watch the drama. Continue reading

Dil Nawaz Episode 9 True love or fake?

Dil Nawaz

Alam Ara has no interest in love. She calls it a useless thing which causes nothing but destruction. I don’t know about destruction but love is just not my thing. Cheers!

But Kiran is still very much in love with Fawad and sits absentmindedly with her fiance and his sister. Well, she’s forced to go on a date and her disinterest in noted by her companions. To make matters worse Fawad arrives in the same restaurant with his friend but he shows no interest in her which keeps bothering her even when she comes back home. She wonders if he’s moved on but why can’t she do the same? Continue reading

Doubtful Victory Episodes 7-8 Cliffhangers!!


The drama keeps on giving question after question but no answers or I’m just tired and not paying any attention.

Drowning Jong sam is saved by detective Kang, the one who used to teach him but disappeared ten years back. Is this a coincidence that they meet now? Where was he? Why did he run? Who did he run from? He seems shady to me. I’m not gonna believe him but Jong sam’s no choice. He’s no idea how the world works and everything is new to him and meeting a familiar face in an unfamiliar land is finding an oasis in a desert. Continue reading

Doubtful Victory Episodes 5-6 Do or die


because of Jong sam’s appearance the men in black’s plan fails and to make things right they change his identity to Il seung’s a NIS agent and make it look like Jong sam died in the prison. Jong sam’s to find the 100 million that Il seung has hidden and he’ll die no matter what because Il seung’s supposed to commit suicide.

Jin young is highly suspicious of Jong sam and he doesn’t help but makes things more complicated by saying “its classified” for everything he’s asked.

Ppl girl’s still not out of danger as murderer enjoys living in her house while waiting for her. How does he choose the victims? Jin young and Jong sam finds the pattern in his previous crime and save the ppl girl. Murderer asks why Jong sam is out and Jin young hears him and tries to get a reaction from Jong sam and he narrowly escapes. Continue reading

Two Cops Episodes 7-8 Can we forget the romance, please!!

two cops

The weakest link is the romance. There’s no chemistry between Jo Jung suk and Hyeri. Their scenes are bland and I find myself not following their conversation.

But I did get the important part. Our hot-headed detective, Dong tak was a handful in his younger days. He’s an orphan and a juvenile delinquent but his life changed after he met a detective and that detective is Ji an’s father. The detective is dead which means Ji an’s also an orphan.

There’s more to the story. Soo chang’s also an orphan and he gave the necklace to Dong tak to help his father clear his name. The same necklace Dong tak still keeps with him. This is the debt of the past that he’s to pay, the fortune teller’s talking about Continue reading

Two Cops Episodes 5-6 Fated to be with you

two cops

Did you hear about the re-edited and re-aired version about the earlier episodes? I didn’t watch them but I do remember this happening with Entertainer as well. What’s this, Hyeri’s curse?

I have too much going on in my life and to relax I watch dramas. I watch the drama to entertain myself not to boil my already boiling blood. I hate when a character acts stupidly when in real life I highly doubt one would do that.

Give me an actual reason Ji an wanted to come with Dong tak when he’s chasing after the helmet killer. He’s not going shopping!!! Do you have any skills? Can you shoot? Have supernatural powers? Stay where you are and I don’t know maybe call for help! Or was she planning to do a live reporting? She even blames him for not checking the brakes. Umm you know the killer didn’t tell Dong tak that he’s going to tamper with the brakes. Why writer? Why? Why make her so annoying? Continue reading