Wok of Love/Greasy Melo Episodes 27-30 Still going on and on and on.

wok of love-greasy melo

The IV girl is back!!!! HURRAH!!! HURRAHHHH!!!!! but she’s barely there. Give her more screen time and gangsta. Why can’t gangsta remember her? She remembers him though. So how they meet is because of kitty-the cupid. That’s why I kept screaming to give kitty some food but no one bothered to listen and it ended up drinking cow’s milk which it wasn’t supposed to drink. Okay, I have no idea kitties can’t drink cow’s milk because all my life that’s what I have given them and thankfully they never get sick. Yay!! kitty gets something to eat.

This drama’s a new tactic of making gangsta extra pitiful and lonely so we can forget the bad writing. Not happening on my watch!! I need to be enlightened as to why other cars in the next lane also stopped when gangsta stopped his car to teach the bad guy a lesson, and not a single car honked? Were they all admiring how handsome gangsta looks? Continue reading


Investigation Couple/Partners for Justice: Episodes 23-24 Parents, a burden?

Investigation Couple

First and foremost I need to get this out of my system, cutie and psycho make such a great team. Loved, loved, loved, loved, loved the “thank you” scene. It didn’t feel awkward or forced. It’s natural and best. Another great thing’s there’s no Kang and he better not return. Everyone’s missing him but not me. Why miss him though? He created trouble and nothing else.

Its quite obvious cutie is going to make a mistake with the cake boxes but lab girl’s her usual chirpy self when she sees the rat whereas the rest of the team screams like they saw a human dead body. Oops. Continue reading

Investigation Couple/Partners for Justice: Episodes 21-22 An unhealthy obsession leads to a cloudy judgment

Investigation Couple

4 (2) episodes aired together. In case you didn’t know.

So, somehow suddenly without any reason given Kang changes his perception of psycho and willingly thinks rationally to get the real criminal. He in his hatred of psycho hid some evidence which becomes the main clue to catch the real killer. Shouldn’t this be enough reason to remove him from the investigation? Why is everyone so lenient towards him?

Psycho deduces from the autopsy that the investigator’s murdered and then its disguised as a suicide. I get it psycho is the main character of the story but that doesn’t mean others have marbles for their brains. It’s so unreasonable to make the professor, who did the autopsy before, look like an idiot for not finding the right cause of death. Continue reading

Secret Mother: Episodes 25-28 Hiding the truth till the end

Secret Mother

Why is the husband and his mommy acting like they are the biggest victims and the doc is some kind of evil witch? They both are trying their hardest to hide the secret of the sister and the daughter and have the audacity to blame her for prying to get the truth. Mommy needs to explain her slap to doc, RIGHT NOW!!

I was hoping maybe just maybe shortcut is on doc’s side and is pretending to be with mommy but I was wrong. Enjoyed the board of directors meeting to dismiss doc but she comes out a victor as the plan backfires and shortcut gets dismissed instead. Doc also wants mommy to be removed from her throne because criminals like her should rot in jail till death. Continue reading

Wok of Love/Greasy Melo Episodes 23-26 Does anyone have any idea where this is going?

wok of love-greasy melo

I have a good news, well it’s actually a bad news but its good. It’s what we call: a blessing in disguise. Wok will end on episode 38 instead of 40. I’ll forever be bitter about Beautiful Mind’s reduction of episodes T_T

The poor kitty didn’t get the food in these episodes either. Can’t anyone see it keeps looking for food? Stop talking and feed it something instead of giving it a name and playing parents! Continue reading

Investigation Couple/Partners for Justice: Episodes 19-20 Ridiculous and effin stupid

Investigation Couple

Before I start my rant, episodes 21-22 will air next week, hopefully.

So, after waiting for two weeks we get this nonsense of the episodes and from the way things are looking the nonsense will continue. I had to stop watching because it’s getting ridiculous beyond ridiculous. Has the drama always been this stupid or is it making a special effort? Was I blinded by the love for psycho?

There’s a Punjabi saying and it fits perfectly here: Jithe di khoti othey aan khaloti (back to where we started). Watch the first scene and the last scene of the episodes and then play “find the difference game”. I seriously laughed so hard in disbelief when prosecutor Kang barges in and orders psycho’s arrest AGAIN. Continue reading

Secret Mother: Episodes 21-24 The fight is still ON!

Secret Mother

Either my interest in this series diminished or it’s going slow and I have been feeling it for some time now.

Tutor’s stupid enough to believe the lie of the shady man who tells her he’ll take her to the doc and just like that she easily falls into the trap. I’m letting this slide because tutor’s injured. Thankfully our young cop comes out of nowhere, like a knight, to save the damsel in distress on the order of doc. Tutor noticing the logo on the fan means something or should I forget this?

The ladies, doc and tutor, have a lot to say to each other and even are on the same page but they won’t work together for now. Doc pretty much confirms from her mother-in-law that there is more to hiding her son’s affair and its related to the accident. She’s determined to find out the truth because she’s a mother like mommy who is doing everything to protect her son. Mommy is about to blow a gasket. She can’t harm her publicly and is planning to attack her with the help of shortcut. Continue reading