While You Were Sleeping Episodes 11-12 Hope for the betterment


I’m saying this once and for all. I like the drama when it’s not in the romance mode. Hong joo and Jae chan’s romantic scenes feel empty and I like the cop guy more and I don’t care if he doesn’t get the girl. He won’t so no worries and his colleague has a crush on him and of course, he doesn’t know.

And one more thing!! I hate the crap talk. It isn’t even funny and the scene feels forced. Drama tried this with So hyun’s cameo and it didn’t fit there either. We are being told how causal and friendly they are but NO!! STOP IT!! Continue reading


While You Were Sleeping Episodes 9-10 Let’s wait for the next episode


Something is missing in the episode, possibly my interest I think. The episode mostly felt like a filler and instead of seeing characters I was looking at cosplayers. Should I drop this for Mad Dog?

We get the reason why Hong joo is on a break from her reporter job. She saw a dream about her death and because of that her mother doesn’t want her to take the risk but later relents and gives her the permission because she can see how much her daughter wants to work. Mommy even asks Jae chan to protect her, which in other words mean she wishes for the dream to change. Then why the heck did she get angry at the cop guy when he said about changing the dream? Mommy is biased, she’s completely cut cop guy and doesn’t want to give her daughter to him.

I don’t think cop guy has romantic feelings for Hong joo. He’s busy trying to find out, why they dream about the future and has a theory which Jae chan debunks. Cop guy thinks he dreams of Jae chan because he saved him and Jae chan dreams of Hong joo so she must have saved him but Jae chan tells that he did drown, he had a rope around his neck? and it’s a boy who saved him. Yes, he doesn’t know yet but its Hong joo dressed as a boy. But why does Hong joo dream of random people? Continue reading

Witch’s Court Episode 2 By hook or by crook

witch's court

Yi deum is oh my God what a woman! She’s really a bitch I mean a witch. She doesn’t care about anyone’s feelings. She’ll do what she thinks is right and you can’t help but hope to see her fall just once so she can come back to her senses. This downfall will come to her when she’ll know her mother’s case. Yi deum is a character who easily gets on your nerves and she proves it right every time she opens her mouth.

She thinks highly of herself and because she’s a seven-year experience she knows how the world works. She feels inferior to be assigned to a Crimes Against Girls Unit aka sexual crime unit and thinks Jin wook was demoted too because they went against the senior prosecutor. Wrong! He volunteered. HAHAHAHAA her face, she’s boasting and all and was ready to call him oppa because she thinks she’s right. I live for these moments of Yi deum. Continue reading

Witch’s Court Episode 1 Speak out for the injustice


witch's court

It’s the week when gazillion new shows are gonna start and I hope some of them suck, I can’t watch all of them, I have no time.

The start is a bit slow for me but I waited for the story to pick the momentum and I did good.

We have Ma Yi deum (Jung Ryeo won) a girl without a father and she feels envious of other children because of that but her mother tells her to be thankful what she has. She loses her mother one day too. She just disappeared and never came back.

Mom’s disappearance is linked to Cho Gab soo (Jeon Kwang ryul). He’s a sexual offender who has the power to get the not guilty verdict. Yes, he’s the villain, the antagonist of the story. Mom had some evidence against him, a cassette tape, in which he’s confessed his crimes and before she could give it to the prosecutor Min Ji sook, Gab soo gets her first. Continue reading

Happy Birthday ^___^


I always used to write “reading and writing” as my hobbies when I was a kid. My handwriting wasn’t much appreciated but I loved it and then came the era of computer and I was fascinated with typing. I used to take out a textbook and typed a paragraph from it and took gazillion years to write few lines and now it takes less than gazillion years.

As for reading my textbooks were not enough to quench my thirst and no, I didn’t take Faustus’ route. I read my older brothers’ books filled with heavy words and vocabulary but I really enjoyed them. I do remember seeing the novel Romeo and Juliet but I never read it. Hence, proved since young I was not interested in romantic stories (at that time I didn’t know its tragedy) or was it Shakespearean English? Continue reading

While You Were Sleeping Episodes 7-8 Courage to defeat the disappointment


The dreams are like a weapon for our good guys but I find weird about the continuity of them. Hong joo dreams about Seung won killing and Jae chan dreams about him being taken away and cop guy dreams taking Seung won away. The dream makes sense if all of them conjoin it but what if no one ever met? Things would have progressed like in the dream. I want to see the alternate version where everything’s happening as the dream. And why is that some of their dreams are same but other different? Why are they dreaming in the first place?

The trio gets a shock to learn there’s someone else who can dream about the coming events and wonder why them. They only figure out their same birth year and that they all are good-looking. Hmmm, never thought about that possibility.

Why did the cop guy dream of Hong joo getting hurt, trying to save So yoon from harming herself because of Yoo bum’s threat?  Shouldn’t the contender of the dream be Jae chan or Hong joo herself? Cop guy changed his dream by bringing Jae chan and the change intervened and stopped the catastrophe from happening and gave hope to So yoon and her mother. Jae chan promises to prosecute her father. Continue reading

While You Were Sleeping Episodes 5-6 More dreams and different realities


The dreams are very detailed. It doesn’t even feel real or maybe just my dreams are very vague even though I remember them completely.

I felt funny when Jae chan and Hong joo were putting their dreams together to get the direction to So yoon’s house where Seung won is going to commit the murder. The latest navigation? Something’s off in this scene and not only here throughout the episode some scenes were sticking out like a sore thumb. I don’t know if the characters are written like this or it’s the actors doing. I especially hated the glasses’ scene, where Jae chan asks Hong joo about wearing contacts and her response to him, and the bickering scene between Hong joo and Soo yeon, It didn’t feel natural.

Long story short, Jae chan and Hong joo manage to change the dream once again. But they are not the only one who can see the future and change it. There’s someone else who saw the dream about Seung won and to shake the strange feeling the new dreamer checks if the dream comes true and plays a part in stopping it. Continue reading