Return: Episodes 9-12 Love it so far and don’t get on Tae suk’s nerves if you value your life.


You can find the past episodes reviews here. Where should I even begin to praise this drama? I haven’t figured out who is more evil between Tae suk and Hak beom. It feels like they both are competing to prove who is more evil. They both like to beat people and kill like it’s no big deal. I’m scared of both of them but Tae suk time to time takes the lead in being the psycho. I’m not saying the other two of the four are saints but these two are on another level.

One moment Tae suk says, he values every kind of life and the next moment he’s killing birds and Bambi and even a human being. The most horrible thing is that he stays calm. Does he even know what is he doing? I know he’ll get away from any kind of punishment but there’s no hint of remorse in him. He killed his friend when he knew he’s alive, so I don’t think I should expect anything from him. Continue reading


Cross: Episodes 1-2 Another revenge story for me


I like dark stuff, thriller, mystery, revenge, suspense kind and I’m always thankful if it clicks with me and Cross did. YAY!! Can I talk about easy names that are difficult to find? Huh? Talking about the drama names, like, Cross, Return, Mother and so on. I find a teeny tiny problem when I search for them. I have a solution; Cross, the drama I recently started and liked it from the start and is about revenge, help me find it. problem=solved. Did you try to copy and paste into the search bar? No? Why?

On to the story- Kang In kyu (Go Kyung pyo) is a genius with enhanced eyesight. He leaves his position as a 4th year resident surgeon in a big hospital and takes the position of a doctor in a prison for his revenge against a man, Kim Hyung beom, who killed his father. His father’s organs were removed and he saw his body. In kyu attacked Hyung beom and in rage, the latter crack opened his head with a rock which became the reason of his sharp eyesight. He also has a rare blood type like his family. Continue reading

Just between Lovers: Episodes 15-16 (Finale) Kang doo lives and LOVERS have a happy end!!!


I’m so thankful and happy. I was so worried, I had to see the spoilers and was at ease when I read he lives. I don’t care about anything else. I would have died inside if it ended on a sad note. The drama is worth every tear we all shed. Actually, I have been writing about this here.

I cried, I’m going, to be honest. I don’t know if I cried because of what Kang Doo and others are going through or cried over my difficulties and misery. At least my drama characters are happy.

Brilliant cinematography. Amazing acting. Stellar actors. Worthy writing. Spectacular directing. Mesmerzing OSTs. KUDOS to the team/staff/crew of LOVERS for creating such a wonderful piece. Continue reading

Doubtful Victory (Last) Episodes 39-40 Could have been better


Where should I even begin to show my disappointment? The length should have been shorter, 40 (20) episodes SERIOUSLY!! It’s obvious there isn’t much material and the story started to drag and the bad guys keep on winning and I keep on whining.

The drama had potential but like every other drama it took a dip in the middle but it got back on its track and then it went down again and here we are now in the finale.

Coming back to the episode- on asking why manager Lee killed Jong sam’s mother, he says that she’s a roadblock, in his career, and should have aborted the child per his orders and he always thought his son is dead till he said his name. Why, is there only one person on this planet with the name of Jong sam?

Manager Lee must have gone senile and for the love of God stop yelling like you have been wronged!! Jong sam tells him, he recorded his confession of killing his mother and other people and manager Lee doesn’t do anything to take it. Jong sam even showed the PPL watch!! at least pretend to take it but NO he just leaves when Jong sam asks him to. Did I miss something here or…?? Continue reading

Doubtful Victory Episodes 37-38 Jong sam’s revenge


Jong sam’s tortured mentally and physically by manager Lee and he’s not going to take it anymore and also because we have only one more episode to go. Torturing someone usually has two results, or so I have seen and heard, I’m no psychologist, either the person breaks and is destroyed or he becomes stronger. Jong sam takes the route of revenge. I don’t want him to be a murderer and rot in prison for the rest of his life. He barely escaped from prison and he’s yet to clear his name officially so it would be a huge stupidity if he kills manager Lee aka his own father who wants him dead at all costs. I laughed when manager Lee yelled after his plan failed.

Why are there some inconsistencies or is it just me. Jin Young says she told Jong sam that manager Lee ordered Kwak to kill him but didn’t Kwak say it himself? Another one, Jong sam said he’s going to spend the night with Kang but he leaves within few moments. I have lost count of how many people know Jong sam’s manager Lee’s son? Does chairwoman know? At one point i thought she had no idea but then she had. Hopefully, she will help Kwak and not leave him to be sacrificed. Men in black care for each other awww but when I remember how they didn’t help Ddakji makes my blood boil and I hate them. Does Jong sam’s own two colleagues know? Prosecutor Kim? Our prosecutor isn’t happy with Jong sam and chairwoman for ruining his chance to arrest manager Lee. Continue reading

Weekly Watching-35


I realize me and my sister play badminton at a specific time, mostly winter. I wonder why is that? Anyway, we are so bad at it like really, really bad, we call it goodminton but I think we need to find a new name because goodminton is actually a game. It happens all the time, the names I come up with are all taken T_T



I felt strange when my friend suggested me some anime because it’s been quite some time I have seen one. I have stopped reading mangas as well, except for Kuroshitsuji. It’s time to cut few dramas and add anime, my first love. Continue reading

Dil Nawaz Episode 16 Love, obsession and parting

Dil Nawaz

This is one heavily romantic episode. When I say romantic here I don’t mean *ahem ahem* scenes, just confessing with words, eyes, expressions, body language and stuff but not THAT stuff.

Dil Nawaz and Fawad stole the whole episode. Their scenes made me squeal. He tells her how much he loves her and puts a ring on her finger because he didn’t give her anything on the wedding day. Dil Nawaz has never seen such happiness in her life before and asks him never to take this happiness from her. What’s with this ominous feeling?

Because Maria’s being a nuisance and she dares to touch Fawad, its time to witness Dil Nawaz’s wrath. What’s wrong with Maria? Why is she tugging on his shirt? Why is she holding his hand and touching his face? Control yourself woman and use your brains! Desperate much. What do you eat to be this shameless? Continue reading