Two Cops Episodes 5-6 Fated to be with you

two cops

Did you hear about the re-edited and re-aired version about the earlier episodes? I didn’t watch them but I do remember this happening with Entertainer as well. What’s this, Hyeri’s curse?

I have too much going on in my life and to relax I watch dramas. I watch the drama to entertain myself not to boil my already boiling blood. I hate when a character acts stupidly when in real life I highly doubt one would do that.

Give me an actual reason Ji an wanted to come with Dong tak when he’s chasing after the helmet killer. He’s not going shopping!!! Do you have any skills? Can you shoot? Have supernatural powers? Stay where you are and I don’t know maybe call for help! Or was she planning to do a live reporting? She even blames him for not checking the brakes. Umm you know the killer didn’t tell Dong tak that he’s going to tamper with the brakes. Why writer? Why? Why make her so annoying? Continue reading


Appreciation Post: Aangan – characterization


I tried my best to give words to the characters displayed but it’s still lacking. Without further ado, let’s meet them.

First are the elders of the family. Mian ji (Qavi Khan) and his wife Zaitoon Bano (Samina Ahmed). They need no words to define how marvelously they portray the characters. That’s an experienced character actors for you.

Miyan ji is what Zaitoon Bano calls her husband. In the old times, the wife didn’t call their husband’s name and you can clearly see this mindset. They respect each other after all they have spent a lifetime together. Zaitoon feels proud as miyan ji always do what she asks. Not every time but that’s their personal matter and its fun to watch.

Miyan ji is retired and stays at home and stays away from the arguments happen in the family but he does get the updates from his wife and thinks his sons have no clue how to handle the house and their wives. Zaitoon Bano, love everything from her simplicity to the way she tries to control the house. She tries to calm her house by trying to scare them with their father’s name like she used to do when they were young and of course that has no effect but the children respect their parents. Continue reading

Dil Nawaz Episode 8 Romance is in the air *poof* now its gone

Dil Nawaz

Dil Nawaz captures Fawad’s heart and mind and he sees her everywhere. She’s also in love and realizes when Alam Ara asks her to get him married to his cousin Maria. And here Dil Nawaz thought she’s never ever fallen in love and if she ever did, the other person will never be able to leave her.

They actually look really cute together. He notices that she doesn’t blink. Great observation, I had no idea. I love the corny, cheesy, cringe but hilarious dialogue of Dil Nawaz after Fawad tells her that his name means Dil (heart) and she goes: aap dil aur mein Dil Nawaz. Me: AHAHAHHAHA

Fawad tells Dil Nawaz about the incidents in the house and thinks someone else lives here and it’s a female who has fallen for him because the teasing is stopped and she helps him in the house and in the hospital. He doesn’t know how right he’s and she just smiles and hates when his mother interprets them. She uses her powers so his mother can’t see them and they are sitting in front of her. Continue reading

Doubtful Victory Episodes 1-4 Two people, one identity


Am I confused? I’m confused? between this and Two Cops, I watched the latter first. They both are cop dramas with fake identities and after watching both I think Doubtful is a bit confusing, of course, it’s the first episode and I’m willing to see how the story unfolds about the mysterious Il sung.

Color me surprised when I saw two Yoon Kyun sang. Is he playing a double role? Are they twin? What is this sorcery? Were you surprised as well or did you saw the spoilery stuff and were prepared? Oh, and one of them dies so we can get more confused.

Okay, so Kim Jong sam is framed for a murder and is on a death row for ten years now. He’s has a hunch his cellmate, tattoo guy with a scar has a secret way of getting out of the prison. Every other person has a tattoo, how am I suppose to name him “the tattoo guy”? Continue reading

Mad Dog (Last) Episode 16 All’s well that ends well


It doesn’t feel like the end. Is this supposed to be a good thing or bad? As you may know or not, my last episode reviews are, for some reason, short. Okay then let’s end this.

So, the truth is revealed to the public and everyone as in the baddies like Hong joo, papa Cha, chief prosecutor, Hyun ki (I can’t believe I started to like him but yeah I never told anyone and it’s not Hyun ki I like its Choi Won young. I just loved the way he talked here and called Hong joo’s name) and some other bad guys if there are any are punished. Kang woo takes all the blame of the illegal wiretapping and stuff and is released after ten months and joins his team who are on a mission to take another fraudster down. Continue reading

Mad Dog Episode 15 Everything is fair in love and war



Hyun ki thinks he knows how to get out the mess he created and even lets papa Cha take the blame so his daughter can be safe. He visits Min joon to apologize but the main reason is to get sympathies of the people, which he succeeds by revealing the original black box audio.

The new nice guy in town, Hyun ki, threatens the team and orders Min joon to give an interview where he’s to say that he’ll let the investigation run its course. And the team does what they are asked but it’s a trap to lure Hyun ki in. They pretend to fall into his trap only to deceive him and Hyun ki’s secretary helps them. I knew he’s gonna backstab his owner and was ready to hate him if he helped Hyun ki. Continue reading

Two Cops Episodes 1-4 Jo Jung seok steals the show

two cops

and this is one lengthy post. Don’t tell me I didn’t warn ya after all its four episodes worth of talking err writing.

Exciting start but I didn’t like everything. Let’s get that out first so I can get the hate and be done with it. And yes its Song Ji an (Hyeri). Throw all the eggs and flour, I’ll make some cake though I suck at baking or I can make paratha with the flour and omelet with the egg and a cup of tea with milk sounds magnificently delicious.

I get what her character presents, it’s a feisty and fierce kinda reporter but she makes it looks like an annoying reporter. I get Ji an’s angry for her work being taken because the higher-ups don’t think she’s worthy enough to present it but why take it out on someone else who you have no idea about? Her being pesky and without proper information putting innocent under pressure to get the scoop is a NO. Her calling Cha Dong tak (Jo Jung seok) a thug because she saw a clip of him beating a criminal is strange. Why jump on the hate bandwagon without finding out the reason and yes Dong tak’s at fault here. Oh and she hates cops for some reason. That makes the two of us, I hate her and she hates cops. And as I was busy hating the female from the get-go the drama adds all of a sudden that she forgets how to cross the road and almost gets killed in the first episode but Dong tak saves her and her heart starts beating crazily. Oh kadap! = oh crap! Continue reading