Save Me Episode 3-4 A scary world we live in

Save Me

It’s been proven time and again one needs a strong backing to get out of trouble. The bullies got a free pass because of their parents and because Dong cheol’s no such backing of any kind he gets in trouble but he thought he had a friend, Sang hwan but he too was pressurized by his father.

Dong cheol is going to prison for something that’s clearly an accident but who will speak for him? If all were looking who started it first then it’s the bullies. Dong cheol stood up against them and it became a crime.

Here I thought Sang hwan’s father might be a nice guy but I woke up from that dream. To me, it feels like he’s using his wife to get the sympathy votes and for that, he might have put her in the vegetable state. He wants to be a governor really badly but why? I don’t get his logic that his wife will get better once he gets that position. How? Do you get a miracle potion after becoming a governor that helps any illness? Then I want to become one too because I’m desperate as well to save someone in my family.

Life and death is a natural cycle. It’s hard to control emotions but it’s something we can’t do anything about. Continue reading

Strongest Deliveryman Episode 4 Them feels hitting me hard

strongest deliveryman

I can’t let my guard down when watching this drama. I have this huge smile on my face all the while dreading for what’s to come and pretending everything will be fine and BAM. I’m the only one to blame.

Ma boys, Kang soo and Jin gyu finally started acting like buddies and Kang soo shows his power of friendship by bringing his friends together to find out about the racing. Old soul suspected Jin gyu because he’s a fancy car but Kang soo thought it’s not possible and he wanted to believe in that till the end, till Jin gyu himself boastfully told about the race. Someone just punched me in the gut. Kang soo’s expression just broke my heart and Jin gyu had no idea and was going on about his amazing experience. Continue reading

Strongest Deliveryman Episode 3 Enjoyable ride

strongest deliveryman

Let’s first talk about the cute and lighthearted stuff after that I’ll jump in angst…wait it’s actually a depressing episode coated with happiness. Isn’t this like our real life?

Dan ah saves Jin gyu’s life and we see that in the flashback she actually jumped but was saved. She cried her heart out at that time and this time she’s the one who is crying. She cried in the past because she was thankful that she didn’t die and this time as well but for Jin gyu’s sake?

In her mind he’s like her and the other youth, tired and upset from studies and no job. It doesn’t even cross her mind that he might be rich, and why would a rich boy end his life? even when he says he doesn’t do anything and just plays and has fun. So it’s inevitable for her not to be shocked to learn his rich identity. She thinks it’s a dream that she’s able to solve her money problems thanks to Jin gyu. Is she naive or just what? I get Jin gyu is not a good example but rich people get depression as well and Jin gyu was depressed. Continue reading

Gomen, Aishteru – I’m sorry, I love you: Episode 1-2 Impressed!!


gomen aisht.jpg

So this drama is a remake of the hit 2004 Korean drama Mianhada, Saranghanda (I’m sorry, I love you) starring So Ji sub, Im Soo jung, Jung Kyung ho. Just to remind you the drama’s a tragedy and by that I mean its genre’s tragedy. I may not remember each and everything about the story but I clearly remember bawling my eyes out and you did too, don’t lie! And if you haven’t watched the drama then its alright I haven’t watched every drama out there.

When I first heard about the remake, I didn’t want it to happen. We all know remakes are either a hit or a miss, so you can’t blame me (I still haven’t forgotten the remake of MARS). I soon forgot about it and then I accidentally stumbled on it. And now I’m happy to announce I actually liked what I saw. There are few changes here and there but the actual flavor is there with the Japanese touch. I like the changes and the story flows smoothly. Only four episodes are out and how many more to go?

Nagase Tomoya looks really good. Has he lost weight? I just love his hair style but his bangs need some cutting, poor guy can’t see because of them. His facial expressions and body language are on point and it’s because I’m fangirling but I can’t see any flaw in him. I especially love his smile.

I think I have seen rest of the cast but then I think I haven’t. This is what happens when you stay away from something. Gone are the good ol days when I used to watch Japanese dramas, sigh. Continue reading

Falsify Episodes 11-12 And the war begins


Daehan is playing the blame game and Aeguk’s is the one getting the blame even though they are in the right. I was right this is one of those dramas where the good guys are not going to win that easily.

Goo thinks he can have the control over Splash team and Suk min and Suk min knows the cunning old man too well. Suk min figures out why detective Jeon became a bad guy. According to my understanding, he’s a good guy but the prosecutors found his weak point and he went to the dark side.

So ra has decided for the time being to keep her distrust for Moo young at a side and join him to bring down the big baddie. Moo young respects his brother for not bowing and he’ll be more than surprised when the truth comes out. He’s asked for So ra’s help but he’s not willing to let her know why he’s doing it. He wants to catch his brother’s murderer. Continue reading

Falsify Episodes 9-10 United we stand, divided we fall


I was waiting for this, for Moo young, Suk min and So ra to join hands. They still have misunderstandings to solve but their enemy is the same and they want to take him down.

I liked how Suk min took the courage to talk to Moo young. Five years is a long time. He’s the one who suggested to make a team. He’ll revive his Splash team and will pretend he’s no interest in Seon woo’s case but I don’t think Goo is going to buy that. I trust Suk min. He knows what he’s doing but he can’t read Moo young. He thought Moo young wouldn’t be that stupid to barge into the prosecutor’s office but that’s exactly what he’s done. Continue reading

Save Me Episode 1-2 Welcome to the creepy town

Save Me

There are two sets of stories going on, one is the cult and the other the governor election and in between are our leads. I love the dialect touch. There’s going to be a time jump because right now it’s 2014 in the story.

Muji is the name of the town and its some religious thingy going on which is highly suspicious from my view. The priest/spiritual father (Jo Sung ha) and his minions Kang and Jo are creepy and mysterious and I highly doubt the priest and his Almighty/Creator that he praises help anyone, but people blindly believe in them.

The priest is definitely putting a show and he’s a freaking pedo. The salvation he talks about feels that he’s talking about death. I don’t trust him and want to stay far, far, far away from him. He’s always wearing a white suit but I can see the darkness and evil and the blackness of his soul. Continue reading