Hotel King Episode 12 Recap


You can’t run from your past. It won’t matter if you changed your identity. But if you have someone you can share your secrets I’m sure you will come to peace with your past.

At the end of every episode I’m like ohmygod I love this episode so much but this time I had to question myself whether I liked it or not. I kind of did and didn’t.  This isn’t a teenage kind of drama the lead couple runs and lives a happy life.  Here both have responsibilities and they both neglected it and the baddies took full advantage of it. And we go back to square one actually square zero.


Episode 12
Jae Wan hugs and then kisses Mo Ne. Mo Ne decides to leave the dinner date and asks Jae Wan to accompany him someplace. Jae Wan is silent the whole time. Mo Ne drives while Jae Wan just closes his eyes. Mo Ne brings him at a house; it belongs to her father’s friend. He speaks informally with her because they are out of the hotel. Jae Wan asks her why she is not asking anything, Mo Ne replies the same because they are not at the hotel. Jae Wan wants to touch Mo Ne but can’t bring himself to do it. She takes his hand and holds it near her cheek. Jae Wan and his monologues he asks her to run away and she actually responds to it like she is reading his mind.


Jae Wan quietly sits and closes his eyes. Mo Ne calls spy girl and says Jae Wan is sick and not to let anyone know, and take care of everything. Spy girl tells Mo Ne about Jae Wan’s favorite destroyed painting. Mo Ne sits with Jae Wan and asks if she can’t do anything to comfort him.

Next morning Mo Ne decides to clean the messy place and we meet the owner of the house. Jae Wan wakes up and hears a thud noise.  He runs out and can’t find Mo Ne. Panic arises and I’m thinking why aren’t you shouting her name? And then he shouts, but there is no response, though he finds her. Mo Ne is babbling and Jae wan hugs her. She feels the sweaty shirt and asks if he was searching for her. Jae Wan just hugs her tightly. -Her ribs are gonna break. –

On to the happenings of the hotel –  Spy girl handles everything saying they both have gone on a business trip.  Joong Goo is up to something. Some hot shot people arrive to attend an event, but something else is going on and nobody knows what. Mi Nyeo checks on Joong Goo because she is worried since the chairwoman isn’t here.

Mo Ne and Jae Wan decide to make the place presentable. I don’t know why they are doing this; they will leave this place in a few days. Cue – cuteness, they are taking turns to order each other around. The owner of the house nags to Jae Wan to take Mo Ne back to the hotel. He seems to notice something about Jae Wan. He opens a box and takes out an old picture and points to a woman saying he resembles her.


Enjoying the calm before the storm- Mo Ne asks if they should just leave the hotel and settle here, separately of course but it would be nice if they lived together. Jae Wan says it won’t be fair to him because he would have to do all the work. Mo Ne says it isn’t because she is funny. Jae Wan just leaves, but Mo Ne follows him and this time has the courage to hold his hand.


Police raid the hotel.  Were they gambling?  Everyone is arrested. Woo Hyun catches the farm chairman leaving from the back door. Woo Hyun says if he is innocent, he should go from the front door.  Spy girl leaves a message to Jae Wan. Mi Nyeo is the one who called the police.


Mo Ne is again, dubbing the cartoon and Jae Wan keeps smiling. Mo Ne again asks to live together and the mood turns serious. He leaves saying it’s late. In the washroom he tells his reflection, “Yes, we should live together”. He starts brushing his teeth and Mo Ne comes in. She too takes the brush and mimics him, they laugh. Mo Ne again mentions living together and marriage.  Jae Wan holds her and puts her out of the washroom like she was a mannequin and locks the door. He says to himself “not yet”.


Mo Ne has decided to sleep in the same room because there are mosquitoes in the living room. Jae Wan tells her to take the bed; he will sleep in the living room. He carries her princess style, puts her on the bed and she showers him with kisses. -Wait, I’m not ready, I have to check if I’m alone in the room. Looks right then left, safe. Start now- Jae Wan holds her hand and no they don’t proceed, but have some serious conversation. –dammit-


Mo Ne says she is scared because he isn’t saying anything. She is scared he might leave her. Jae Wan unbuttons the shirt – oh my, are we proceeding again? – showing her the scars. He says this is Jae Wan who has resented one person all his life. He is used to getting beaten and beating others. Mo Ne asks him to stop and hugs him – back hug- tears dripping from her eyes; she says she will wait for him.

What kind of scenario is this? Jae Wan said he would sleep in the living room, and why is he still half naked? Mo Ne asks about the tattoo, why the wings? Jae Wan says he wants to fly. Flashback of the young Jae Wan, who is beaten. Ji Won draws wings on his back and Jae Won does the same for him. Mo Ne kisses the tattoo and is glued to Jae Wan’s back.

Morning – Jae Wan is up and dressed, looking at Mo Ne. She wakes up and is embarrassed for some reason.  Why? Because they slept together, but they didn’t slept slept together but slept together. Ohmy did they slept together? Seriously, you guys make me spill everything.  Did they slept together as making babies slept together or just slept together?  Which is it? My pure and innocent mind.


They sip tea and Mo Ne asks Jae Wan to smile for her, but instead he kisses her on the forehead. She lays her head on his shoulder. Their happiness is short lived because Mo Ne is arrested by the police. -How come they were found? –  Joong Goo knows it was Mi Nyeo behind the raid. He asks her why she is doing this, taking him head on.  Mi Nyeo says it’s a gift, what he wants will soon happen.  His cat that turned into a tiger will come back to being a cat again. Jae Wan calls Joong Goo but he won’t help.

Woo Hyun goes to the farm chairman and he is his father. –Oh, this is new. – Woo Hyun asks for help. But he is no good. Woo Hyun mentions about his noona, who left them. Left them as in going up or left them as in not in contact?


Jae Wan is looking for the guy who signed the contract, but can’t find him. Jae Wan even asks for a favor from Chae Kyung. She says to get the contractor guy and make him spill the truth or get the mastermind behind all this, Joong Goo. Jae Wan is at the police station when Joong Goo calls him, he laughs -and I want to punch in his face- Joong Goo is with the contractor guy, he strikes a deal with Jae Wan, come back to him and Mo Ne will be free.

Jae Wan so wants to meet Mo Ne. He opens the door, but it’s not Jae Wan, but Woo Hyun, who has come to meet her. Jae Wan sent him, he said to protect Mo Ne. Woo Hyun says he is asking him the same thing again. Jae Wan says that was a request this is an order. Woo Hyun asks if he is going somewhere and when he will be back, but Jae Wan doesn’t answer.


Jae Wan once again alone relives the time with Mo Ne and then comes the creepy Joong Goo’s warnings. Jae Wan feels he will never be human until he has Joong Goo’s blood in him. He goes to meet Joong Goo and kneels in front of him and gives him the usb he found.  -Oh the original was a voice recorder. – He tells it’s their secret. Joong Goo tells him didn’t he say his father abandoned him. –Wait, does Joong Goo not know that Jae Wan is his son. I’m confused. – Jae Wan asks Joong Goo when he becomes the chairman; he must make him the vice chairman. Joong Goo says that is definite. Jae Wan’s monologue – on this day, Jae Wan died and became Jayden the murderer again.

Mo Ne is released. She is happy to see Jae Wan, but he ignores her. He won’t even look at her so she asks him to. He looks with his usual cold stare and says because of her hotel is a mess, so he is busy and leaves. Mo Ne is stunned.



See this was the road bump I was talking about. Great we are back to square one no, actually square zero.

Why Woo Hyun and his father are not on good terms? Who is Woo Hyun’s sister that was briefly mentioned, if she is not an important character than, it’s okay.

Why the old guy does have the picture of Jae Wan’s mother? The late chairman knew about Jae Wan’s mother that is obvious, the answer is in episode 1.

When would Joong Goo die? Does Joong Goo not know that Jae Wan is his son or he is using his son to destroy Mo Ne? What is happening?

How many more episodes do we have to wait again to get the truth and have the otp together?


20 comments on “Hotel King Episode 12 Recap

  1. Lola Paloma says:

    Exactly! Back to square one or more of zero. I knew it the contract she signed in a hurry will come back & haunt her but never thought this quick 😦

    I think the late Chairman Ah, VP Joong Goo & that woman in the picture involved in love triangle but somehow got pregnant by JG and left her knowing she loves Chairman Ah. Just my wild calculation 😉 The ending of this episode was just devastating for me … arghh


    • Miss Khan says:

      I too think that there was a love triangle going on between Joong Goo, Jae Wan’s mother and the late chairman. okay just do a dna test everyone and make this easy for the rest of us.
      Ending T T


  2. kiki says:

    just enjoy the recap….it is still awesome for me……thank you miss khan…… it would be very looooooong days to wait the next episode……


  3. says:

    Just imagine how tormented Jae Wan must be feeling right now. So heart-breaking. 😥


  4. Benny Sonia says:

    Oh The angst of it all. This show has me utterly captivated. The up and and downs of the shows current flow are truly going to have me hating and loving show. I can’t wait for the next episode. Love your recaps.


  5. LIZ says:

    Hope it’s wrong but I really have a feeling that Director Baek is MN’s biological mother. Maybe the girl in the picture was someone close to her. Perhaps she was mistakenly accused of having extra-marital relationship with Chairman’s Ah but the one who impregnated her was JG. JG was blinded with his jealousy, thinking that JW is his rival’s son so he used him up to the maximum level for his revenge and greed. Just putting in my two cents.


    • Miss Khan says:

      If Mi Nyeo is Mo Ne’s mother then I guess it makes sense why the late chairman left the garden to her for Mo Ne.
      What are the chances you are going to find your rivals “hidden son”. How did Joong Goo knew where to find Jae wan?
      Did Joong Goo forgot that he slept with the lady and she could have his child?
      What if this recorder was a fake too and Jae Wan was just an orphan. I need to stop making Jae Wan’s life more miserable.


      • LIZ says:

        Yes, you’re right! Jayden deserves a second chance and to be happy for the rest of his life with MN. Chairman Ah & JW were victims of JG’s greed and perhaps false revenge. In one of the episodes, he mentioned that they’re once close-friends and how did he end up being a traitor. Greed & jealousy are the only reasons that VC sold his soul to get what he wants at the expense of Jayden’s life. Though the writer/s slowly uncover each mystery, however, it brings another questions that are hard to answer.

        Anyways, thank you Miss Khan for your hard work and dedications. Doing recaps in every episode and responding to every comment are challenging yet tiresome job. That being said, we (viewers) truly need someone like you who enjoys and loves to share your talents and knowledge to everyone to keep us all updated.

        Thank you once again and more power!


        • Miss Khan says:

          Yes, Joong Goo and the chairman were friends and the chairman became successful and the rest is history. *Jae Wan please be happy*

          Welcome ^_^
          what keeps me going is comments from readers like you and that gives me power.


    • miss ada says:

      ermm.. i think, joong goo knows that jae wan is not the late chairman’s son. coz i have a feeling that he is the one who ordered Dr yoon to fabricate jae wan’s dna test result. plus, it seems that he freak out whenever jae wan is close to his daughter which makes me think that aside from him dislikes jae wan, he knows they’re siblings so he doesn’t want to be in any relationship (love). well, this is just a piece of my mind. hehe..


      • Miss Khan says:

        Yes, Joong Goo knows that Jae Wan is not the chairman’s son but he had no idea that he was his. He just didn’t wanted Jae Wan to approach his daughter maybe he thought he would reveal all his bad doings or will make her fall in love and destroy her life.


  6. Flicka says:

    Believe or not everytime I watched this episode I kept on crying seeing how good they are together!!!! Although is a bit killing me cause our journey is still far away to an end but deep down still have a hunch that finally they will be together at the very end, twist my fingers though….. PLEASE let them be together!!!!


  7. liza says:

    I think you are right Jae Wand Mo Ne did sleep together (as you said slept together making babies) looking at Mo Ne’s reaction in the morning. This only will reveal later as you always see in this drama ( flash back always happen) so we have to wait maybe Mo Nae got pregnant…….ah just wishful thinking


  8. deevee says:

    best recap of this drama ever. lol worthy and informative.


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