Kuroshitsuji: Book of Circus Episode 2



Yes, my Lord

In this episode Ciel and Sebastian leave for town as per Queens’s order to investigate the circus, where children disappear. Moreover, we have Sebastian’s love for cats and Ciel’s hatred for them. Undertaker’s entry and the one who made him laugh was…Ciel, though it took some time, like, couple of hours. We got to see the circus and its troupe and were introduced to them. The most surprising part was Snake talked completely fine, though he had just one line but he delivered it without saying, “says, Wilde or Oscar.” Sebastian went a bit pervy and touched a lady’s leg (Beast). Though he swears he didn’t but then adds he sure did touch a nerve when Beast and her friend (what was his name again?) who has a crush on her go crazy.


Where do I have to sign to get a Sebastian for myself?



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