Hotel King Episode 29 Recap



Well someone did get amnesia and I assure you that it wasn’t me. Aww such a happy family, I want this picture as an ending of course with Loman in it. It wouldn’t kill you drama, now would it?

Episode 29

As Woo Hyun and Mo Ne arrive at the scene, the building blows up. And we are in the hospital where Mi Nyeo hasn’t woken up yet and Jae Wan is sitting beside her, telling her to wake up as its been a week. Flash back- Joong Goo was threatening with the gun and Mi Nyeo agreed to sign the papers but then everything goes wrong and the building lit up like a fire place. Mi Nyeo asks Hyun Woo to wake up and he does, flash back ends. Jae Wan tells Mi Nyeo he listened to her now it’s her turn to listen to him. Mi Nyeo’s finger moves monetarily but the nurse says its involuntary reaction.


Jae Wan dejected leaves Mi Nyeo’s side. Joong Goo calls him and we get to know that he/his minions saved them. Jae Wan’s temper rises and Joong Goo asks him if he knows that the building was set by his mother. Mo Ne finds him sitting in front of the ICU. She comforts him that his mother will soon wake up. He tells her, Mi Nyeo wanted to die with Joong Goo.


And Chae Kyung has a habit of arriving when they are alone. Surprisingly, her behavior is different but her words are harsh as she asks Jae Wan, if he can’t see mo Ne worrying and tells him to go back to his room. She informs him that a new chairman has been chosen and his position is in danger too. Jae Wan is numb to whatever she says and this angers her, she tells him Mo Ne will never become a chairwoman. Mo Ne stops her from saying anything else.


Jae wan reminisces the time he spent with his mother. Mo Ne notices his expression and warns him not to tell her to go. Jae wan says he wished he could say that but he is lonely and wants her to stay with him. She asks him what would be the first thing he would say when his mother wakes up. Jae Wan has a simple and sweet answer “mother”.


Mi Nyeo wakes up and Jae Wan rushes to see her. He holds her hand in happiness and she pulls her’s out. Mi Nyeo looks at him and asks, “Who are you, mister?” Jae Wan’s world has collapsed. Doctor tell that she has identity disorder and is like a five year old, so they have to treat her like that. Mo Ne back hugs him. He tells her that he spend only 36 hours with her and for 33 years he never knew he had a mother.


Mi Nyeo is acting like a baby, she asks Jae Wan about the pretty unni (Mo Ne). He tells her she is not here. Jae Wan just stands there and keeps calling her mother and finishes the sentence telling her, let’s go home. Mi Nyeo won’t hold Jae Wan’s hand and this breaks him little by little. Mo Ne emerges form Jae Wan’s house and Mi Nyeo whispers to him that this mister brought her here and she is scared. Mo Ne tells her, that he just looks scary actually he is a nice guy. Mo Ne talks to Mi Nyeo like she is talking to a baby and this makes her comfortable. All three of them are watching cartoons and Mi Nyeo says these are for kids, so Mo Ne changes the channel. Jae Wan keeps looking at his mother.


Mo Ne tells that her name is Mo Ne and points at Jae Wan, his name is Hyun Woo. Mi Nyeo tells her name is mother. Jae Wan brings the medicine to her mother but she won’t eat it and runs to hide. She hides in Jae Wan’s wardrobe room. Mo Ne plays along pretending not able to find her. Mi Nyeo finally sleeps, Mo Ne and Jae Wan spend some time together. She asks if he is alright and he tells her he is. Mo Ne tells him, his mother even though she has lost her memory feels sorry for him, that’s the reason she wont hold his hand or look at him.


Jae Wan and Mi Nyeo are having breakfast and Mi Nyeo wont let Jae Wan spoon feed her as she isn’t a child anymore. Mi Nyeo smacks Jae Wan’s hand and the food drops on his clothes. Mi Nyeo asks if he is angry and Jae Wan tells her it’s okay. She asks when will Mo Ne come, she promised to play with her. Jae Wan says he will play with her later. Spy girl calls and tells him about a meeting.


Maids are again acting strangely towards Mo Ne. They think Mo Ne will be a chairwoman again but Mo Ne dismisses it and asks for a favor, if she can clean Jae Wan’s house alone but this Hwang meddles in.


Jae Wan reports for duty and directors are ready to eat him but they don’t know that he is Jae Wan. -No one knows that Jae Wan and Mi Nyeo almost died.- Joong Goo is fishing. His director friends wants him back to his position but Joong Goo thinks they are fools because he wont be satisfied with that position anymore. He takes out the stock papers that Mi Nyeo signed and laughs.


Mi Nyeo is breaking and playing with Jae Wan’s robots. She asks the caretaker to play with her and runs to hide. Caretaker gets busy with her work and Mi Nyeo exits the house. She sees a maid and thinks its Mo Ne and follows her to Ciel. Funny guy and bell boy spots her but she passes by them. Care taker calls Mo Ne about Mi Nyeo’s disappearance and Mi Nyeo is right behind her but Mo Ne dashes forward. Mi Nyeo thinks they are playing so she hides in one of the rooms.


Jae Wan is having a meeting with his team plus Woo Hyun. He wants Mo Ne back as the chairwoman. Spy girl has the widest smile. Jae wan wants to go by popularity vote and thinks Mo Ne has a chance. Mo Ne calls him and tells him about his mother. Jae Wan dashes out of the door saying, mother. Everyone in the room is surprised but not Woo Hyun. He is helping to find Mi Nyeo too. Funny guy tells him he saw her. It just happens that a couple has the same room where Mi Nyeo is hiding. Jae Wan and Mo Ne rush to the room. Jae Wan sees his mother, clenches his fist in anger at the guest and Mo Ne calms him. The couple wants an apology and Jae Wan kneels and apologizes. He tells her she is his mother and is sick. By the time they leave the room Jae Wan’s team, Hwang, Funny guy and Woo Hyun are standing outside. And they finally know that Mi Nyeo is Jae Wan’s mother and has amnesia.


Jae Wan asks Mo Ne to go back to work as he wants to walk with his mother. -How long did they took a stroll its night time? Mi Nyeo is walking behind Jae Wan. She finally holds his hand. Jae Wan asks if she isn’t scared of him anymore. She tells him no, and he was scolded because of her by the angry guy. He asks if she knows who he is and she says, Hyun Woo. Jae Wan hugs her and she says she can’t breathe. He holds her hand and they walk to home. – I died of sweetness-


Mo Ne is leaving for Jae Wan’s house and bumps into Woo Hyun. He tells her, he is glad Jae Wan has someone like her. She teases him if he has feelings for him. Mo Ne asks if they still are friends and this time he teases her that she is being greedy and then agrees to be her friend. – how many times has he been friend zoned now?- he takes her to Jae Wan’s place.


Mo Ne is helping Mi Nyeo to bathe. She asks Mi Nyeo to tell Jae Wan to marry her and be persistent and cry if he doesn’t budge. Jae Wan has made juice and Mi Nyeo gulps it in one go. She asks Jae Wan to marry her. Jae Wan looks at Mo Ne as her plan has flopped. Mi Nyeo is persistent and Jae Wan agrees to marry her. Mo Ne is left out and this is such a cute scene. All three of them hug.


Jae Wan teases Mo Ne for using his mother. Mo Ne tells him that she has spread rumors about them in the hotel, so he has no choice but to marry her and wants him to say yes. Jae Wan asks if she is doing this because of his mother and Mo Ne says no and tells him about her past. When she was young her mother died but she didn’t cry and thought mother was in a better place. Later she went to States and only met her father once or twice a year. So she wants a family now and asks if she is asking too much. Jae Wan answers, she isn’t and agrees to marry her. He asks her where to go for the honeymoon, Mo Ne is fine anywhere. He tells her they will make a house and will have cats to play with the kitty and a baby. Mo Ne agrees to everything unconditionally and tells him not to go back on his words. Jae wan promises but is still stuck on her failed proposal and tells her, guy should be the one who should propose. Mo Ne calls him old fashioned and tells him who ever proposes they are getting married anyway.


Jae Wan goes on one knee and takes out the ring and puts on her finger. He tells her when they were apart he thought he would be coming back to her, so he bought it. He asks her if she will marry him and of course she says yes. Jae Wan tells her that exactly one year from today they will get married but for now they have to take her place back and to make Ciel better. He seals the deal with a sweet kiss and a hug.


Joong Goo is still fishing. -hope he drowns here- a suspicious guy sits with him and he is creepy pervert. Oh no he came back. Loman calls Jae Wan to tell him, he is angry because mommy and Jae Wan didn’t even text him. Jae Wan tells him the whole story. Joong Goo shamelessly comes back to Ciel. Jae Wan tells the reception desk that he is not allowed anymore. Drama queen is like, “why are you doing this to your father?” he asks about Mi Yeon and Jae Wan grabs his collar telling him didn’t he say he will kill him, if he saw him again. Joong Goo says, “this is why you can’t escape from your past no matter how much you try, Jayden.” This angers Jae Wan but before he could do anything prosecutor are there to take him. He is accused for leaking hotel VIP’s information and for persuading the employees to make Mo Ne chairwoman again and they ask does he know what would happen if this gets out? Jae wan tells them they can’t scare him.


Mi Nyeo is playing with the kitty and creepy pervert approches her. Joong Goo is playing with his dog and I hope he bites him. Creepy pervert brings Mi Nyeo to Joong Goo and he is giddy. Jae Wan is still being questioned and they show Jae Wan a picture of his mother, creepy pervert and Joong Goo. Jae Wan asks if this is recent and they keep accusing him of happening in Ciel. Jae Wan yells at them and leaves the room. Mi Nyeo is with the creepy duo. Joong Goo tries to touch her and Mi Nyeo tells him to keep his hands away, this startles him. He asks if she knows who he is. She tells him to go away and recognizes him. She keeps calling his name, Jae Wan arrives in time and she faints in his arms. Jae Wan looks at Joong Goo with his death glare.



Mi Nyeo recognized Joong Goo even in her state, now that’s some hatred.

Baby Mi Nyeo is sweet and her proposal to get married to Jae Wan was sweeter.

Creepy pervert why did you come back? We are almost at the end why add more troubles and twists? What if the drama has an open end? Noooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo.

Jae Wan’s promise to get married and his dream to live in the house and everything, why does it sound like it wont happen? I’m jinxing it shucks un-jinx, un-jinx.

Yay I got to see MY Loman and he is doing fine but not anymore because he knows about his mother’s condition.

Guys we all agreed to kill the drama queen and who was supposed to bring him to the meeting site?





12 comments on “Hotel King Episode 29 Recap

  1. Oh no please no open ends I hate that ! Well mentioning the exact year feom now thisng has a date later and we will definitely see to it ! So with the year jump I dont think there would be an open ending !
    oh and I definitely see loman coming back ! Jae wan not shaked by *jayden* anymore since he knows the guys didn’t die ! Well loose ends u better start being tied up !!


  2. EZ says:

    ha ha.. lets do it today…kill the drama queen i mean..all be ready 😛 .. btw on a serious note, the guy playing lee joong ( villain) is amazing..his expressions are so hilarious..always acting with those innocent if he did nthg wrong..and yet evil at other times..good cast good acting..else 32 episodes would have got unbearable


  3. momo says:

    I didn’t really like this episode to be honest. I think the writing was a bit ridiculous. I mean-Jae Wan was knocked out unconscious with the brick and then Mi Nyeo was the one that ends up with amnesia?! Come on. They probably wrote that to show how versatile Mi Nyeo’s acting is, but at the same time it was just too much.
    And shouldn’t the first person they would contact when the incident happened is Roman?? He is Mi Nyeo’s only other family, I honestly thought they would tell Roman and he would come back in an instant, but they just forgot all about him until a week later?…Come on.

    I’m sorry but disappointed in this episode ): The story was going at a good pace but I guess there’s not much to filler the writers can come up with after all the intense family-tie reveals. I just really hope they can end it well!


  4. EZ says:

    I’m afraid, couldn’t wait for the ep 30 recap…no spoilers..but last scene..Oh MY LOMAN LEEE…LOVE HIM


  5. nn says:

    What is open end means?are there many kind of ending?sorry if my question looks silly i’m just curios..


    • Miss Khan says:

      open ends means an ending which is not nicely tied up with a bow. viewer’s use their own imagination and yes, it can end in many ways. Sometimes writers are just too lazy to think of a proper ending so they just leave it as it is.


  6. nn says:

    Ohh thank you i know it now 🙂 and also i’m really thankful for your recap. You did great 😀 Can’t wait to watch the next drama. I wonder what should i watch first. Have you watch doctor stranger?


    • Miss Khan says:

      Thank you so much ^__^
      No, I haven’t watched doctor stranger. If you haven’t you can try watching “Journal of the night watchman” or It’s Okay, That’s Love” I’m watching them and loving them both ^__^


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