Hotel King Episode 28 Recap



Such an amazing episode and whose brilliant idea was to have two heartbreaking episodes in a row? I’m again cutting onions today. Give me a box of tissue paper and some calming pills before I reach into my screen and kill that drama queen myself. Loman, why did you do that?

Episode 28

The truth is revealed and Mi Nyeo can’t accept it because her son is dead. Jae Wan shows her the robo necklace and she remembers giving it to baby Hyun Woo. Loman silently takes his leave. Jae Wan cries and with much difficulty calls Mi Nyeo, mother. Mi Nyeo can’t bring herself to touch him and runs out of the room. She remembers the harsh things she said to Jae Wan. Walking, stumbling falling she keeps crying. She looks at her hands, the pain is too much for her to bear that she tried to kill her own son with them. She wails and cries and calls Hyun woo’s name. At that moment Jae Wan comes looking for her. He just stands there and Mi Nyeo is calm now. She knows he is behind her. She asks if he knew when he came to visit her in jail and was he the one who prepared the food at the old house? Jae Wan answers, yes. She asks if she can call his name and Jae Wan again says, yes. She calls him Hyun Woo and asks if he really is her son. Jae Wan asks her to look at her. Mi Nyeo asks if he doesn’t hate her and he replies, no. This time again she hesitates to touch his face. Jae Wan holds her hand and places it on his face. They hug and cry uncontrollably.


Loman is at Chae Kyung’s as he had no place to go to and one to talk to. She asks if he feels like his place was taken. Loman states the truth it was hyung’s place to begin with. Chae Kyung worried asks if he has eaten and Loman tells her this was his favorite phrase of mothers. He tells her mother used to ask if he has eaten and deliberately stayed quiet because he wanted to hear it again and her mom used to get worried. He tells her he is going back to New York.


Woo Hyun is trying Mo Ne to cheer up by having pieces of cake in front of her but she is in no mood. But one call from Jae Wan and she runs to where he is, at the children park. Jae Wan says he never played on them and now he is too old. Mo Ne calls him Baek Hyun Woo and asks if seeing his mother made him remember his past. He says he missed his mother when he had no idea how she was like and now he has no idea what to do. Mo Ne tells him to smile and to let his mother know how happy he is that he met her. She makes him stand at a place and counts till three and weeee goes the water fountain. He drags her in too and they enjoy.


Mo Ne is at Jae Wan’s place on the swing. Jae Wan apologizes and asks if she blames his mother. She says, not after knowing the truth but she feels sorry for her. He thanks her and says he loves her, she tells me too and kisses him on the forehead and on the cheek and then Jae Wan steals a kiss, she calls that a cheating and kiss him on the lips again.


Mi Nyeo looks at the baby Hyun Woo’s picture and says she is going to take all the bad memories and the things that made him suffer with her. So, he has to live happily. Loman tells mommy that he is going back. He asks why didn’t she blame him for hiding the truth. She says she is sorry she couldn’t give him mother’s love. They hug. Mo Ne finds a letter at the door of Mi Nyeo’s house and sees Loman leaving. She gives the letter to Jae Wan. Loman says he is leaving but he will be back because his mother and hyung are here and asks Jae Wan to take care of mother. Loman has given his ring. -can I have the ring, please?-


Mi Nyeo is at Seung Won’s altar. She asks him a favor and says it not Hyun Woo’s fault, it’s his parents who are sinful. She tells him there children love each other. So she asks him not to make them cry because of their parents relationship. Joong Goo arrives at the scene too. Mi Nyeo says she wanted the three of them to meet for the sake of Mo Ne and Hyun Woo and Joong Goo’s eyes are about to pop out because she knows Jae Wan is Hyun Woo. He quickly composes himself saying of course. She asks why didn’t he tell the truth earlier, she wouldn’t have been so rude then. She asks not to torment Hyun Woo and Joong Goo says he never did he only punished him out of love. He asks if she is going to take Hyun Woo from him and tells her, he is all he has. He tells her to get along with each other for the sake of Hyun Woo. Mi Nyeo thinks the only thing they can do for Hyun Woo is to die together.


Jae Wan is going on a date with his mom looking like a robo general manager. Mo Ne helps him with the clothes. Jae Wan and Mi Nyeo tell us that Loman has safely arrived. – he didn’t call me T T- Awkward start of the date- Mi Nyeo tells him its enough for her that he is here and wonders if she is dreaming. Jae wan tells her she is not and asks her to do things they couldn’t do.


Chae Kyung decides to meet Mo Ne. Mo Ne thanks her for the help and says she doesn’t hate her but Chae Kyung says she does. Mo Ne wonders if they could be friends and Chae Kyung like a broken record says yes, if she leaves Jae Wan. Chae Kyung knows this won’t be happening and thanks her because if not for her Jae Wan wouldn’t have survived. Woo Hyun is looking at them. He tells Chae Kyung he shouldn’t have listened to her advice and should have confessed her. – sorry bro, Mo Ne would have rejected you then too. So it’s a good thing you listened to Chae Kyung.-


Woo Hyun goes to his dad. His parent’s have fought over money. There he knows that Mi Nyeo bought an abandoned useless building from his father.


Mo Ne is waiting for mother and son to come back. Mi Nyeo gives the diaries to Mo Ne but she doesn’t accept as she does not deserve them yet. Mi Nyeo tells her she wasn’t behind her father’s death. She went to his room after hearing the crash but it was already late. Mo Ne believes her and apologizes on her father’s behalf. Mi Nyeo asks if she can hug her. -where can I get a mother-in-law like this? Not the older evil version of Mi Nyeo but this sweet version-


Mi Nyeo calls Joong Goo to meet as she wants to repay for what he has done for Hyun Woo. Joong Goo finds this very suspicious. His minion tells him that Mi Nyeo gave all her inheritance and property to Hyun Woo and Loman. Mi Nyeo has minion spreading kerosene in the building. She tells a minion the moment Joong Goo enters, lock the door from outside.


Jae Wan takes Mo Ne to visit mother in the old house but she is not there. She has prepared food for him and a box, which has baby Hyun Woo’s stuff and a letter. She says he is a gift from God and every moment he was with her was very precious. She tells him she is going on a trip and she wants to be a good mother when they meet again. So she hopes him to only keep the good memories and ends the letter by saying I love you three times.


Mi Nyeo sits on a chair, closes her eyes and waits for Joong Goo. He comes and the door is locked behind him. Mi Nyeo tells him they are going to die together this time. Joong Goo says she hasn’t changed and he hasn’t either and his minion comes storming in. They tie her up and Joong Goo tells her to give him the shares and she can quietly disappear. She wont give in to his demands so he calls Jae Wan. Jae Wan is eating his mothers prepared food with Mo Ne. Joong Goo tells him to come alone and save his mother and Mi Nyeo shouts not to come. Jae Wan leaves Mo Ne and hurries to his mom. He sees her tied and gagged up. She shakes her head not to come. Minions attack Jae Wan and he fights them. He hurriedly tries to free his mother and a minion takes a brick and hits on Jae Wan’s head. Mi Nyeo sees her son getting beaten up. Her muffled screams and tears are not affecting anyone but us.


Mo Ne is waiting for Jae Wan and Woo Hyun asks if she is worried about the old building that Mi Nyeo bought. Mo Ne senses that something is wrong and asks Woo Hyun to take him there.


Joong Goo decides to see what is going on and again scolds his minion for beating Jae Wan this much. He brings out the stock transfer paper and tells her to sign it. So Jae Wan can go to the hospital. The moment her mouth is untied Mi Nyeo spits on Joong Goo. She screams at him, how could he do this to his son. Joong Goo loses his temper saying she was the one who said, the baby was not his and he all along thought that it was Seung Won’s. He takes out the gun and is this Jae Wan’s gun? Mi Nyeo says she will do it and minion takes her thumb print. Jae Wan opens his eyes and sees the gun. He pushes the minions holding him and Joong Goo. Joong Goo falls and the gun accidentally goes off and ignites the fire. Minions beat Jae Wan some more and take Joong Goo out. I don’t know why Joong Goo was worried about Jae Wan and kept calling his name. Mi Nyeo begs Hyun Woo to wake up as the fire keeps spreading.

Woo Hyun and Mo Ne come looking for Jae Wan and the building blows up.




Okay calm down. There are four episodes to go not two. Oh my freaking God I’m gonna kill Joong Goo

Jae Wan didn’t have amnesia last time so there’s hope. Don’t want to hear about him dying so shush. I want to kill Joong Goo right now.

Is this happening because of me? I was wondering what’s going to happen in the last episodes. Joong Goo drama queen psycho just die already.

I was in tears during the reunion of mother and son. If Mi Nyeo dies, Jae Wan would go crazy and crazy enough to kill Jonng Goo for real this time. And if Jae wan didn’t kill Joong Goo, Loman would most definitely do it. Why did Loman had to leave at this crucial time? Comeback and Let’s kill Joong Goo together.

When Mo Ne and Woo Hyun left it was still night and how far is the building because they reached there at dawn. Maybe they left late.

Chae Kyung sounded like she wont disturb Jae Wan and Mo Ne again but I’m not so sure after this episode.

Jae Wan is going to survive I’m sure and if not, drama you and I need to talk. Will he have amnesia? I think I have amnesia because I don’t remember what I said and I’m repeating myself.






18 comments on “Hotel King Episode 28 Recap

  1. Jo says:

    Hello Miss Khan

    This is truly a heart warming yet heart breaking episode. Let’s all agree on one day and time and just kill Joong Goo.
    Why would anyone still believe what he says is beyond me. Also, if Mi Nyeo had a henchman lock the door behind Joong Goo, how come Joong Goo’s minion goes in and out of the abandoned house so easily?
    Hopefully they will tie up the r/p of everyone well after we go through so much emotionally to watch this drama ^_^
    Thanks for posting Miss Khan


    • Miss Khan says:

      You’re welcome ^__^

      Great idea, how about meeting next Saturday and kill him before episode 29 starts. hahaha

      Mi Nyeo had minions so does Joong Goo, problem solved or did Mi Nyeo’s minions sided with Joong Goo. I didn’t pay attention how they look like because I was busy cursing.

      I won’t tolerate an open end. I’m warning you drama.


  2. Hello I’m back again ^_^ Haha the amnesia card again? I hope not. And seriously this joonggoo son of a bit** confuses me sometimes. Like okay I fine after a while I got used to his atrocious behavior towards his own flesh and blood then suddenly like you said he started calling jaewan jaewan?! Maybe he just wants to use him but never wanted him dead. I have no freaking idea whats up with this drama queen. I swear all he ever says is “It’s all a misunderstanding” and everytime he sends his men to beat jaewan he’s all like “OMG HOW COULD U HIT MY PRECIOUS SON SO HARD” like staph it already


    • Miss Khan says:

      Hey! welcome back. ^__^

      and the drama queen had the damn gun, I think he wanted to frame Jae Wan for Mi Nyeo’s murder or why would he have the gun loaded with bullets?

      Meet Joong Goo aka drama queen and his favorite phrase is “it’s a misunderstanding” and he loves and cares for his son so much that after getting him beaten up he shouts at his minions for doing what he ordered. He needs to die ASAP.


  3. Jas says:

    I’ve been your silent reader for this drama recap and gawd I cannot hold it in me any longer – YOU ARE HILARIOUS!!!
    love love reading your recaps!


  4. Cherille says:

    Hi Ms. Khan,

    I’ve been reading your recaps recently and I agree with Jas that you are totally hilarious.
    I’ve been watching this drama for awhile and it keeps my heart broken. The story is quite sad and infuriating especially Joong Goo.

    Keep up the good work and will keep reading and following your blog.

    Salamat 🙂


    • Miss Khan says:

      Thank you so much ^__^

      This drama sure break hearts and makes my eyes puffy and swollen and Joong Goo needs to vanish.
      I have got to learn black magic and then I will make a voodoo doll of Joong Goo. Someone has to take the initiative to finish him. Muhahahahahahaha


  5. Layo says:

    Miss Khan, Miss Khan hmmmn….you are one narrator I love. I’m way back in watching the movie but I’m very current with the episodes thanks to you. Shall we proceed with d Drama Queen’s (Queen? Not king? Lol) execution process pls? Hehehehe


  6. Dina says:

    Hi miss Khan;
    you are an awesome narrator.
    did BMN say anything about AMN share that she had stolen from ?


    • Miss Khan says:

      Thank You ^__^

      Nope, Mi Nyeo was busy having a mental breakdown after knowing Jae Wan is her son. and didn’t Joong Goo took the shares when he was threatening to kill Jae Wan? The minion took the thumb print.


  7. Lola Paloma says:

    Aaahhhhhh (Screaming, ranting, cursing) .. that was the state I was watching this particular ending of ep 28.

    No no no 4 more episodes to go??? What an agony .. let’s just kill that drama queen .. how dumb can he be keep on asking his goon to hit CJW (ouchh on that beautiful face .. aishhh!!) and then asked them why they hit him that bad… stupid ol’ fool .. he did this twice already!!!!

    Let’s go Miss Khan .. set the place and time to kill the drama queen .. me, you and Jo (top post) .. let’s choose another abandoned building that will take days to reached not just night to dawn .. huh

    By the way .. I have two more weeks to stalk your sites for recap 🙂 Fighting!


    • Miss Khan says:

      I know Joong Goo’s problem he has amnesia, selective amnesia. He forgets after ordering his minions. That’s no excuse he still needs to die.

      I have already selected the time to kill the drama queen, it’s before episode 29 airs and place will be the grave MY Loman dig for him or we can find a building like you said.

      Keep stalking ^__^


      • Jo says:

        Great!!! 😄😄😄We have Layo(above), Lola, you (Miss Khan), and myself to take care of Joong Goo! We sound like the Fan henchwomen/man team to take him down muuahhahaha 😄😄😄
        Venue & Timing: Next Sat before Episode 29
        The scriptwriter better give Joong Goo a good villain death/ending to appease our emotional trauma watching n hearing Joong Goo’s actions + words.


  8. Layo says:

    Saturday it is! Fighting!!!


  9. EZ says:

    ai ai.. grl..thnks again for the fast recaps..


  10. Ramya says:

    The week’s wait is killing me.. wut’ll happen now…


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