Beautiful Mind Episode 5-6


Its hard and difficult to live in a world where you’re the only one different.

I felt so bad watching this episode for Young oh words can’t express it.

Daddy Lee thinks he’s protecting his “son” or should I say a “monster” as he calls him. Young oh is not his biological son, he’s adopted. Why was this special child adopted? Was daddy Lee trying to prove something? Was Young oh a part of his experiment? Is that’s why he was under surveillance in the hospital? The drug that Young oh took was vitamins…why was he lied?

Why should Young oh hear such unbearable words from the normal people? I can’t believe and refuse an excuse such as “he doesn’t feel anything”. He’s emotions. He feels fear from his father. Why was he shocked at the betrayal of his own fiance if he was emotionless? Why was he conscious of his surroundings at the hospital? Why did he walk like a defeated man when he was dismissed as a doctor?

Hospital is a place to help people not to use them and gain money. Young oh new who the culprit was and he told the chairman, the money-maker, and he can’t have his research go to the bin so he makes Young oh the culprit. Young oh’s used as a sacrificial lamb.

Suk joo is powerless and I didn’t see him doing anything major even though he knew its the research he’s working on has taken lives and who the real perpetrator is.

Min jae, the fiance, also uses him and writes an article on him so she can have a permanent position in the hospital. I felt bad for her at first because Young oh was using her so he can deceive to be a perfect normal man but it’s Young oh who was used. She new about his “problem” and used him for her own good because on her own she wouldn’t have been able to be a part of hospital because of her medical school.

Why’s everyone scared of Young oh? He couldn’t tell the world about him because he knew he’d be treated this way. Not everyone is similar. Is it that hard to understand? This is how he will learn emotions, the pain and betrayal his “loved” one gave him.

I hated Jin sung with all my might but she’s the one worrying for Young oh where everyone has turned their backs on him.


3 comments on “Beautiful Mind Episode 5-6

  1. Jo says:

    I don’t know why but I just can’t get into this drama(I haven’t watched it but I don’t see the appeal) or Doctors but I like reading ypur recap haha it makes me feel like Im watching it too and I agree, I don’t think he’s emotionless, did he have a trauma when was younger-defense mechanism maybe?

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