Strongest Deliveryman Episode 6 Another day in Kang soo’s life

strongest deliveryman

Can Kang soo at least have a single peaceful day? I get that it’s his nature to help others but the way things are going I yelled at my screen “keep minding your own business!” but NO! Kang soo has the habit to meddle(his intentions are nice) and won’t sit still and I think he forgot the mission, to find his mother.

Like there’s only one cafe in the whole capital, there’s also only one car with the black box and it happened to catch Kang soo with the weapon when he’s actually saving his hot-tempered friend and Jin gyu. I hate the fact that Jin gyu said the same words to Kang soo about trust that Kang soo used for him. My bromance is going far, far away.

Is romance going to fill the void? Dan ah covers for Kang soo and lies to Soon ae and Dong soo that she and Kang soo are in love. Dong soo is disappointed but Soon ae is all giddy and happy. It seems like there’s something going on between Dong soo and Soon ae but it didn’t end well and Dong soo feels guilty about it. I’m glad about one thing, the misunderstanding between Dan ah and Kang soo gets resolved and she mentally kicks herself for thinking he’s a cross dresser and more over they have to pretend they are in love. Her relation with Jin gyu’s suffering and he fails to understand why. Continue reading

Strongest Deliveryman Episode 5 Justice? My foot!

strongest deliveryman

Oh Jin gyu what have you done? You want me to hate you? Okay, if you insist I’ll do that. I’m so heartbroken and in tears but you don’t care about others, do you? I know, I fully understand Hyun soo did cross the red light and got into an accident but Jin gyu closed the road and he admitted it’s his idea. So how can he not take the punishment? He felt guilty then that means he knows he’s wrong. Then dafuq happened??? He told Dan ah he’s being framed and wanted her to believe in him and she did. She’s betrayed.

Here I thought Jin gyu will serve his sentence and will come back as a different man and his friendship with Kang soo will restore. But NO! I was wrong, so wrong. Continue reading

Strongest Deliveryman Episode 4 Them feels hitting me hard

strongest deliveryman

I can’t let my guard down when watching this drama. I have this huge smile on my face all the while dreading for what’s to come and pretending everything will be fine and BAM. I’m the only one to blame.

Ma boys, Kang soo and Jin gyu finally started acting like buddies and Kang soo shows his power of friendship by bringing his friends together to find out about the racing. Old soul suspected Jin gyu because he’s a fancy car but Kang soo thought it’s not possible and he wanted to believe in that till the end, till Jin gyu himself boastfully told about the race. Someone just punched me in the gut. Kang soo’s expression just broke my heart and Jin gyu had no idea and was going on about his amazing experience. Continue reading

Strongest Deliveryman Episode 3 Enjoyable ride

strongest deliveryman

Let’s first talk about the cute and lighthearted stuff after that I’ll jump in angst…wait it’s actually a depressing episode coated with happiness. Isn’t this like our real life?

Dan ah saves Jin gyu’s life and we see that in the flashback she actually jumped but was saved. She cried her heart out at that time and this time she’s the one who is crying. She cried in the past because she was thankful that she didn’t die and this time as well but for Jin gyu’s sake?

In her mind he’s like her and the other youth, tired and upset from studies and no job. It doesn’t even cross her mind that he might be rich, and why would a rich boy end his life? even when he says he doesn’t do anything and just plays and has fun. So it’s inevitable for her not to be shocked to learn his rich identity. She thinks it’s a dream that she’s able to solve her money problems thanks to Jin gyu. Is she naive or just what? I get Jin gyu is not a good example but rich people get depression as well and Jin gyu was depressed. Continue reading

Strongest Deliveryman Episode 2 Life is not a bed of roses nor a bed of thorns

strongest deliveryman

I like that the drama is not forgetting the not so brighter side of life. Every character has their own burden and they are trying their hardest to fit in with all their flaws. How will they succeed or if they will or not is another thing

Men like Kang soo should be banned in the making because he’s so kind-hearted and anyone can take advantage of that and I feel like that’s what Ji yoon is doing. She just takes all the expensive stuff from her home and decides to live in Kang soo’s room and when he asks her to leave she turns her waterworks on. She can sell some of her stuff and find a decent room but then there would be no misunderstanding between Dan ah and Kang soo.

Ji yoon tells him that she’s twenty-three and not eighteen, he thought she’s a minor. She doesn’t see him as a man but a kind spirit and a guardian who will help her when she’s in trouble. You guys siblings? drama is giving the hint but I’m willing to wait. Continue reading

Strongest Deliveryman Episode 1 Meet the crazies

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Everyone is crazy in this drama and I love that. I loved the episode. We got the introduction of our all four leads and the side characters, which means lots of names that I’m not good at remembering and that’s why nicknames were invented.

Our hero Choi Kang-soo (Go Kyung-pyo) is twenty-five years old and has a noodle head or is it a mop head? for some reason. He still looks mighty fine and handsome. He’s a delivery-man, and takes his job seriously, and doesn’t stay at one place for long because he’s in search of “the woman” aka his mother who destroyed his father’s life. His father’s last words for him were to be a kind man and he follows that advice and meddles in other people’s business and helps those in need. That’s how he meets the run-away from home Lee Ji-yoon (Go Won-hee).

Our heroine Lee Dan-ah (Chae Soo-bin) is also twenty-five and a delivery(wo)man. She knows how to protect herself and where to put the other person. She’s bold, beautiful and sassy and I just love her. She hires Kang soo and has a leash on him. Love her even more. She wants to leave the country and for that, she is saving the money and studying hard.

I like Soon-ae and Dong-soo. We don’t know their relationship but they run the noodle shop and they both adore Dan-ah. Dan-ah and Kang soo gets to hear rude remarks because they are delivery persons and they both retaliate in an appropriate manner. RESPECT! Continue reading