Save Me Last Episode 15-16 This is not the end

Save Me

Episode fifteen gave me such a shock because the editing is so choppy and sloppy and thank God episode sixteen was better, so we are all good. Let’s tie all the loose ends.

*So happy about the ratings* 4.8 HELL YEAH!!!

Governor Han is such a charmer, every woman should never have such kind of husband. He made his career through his wife’s wealth and did evil deeds and had an affair behind her back and when she realized the truth he tried to kill her but failed and she ended up paralyzed. Did he felt guilty? Absolutely not. He made sure to tell her how much he hates her and she over the time got better little by little without him knowing and recorded his confession of pushing her.

Han’s secretary is equally in the plan of destroying the poor woman’s life. She even suggested to hold her leverage against Sang hwan and sends her to the cult. Her love and loyalty go, POOF, the moment Han is arrested after Sang hwan opens his father’s ill deeds to the world, she tries to evade the law but it catches her. Continue reading


Save Me Episode 13-14 Scary and terrifying

Save Me

As each week passes by I get more worried and anxious. The cult is a scary place. The people there believe in the nonsense they are fed. They are completely brainwashed even the priest and Kang believes what they are doing is right. But why do they drug people then? Why doesn’t Jo feel the same way as them? His love for money blinds the belief in the fake religion.

Priest’s a fraud and a prisoner and Jo knows about him and so does Kang, I believe, but she’s infatuated by him. She’s a nurse and she killed her husband and Jo covered everything for her. Her daughter was also the only sane person, who begged her to wake up, like Sang mi and she time and again sees her daughter in Sang mi. and this makes me believe that she’ll help Sang mi but then she goes back on the cultish things and my hope is dashed. Continue reading

Save Me Episode 11-12 Hella disturbing but can’t stop watching

Save Me

I’ll definitely be glad once this drama ends. It’s good, like too good but I want this to end. I want Sang mi’s suffering to end. I want the priest’s true identity to be revealed to the world and to the naive people who are giving up their hard-earned money in return for nothing. All I can do is hope for a satisfying end.

I’m already scared for Dong cheol trying to figure out the cult people. I almost thought he’s going to believe the priest’s words. What if he suddenly changes? That won’t happen, Dong cheol will never let himself be imprisoned again. He’s going to take Sang mi out as well. Please don’t let anything happen to yourself and for the love of God stop being a kind soul. I rolled my eyes when he said to Sang hwan not to apologize because what happened to them is not his fault. I get it he’s not to blame but… Continue reading

Save Me Episode 9-10 Nothing is easy

Save Me

I was actually surprised Sang hwan and gang managed to save Sang mi and was surprised again because Sang mi visited Dong cheol in prison three years back. She thanked and apologized and asked him to live and that’s why he wants to help her. She goes back to the cult because the police are effin useless and she knew things won’t work the way she wants. She goes back for her mother and won’t run anymore. She plans to destroy the place and pretends to subside. I panicked when Sang mi saw Sang jin because I thought she’s losing her mind but thank God it’s a dream.

Sang hwan and Dong cheol have their ways to help Sang mi. Dong cheol infiltrates the cult as a naive and innocent nerdy student and is appalled to see how happy the people there are. I don’t like his plan. It’s dangerous. The cult people are hella shady. They will make him disappear and no one will be able to prove anything. I was nervous he’s going to get caught in his lies. He pretends his father is a successful businessman and Sang hwan lends him his watch, a present from his mother, as a bait and Jo only has his eyes on it. Continue reading

Save Me Episode 7-8 Frustrating!!

Save Me

The whole problem is Sang mi’s father. If he had his senses intact, he would have realized his family is in danger. Whatever Sang mi says falls on deaf ears. He’s even willing to give his daughter to spiritual father. No! This needs to stop. Does he even realize what he’s doing? He needs to wake up before it’s too late. Sang mi has already given up on her father and hates him for destroying her life. She’s binded because of her mother and has no choice but to surrender.

A good thing happens. Sang mi’s mother suddenly says that Sang jin doesn’t want them to be there. Did Sang jin’s spirit come to help his family or his mother is hallucinating again? In her subconsciousness, she wants to leave? Sang mi’s face when she looks at the cult people is the same as me. They all see the disrespect Sang mi’s showing but they are blind to the obvious danger.

I want to burn that boat of salvation every time someone names it and want to ask their Almighty if he needs all the materialistic offerings? I don’t think the money is being spent on peoples well-being, just going into the pockets of higher members. Kang seems different, she’s creepy but not in the same way as Jo. She’d a daughter, Yoo ra, but she died. Was she also chosen as the spiritual mother? Did she also try to run away? Did she commit suicide or was she thrown away/killed after her purpose’s filled? What is that burned mark on Kang’s back? She saw her daughter in Sang mi. Is she going to save her?

After the female cop, a nurse’s appeared, working for the cult, who seems sensible. She hasn’t been brain washed yet and it doesn’t seem she’ll follow the cult-y things. More supporters for Sang mi. YAY!! Continue reading

Save Me Episode 5-6 Suffocating

Save Me

This drama is giving me depression. I can’t save Sang mi. I can’t do anything to help her. She can’t do anything herself either. Her mother has completely lost her mind, is taken as a hostage and her father has become a believer of the cult and thinks Sang mi is possessed by the Satan. They don’t even know they are the one being controlled by the evil spirit and Satan that they hate so much and when Sang mi tries to realize them she’s labelled as crazy.

Sang mi’s a strong will. She’s not bewitched and brainwashed like others but she can’t do anything alone. After three long years she meets Sang hwan once again and this time as well she asks him to save her but she’s even more powerless because of her parents. She’s seen two deaths in front of her, her brother’s and the soda boy’s. It’s a miracle she’s still sane. Continue reading

Save Me Episode 3-4 A scary world we live in

Save Me

It’s been proven time and again one needs a strong backing to get out of trouble. The bullies got a free pass because of their parents and because Dong cheol’s no such backing of any kind he gets in trouble but he thought he had a friend, Sang hwan but he too was pressurized by his father.

Dong cheol is going to prison for something that’s clearly an accident but who will speak for him? If all were looking who started it first then it’s the bullies. Dong cheol stood up against them and it became a crime.

Here I thought Sang hwan’s father might be a nice guy but I woke up from that dream. To me, it feels like he’s using his wife to get the sympathy votes and for that, he might have put her in the vegetable state. He wants to be a governor really badly but why? I don’t get his logic that his wife will get better once he gets that position. How? Do you get a miracle potion after becoming a governor that helps any illness? Then I want to become one too because I’m desperate as well to save someone in my family.

Life and death is a natural cycle. It’s hard to control emotions but it’s something we can’t do anything about. Continue reading