Save Me Episode 5-6 Suffocating

Save Me

This drama is giving me depression. I can’t save Sang mi. I can’t do anything to help her. She can’t do anything herself either. Her mother has completely lost her mind, is taken as a hostage and her father has become a believer of the cult and thinks Sang mi is possessed by the Satan. They don’t even know they are the one being controlled by the evil spirit and Satan that they hate so much and when Sang mi tries to realize them she’s labelled as crazy.

Sang mi’s a strong will. She’s not bewitched and brainwashed like others but she can’t do anything alone. After three long years she meets Sang hwan once again and this time as well she asks him to save her but she’s even more powerless because of her parents. She’s seen two deaths in front of her, her brother’s and the soda boy’s. It’s a miracle she’s still sane. Continue reading

Save Me Episode 3-4 A scary world we live in

Save Me

It’s been proven time and again one needs a strong backing to get out of trouble. The bullies got a free pass because of their parents and because Dong cheol’s no such backing of any kind he gets in trouble but he thought he had a friend, Sang hwan but he too was pressurized by his father.

Dong cheol is going to prison for something that’s clearly an accident but who will speak for him? If all were looking who started it first then it’s the bullies. Dong cheol stood up against them and it became a crime.

Here I thought Sang hwan’s father might be a nice guy but I woke up from that dream. To me, it feels like he’s using his wife to get the sympathy votes and for that, he might have put her in the vegetable state. He wants to be a governor really badly but why? I don’t get his logic that his wife will get better once he gets that position. How? Do you get a miracle potion after becoming a governor that helps any illness? Then I want to become one too because I’m desperate as well to save someone in my family.

Life and death is a natural cycle. It’s hard to control emotions but it’s something we can’t do anything about. Continue reading

Save Me Episode 1-2 Welcome to the creepy town

Save Me

There are two sets of stories going on, one is the cult and the other the governor election and in between are our leads. I love the dialect touch. There’s going to be a time jump because right now it’s 2014 in the story.

Muji is the name of the town and its some religious thingy going on which is highly suspicious from my view. The priest/spiritual father (Jo Sung ha) and his minions Kang and Jo are creepy and mysterious and I highly doubt the priest and his Almighty/Creator that he praises help anyone, but people blindly believe in them.

The priest is definitely putting a show and he’s a freaking pedo. The salvation he talks about feels that he’s talking about death. I don’t trust him and want to stay far, far, far away from him. He’s always wearing a white suit but I can see the darkness and evil and the blackness of his soul. Continue reading