Ruler: Master of the Mask-Episodes 27-28 Love is poison and so is jealousy and hatred


Greed has no end and pauper proves it. First, he only wanted Ga eun but now he wants to be the king even if it means to kill the real crown prince. He tells Dae mok about him and clingy gets locked up because she saved and helped him. He then reveals his face to Ga eun and feeds her some lies and truth about Chun soo aka the crown prince. The person she hates to death because he killed her father and now she’s another reason to hate him, he deceived her and she fell in love with him. Her attitude and behavior clearly change towards Chun soo. Continue reading

Ruler: Master of the Mask-Episodes 25-26 And the poison story continues


Chun soo and pauper were worried about Ga eun because poison and here I was drinking tea with a spoon of coffee- ah, the aroma~

Ga eun didn’t die, no one did and it’s revealed that dowager’s behind this and to counter attack clingy steps in from Dae mok’s side and then Dae mok steps in and makes Ga eun the suspect of the poisoning incident.

Chun soo does everything and puts the plan on the platter to save Ga eun and gives it to pauper and he betrays his friend, threatens dowager and makes Ga eun his concubine. The poisoning thing is ruled out as food poisoning. Continue reading

Ruler: Master of the Mask-Episodes 23-24 He is poisoned, she is poisoned, everybody is poisoned.


It’s painful…painful…ly boring. Drama should really consider changing its name to poppy poison.

Pauper gets poisoned because Ga eun steals the pills on the order of dowager but they get taken from her and of course she’s no idea or maybe she had, spy gisaeng took them. Eunuch works for which party again?

Then, who-will-be-the-queen-candidates gets poisoned including the judges, dowager, Dae mok’s candidates and Ga eun. She took part in the competition again on the order of dowager and crushing Chun soo’s heart when he sees her. Yup, their love is doomed like the story of the drama. I’ll just wait for the next episode to find the answer: who poisoned them? Continue reading

Ruler: Master of the Mask-Episodes 21-22 Way too many people plotting


What in the what is happening? We aren’t even solving the matters at hand and are getting more problems.

Anyone would have guessed Chun soo would never opt for war against Pyunsoo because he hates the sacrifice of innocent lives for his own cause. But others don’t think that way, for them sacrifices are a part of a bigger plan and success and it doesn’t even matter if it’s the prince who’s to be sacrificed.

Long ago I had a feeling dowager wasn’t a nice person but I swayed and I apologize for that. She immediately decides to dispose Chun soo the moment she realizes he’s the crown prince and pins the blame on Pyunsoo. Chun soo got lucky as Ga eun saw him and saved his life. They almost both drowned though but no one cares about that because the misunderstanding or whatever that’s between them resolves and they share a sweet kiss confirming their feelings for each other. Continue reading

Ruler: Master of the Mask-Episodes 19-20 The prince and the pauper and the crossroad


It’s pretty obvious once pauper gets the power he’ll try everything to get the girl he likes. He’s only hesitating because he’s a lower rank, now that he’s a king though a puppet but love be blind. He’s willing to join hands with the dowager to go against Pyunsoo so he can have Ga eun. He even knows Chun soo likes her but he won’t back down. On the other hand, Dae mok threatens him with his family. Will he choose family or love or friendship?

Chun soo was trying to protect Ga eun by pretending he doesn’t know her and now she pretends he’s nothing to her because she’s a mission and that’s to overthrow the king. Love be hassle when you have important work to do. But if he opens his heart to clingy then no one’s to blame but Ga eun herself. She could have told Chun soo her plan but we have way too many episodes to fill, so… Continue reading

Ruler: Master of the Mask-Episodes 17-18 Sacrifice for the loved ones


After spending the episode with romantic and cute moments Ga eun without giving any explanation to Chun soo enters the palace. If that’s her plan then she should have listened to what he wanted to say and should have voiced her suspicions about the gisaeng instead of staying silent.

There’s another person who made a stupid move and it’s the pauper aka the fake king. He secretly visits his family and then gets caught by Dae mok. The only good thing that comes out of this is he sees Sun the real crown prince. Is this a good thing or bad? I mean he dreams to be a king who cares about his people and wants Ga eun by his side but if the real prince takes the throne he’ll lose everything. Continue reading

Ruler: Master of the Mask-Episodes 15-16 Love is tiring and so are the enemies


Sun’s identity as Chun soo is revealed to Ga eun and he promises never to leave her again but there’s one little problem.

Queen dowager’s promised Ga eun that she’ll restore her father’s name and to pay for the kindness Ga eun’s to enter the palace, meaning she’ll have to attend the king, and be the eyes and ears for the dowager because she’s planning to overthrow the king. Continue reading