Ruler: Master of the Mask – (last)Episodes 39-40 Much ado about nothing


Such a predictable ending. The story started really nice, I wonder what happened? Even though it’s the last episode there wasn’t any tension or suspense or intelligence.

Is Ga eun stupid or what? The dowager or pauper could have taken the antidote to prove it works but NOOOO she had to take the poison and then the antidote to show it works.

Is this the writer’s way to mend things for Ga eun because clingy’s way too helpful and Ga eun hasn’t done much so here-taking uselessness to another level just to prove she’s worthy to be prince’s side or whatever. Continue reading


Ruler: Master of the Mask-Episodes 37-38 The true king


All hailed the king. The end. No? Okay.

So, it wouldn’t be Mask if there’s no poison involved but no one died. They will in tomorrow’s episode, don’t you worry.

Sun claims his throne and pauper goes crazy. I thought pauper had a plan when he took the poisoned cup but… I need to keep my expectations low. I think he’ll die protecting the king or maybe they’ll be friends again or he’ll remain evil and die.

What’s with Ga eun breaking the pots delicately? Drop the damn things on the floor one by one, lady, we don’t have time!! The drama just wanted her to have some scratches on her hand so we can feel pity for her and praise her hard work. She finds the jar which proves Sun is the prince. Continue reading

Ruler: Master of the Mask-Episodes 35-36 Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the king after all?


The showdown is here. We have two kings and one throne and maybe a sensible story till the end.

Pauper’s needle is stuck on Ga eun. He whines like a small child who wants his favorite toy and won’t stop until he gets it. He’s taken the title of clingy and we know what happened to the real owner.

It’s no ones fault pauper’s born poor and lived a life of hardships but why does he blame Ga eun? She never looked at him is not because of his status or she wouldn’t have been his friend. Continue reading

Ruler: Master of the Mask-Episodes 33-34 Dilly dally, dilly dally


Let’s kill the one who helped the prince the most, well why not?

Poor clingy loses her life. In her last minutes, she only thought about her love, the prince. She’s truly a clingy till the end.

Dae mok didn’t even hesitated for a minute and slashed her. Why are their no women near him? Wife, mistress, daughter… His son cuts his ties with him. This was the first time he stood in front of his father.

I keep forgetting not many know that prince’s alive but whatever Continue reading

Ruler: Master of the Mask-Episodes 31-32 I never thought I would say this… Cheers for clingy!


Why are the episodes so slow? Barely anything happens, even though I watch it week after week, my interest is not in it anymore.

As I told ya, Chun soo survives. He can’t die yet. He’s the main lead. It’s not like male leads don’t die but this one hasn’t served his purpose. He finds out the poppy field because he’s discarded nearby and he saw lots and lots of dead bodies of small children. He saves his friend and clingy helps him escape with the other children and burns the field. She might die, I can’t guarantee her safety. Dae mok will go crazy once he hears what she’s done. Granddaughter or not she’s going to hell with his blade. Continue reading

Ruler: Master of the Mask-Episodes 29-30 And so poison comes back


It must be fate, me, tea and this drama.

For me this episode did nothing. Chun soo went to Dae mok like he had a plan but nope. He just got poisoned. He’ll not die, he’s immune to poison, remember? Things would have solved pretty quickly and easily only if Ga eun remembered the damn pot in the garden. She knows Chun soo’s not the one who killed her father, like I said the pot in the garden has the answers, dammit! Continue reading

Ruler: Master of the Mask-Episodes 27-28 Love is poison and so is jealousy and hatred


Greed has no end and pauper proves it. First, he only wanted Ga eun but now he wants to be the king even if it means to kill the real crown prince. He tells Dae mok about him and clingy gets locked up because she saved and helped him. He then reveals his face to Ga eun and feeds her some lies and truth about Chun soo aka the crown prince. The person she hates to death because he killed her father and now she’s another reason to hate him, he deceived her and she fell in love with him. Her attitude and behavior clearly change towards Chun soo. Continue reading