Weekly Watching-30


Yup, this kind of lengthy posts are back

Random poem

Seems like I just don’t know how to manage time.

Well, time never waits for anyone

and I’m tired and can’t wait for others either.

The time of my patience has run out.

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Gomen, Aishteru – I’m sorry, I love you: Episode 1-2 Impressed!!


gomen aisht.jpg

So this drama is a remake of the hit 2004 Korean drama Mianhada, Saranghanda (I’m sorry, I love you) starring So Ji sub, Im Soo jung, Jung Kyung ho. Just to remind you the drama’s a tragedy and by that I mean its genre’s tragedy. I may not remember each and everything about the story but I clearly remember bawling my eyes out and you did too, don’t lie! And if you haven’t watched the drama then its alright I haven’t watched every drama out there.

When I first heard about the remake, I didn’t want it to happen. We all know remakes are either a hit or a miss, so you can’t blame me (I still haven’t forgotten the remake of MARS). I soon forgot about it and then I accidentally stumbled on it. And now I’m happy to announce I actually liked what I saw. There are few changes here and there but the actual flavor is there with the Japanese touch. I like the changes and the story flows smoothly. Only four episodes are out and how many more to go?

Nagase Tomoya looks really good. Has he lost weight? I just love his hair style but his bangs need some cutting, poor guy can’t see because of them. His facial expressions and body language are on point and it’s because I’m fangirling but I can’t see any flaw in him. I especially love his smile.

I think I have seen rest of the cast but then I think I haven’t. This is what happens when you stay away from something. Gone are the good ol days when I used to watch Japanese dramas, sigh. Continue reading