Natsume Yuujinchou Roku: (last) Episode 11 My story


Wait! What? This is the last episode? I thought there are going to be 12 episodes T_T I was deceived T_T

Natsumeg and Natori try to find the secret room which has the work of the famous exorcist and they find one of his dragon shiki guarding the door and he won’t let anyone enter or take the work because his master wanted his work to be kept hidden and if someone tried to take it by force he and his partner shiki will destroy the work and that’s what happens when Nanase of Matoba clan tries to get the research. Natsumeg and Natori get lucky and find some material. Continue reading


Natsume Yuujinchou Roku: Episode 10 Natori and Natsume


Let’s just talk about the ending and skip the rest of the show. Well to be honest nothing much happened till the last few minutes where Natsume suddenly makes up his mind to tell Natori about the Yuujinchou.

The rest of the episode goes something like this. A famous exorcist dies leaving all his grand and worthy work behind but the thing is no one can find it. The place he used to live is a mansion and every room’s been searched but nothing came up. So the granddaughter who is bitter by the lack of love and attention from her grandpa opens the house to the exorcists and whoever can find the data can have it. Natsume and Natori visit the mansion. Natsume wishes to find some answers about the Yuujinchou, Reiko and Natori’s lizard mark and Natori’s more than happy to find the research. Matoba’s people are there too and they plan on buying the mansion. Continue reading

Natsume Yuujinchou Roku: Episode 9 Scared for not knowing


I won’t lie. I actually forgot to watch the episode. When you are fasting for 15 and a half hours you forget things.

Natsume’s school goes on a study camp to a mountain. I have never witnessed such camps or outings. I shouldn’t say anything bad about my school, after all, I got my high school certificate from there but…

Anyways, this episode reminded me somewhat of “the Lady of Shallot” maybe because of the river and boat and falling in love. So, once upon a time, there’s a goddess and her four followers. The goddess fell in love with a human man but after some time the man died. He’s mortal and she an immortal. The heartbroken goddess went in hiding with the hairpin the human gave her. Her followers protected her shrine as long as they could. Three of them lost their powers and left their mask and only one remained to protect the shrine. Continue reading

Natsume Yuujinchou Roku: Episode 8 Love is blind or so I’m told cuz I haven’t witnessed it myself.


I can’t believe it!!! I don’t even want to believe it. I need to erase this memory ASAP. I actually didn’t like the episode, GASP!

Why? What did I do? It never happened before. Is it because the episode was uploaded late? Or I watched it late? I need a reason!! It’s love, isn’t it? *tries to avoid gaze*

So, Natsume helps a crow/bird yokai named Aoi, to search for his feelings for the human girl Kaoru who can see them and they have a happy end. Continue reading

Natsume Yuujinchou Roku:Episode 7 Reiko


Every time Reiko is mentioned I always wonder who her partner was. She’s a lonely soul and there came someone who completed her. Or there would be no Natsume’s mom and Natsume himself. No one drops from the sky.

This came as a surprise that Reiko too didn’t have parents. Was it mentioned before? It means she’s the same as Natsume…okay it’s the other way around and I find Natsume’s and Reiko’s eyes similar. But one thing is different. Natsume makes friends, humans and yokai but Reiko is always shown alone. I wonder why didn’t she tried to make friends. I think I need to apply this on myself first. Continue reading

Natsume Yuujinchou Roku: Episode 6 First impressions


We got a back story on how Natsume made friends when he transferred school. The story is told from Kitamoto and Nishimura’s perspective. They both thought that Natsume is a little strange. He remains quiet and is impossible to read and even his smile is fake but they soon become good friends and learn about life, decisions and family from each other.

Kitamoto and Nishimura both have heard Natsume talking to “someone” and I think they wouldn’t be surprised if they learn that Natsume can see and interact with supernatural beings. I want that so Natsume would be less lonely. Continue reading

Natsume Yuujinchou Roku: Episode 5 Last memory


I was half-joking when I said in the last episode that Natori might be evil and he just goes in this episode to prove me right. I still believe in him, he’s like a brother to Natsume and wishes for him to live a normal life and maybe that’s why he wants to know about the precious thing that Natsume carries all the time. His expression was really evil and so was his tone but this is all to deceive us, right? Right? I really don’t want Natsume to go through any more trauma and IF Natori back stabs the damage will be worse. Continue reading