Journal of the Night Watchman Episode 24 Final


And they lived happily ever after.

Time to say farewell. In drama land everything solves in the last episode. Well why not after all it’s a drama and sometimes fairy tale endings are needed…to make sense.

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Journal of the Night Watchman Episode 23



Remember when the story was exciting and amazing? Me neither. Now that we are almost at the end. Yay 1 more to go. I will bow down to God and thank him for punishing me for my sins by giving me this drama. From now on, I will eat veggies and won’t complain about the house chores. I will control my temper, so please don’t send such punishments my way.

Sadam can’t lose or die because we still have one more episode, so keeping in mind that good guys are only good guys they can’t use their brains like baddies so we have to forgive them for whatever they do.

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Journal of the Night Watchman Episode 22


I just have one question. Why is everyone learning about the seal at the same time? I don’t care if it was the good or the bad guys but someone should have taken it before. And oh my my Sadam is looking good but…but maybe I think I got used to his old look.   

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Journal of the Night Watchman Episode 21


Yippeee, he is back. *wipes tears and hides the pile of tissues*

How can anyone scream and yell so much? Don’t you guys get a sore throat? Why are we still thinking on how to stop Sadam and evil minister?

I can’t write again and again the same thing that’s happening for couple of episodes. We have to stop Sadam. I lost count how many times this line has been said with, I have to save prince. Give me the seal. I need Do Ha and the temple and dragon for my plan.

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Journal of the Night Watchman Episode 20


Nothing much happened except for one thing. I thought the gang was made to capture ghosts and spirits not to get captured in every freaking episode. I wonder if two people die will the story be much smoother? The first is evil minister kill that bitch and second Do Ha. Sadam needs her so why not kill her before she creates anymore trouble for the good guys. So who is the bitch now evil minister, me or you ?

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Journal of the Night Watchman Episode 19


I can’t say for you guys but I found the first half of the episode really slow. I was looking at the wall and was feeling hungry and was thinking what should I make for lunch. Anyways, same old, same old was happening with noble sacrifice and what not and they finished a character which we were not attached with. Evil minister upped his game and Ki San once again sets his eyes on Soo Hyun.

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Journal of the Night Watchman Episode 18


Don’t look at me and don’t ask anything because I have no idea what the hell happened in this episode. But I will try anyways, Do Ha got a twin. Rin got stupid. Evil priestess got evil and in trying to understand all this and other stuff I lost some brain cells.

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