Gomen, Aishteru – I’m sorry, I love you: Episode 4 Life is a flicker

gomen aisht

The scene that got me is when Ryuu is holding a fire cracker and he sees it burn out. His life is ending just like that. He’s only three months to live and the signs have started to appear. His vision gets blurry, he gets a headache and his nose bleeds. He likes Rinka and admits he’ll be lonely if she leaves and asks her to stay with him until his time runs out. He quickly puts it as a joke.

I hope Rinka notices his sadness now that she’s done with Satoru. Satoru is one dimwit. Reiko and even Touko spell it for him that Rinka likes him but he doesn’t give the thought a moment. He never saw her as a woman. He only has eyes for Touka who isn’t even sincere with him. He should have seen Touka kissing Ryuu and then he would have blamed Ryuu for seducing her. This guy is hopeless. Continue reading


Gomen, Aishteru – I’m sorry, I love you: Episode 3 Bonding

gomen aisht

I’m going into a lazy mode. I don’t feel like doing anything these days. Must be the heat, or life doing whatever it likes with me.

I don’t like the poster. Why is everyone wearing white and looking so sad and glum? Who died?

Ryuu only hates his mother but what about his father? Why doesn’t he blame him? He left him too and it looks like he knew about his son’s existence. Why isn’t Ryuu angry at him? Why didn’t he try to meet him like he met his mother? Why is he more angry at his mother than his father?

Were they really scared about their reputation that they hid Ryuu’s existence? Then why have an affair and adultery? Why Ryuu’s to endure the pain of being left alone? Continue reading

Gomen, Aishteru – I’m sorry, I love you: Episode 1-2 Impressed!!


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So this drama is a remake of the hit 2004 Korean drama Mianhada, Saranghanda (I’m sorry, I love you) starring So Ji sub, Im Soo jung, Jung Kyung ho. Just to remind you the drama’s a tragedy and by that I mean its genre’s tragedy. I may not remember each and everything about the story but I clearly remember bawling my eyes out and you did too, don’t lie! And if you haven’t watched the drama then its alright I haven’t watched every drama out there.

When I first heard about the remake, I didn’t want it to happen. We all know remakes are either a hit or a miss, so you can’t blame me (I still haven’t forgotten the remake of MARS). I soon forgot about it and then I accidentally stumbled on it. And now I’m happy to announce I actually liked what I saw. There are few changes here and there but the actual flavor is there with the Japanese touch. I like the changes and the story flows smoothly. Only four episodes are out and how many more to go?

Nagase Tomoya looks really good. Has he lost weight? I just love his hair style but his bangs need some cutting, poor guy can’t see because of them. His facial expressions and body language are on point and it’s because I’m fangirling but I can’t see any flaw in him. I especially love his smile.

I think I have seen rest of the cast but then I think I haven’t. This is what happens when you stay away from something. Gone are the good ol days when I used to watch Japanese dramas, sigh. Continue reading

I’m your destiny- Boku unmei no hitto desu: Episode 10 – The End


I was scared, fate all of a sudden was not on Makoto and Haruko’s side. Ichiro was all sad and alone and Makoto didn’t even remember he’d a roommate/friend. Everything’s going great for other people but our couple… Continue reading

I’m your destiny- Boku unmei no hitto desu: Episode 9


Wait! Okay I did read this theory and possibility but I didn’t think much about it but… “AKIRA SHOCK”. The mystery guy is actually Makoto’s son, Ichiro, from the future…EEEeeeHHHhhh!!! and he says he’s acting on real God’s order, uhmmm okay.

It’s cute how Makoto scolded Ichiro for talking casually to him. He’s his father SHOW SOME RESPECT. Why do I feel like this is going to be a bittersweet ending? Is it because how this episode ended? Yada! Yada! Yada!! I need a sweet end with Makoto, Haruko and Ichiro. Continue reading

I’m your destiny- Boku unmei no hitto desu: Episode 8


Haruko’s father went No-No towards Makoto after he learned about his ex criminal girlfriend. I don’t know how is this Makoto’s fault but we spent the whole episode on it. The opposition was huge from papa and Haruko’s sulking and Makoto had to learn to golf to please him and papa’s heart melted when Makoto stood for a friend.

Second chances should be given. Everyone makes mistakes. Continue reading

I’m your destiny- Boku unmei no hitto desu: Episode 7


What’s your size? Ring size!

Mystery guy gives another problem to Makoto for him to solve. Give a ring to Haruko as a birthday present and well you know what ring means but the thing is Makoto’s not to ask her about her finger size. Enter rival, the jack of all trades. He can guess the number only by looking at the finger and helps Makoto and they buy lots and lots of Asparagus and Makoto learns how to guess the size. I don’t think it’s a very outstanding ability.

Mystery guy introduces himself to rival as Kame and he’s holding the turtle (Kame) and Kame (Makoto) is sitting in front of him and soon corrects himself and says he’s Kami. Makoto jumps in and quickly makes up a story that Kamishiwa Saburo? came from abroad. Ahhahaha. Rival and mystery guy find a name for each other, Sabu chan (mystery guy’s name) and Mi chan (rival’s name) and they become friends. That’s quick. Continue reading