Falsify Episodes 15-16 Victory!!!


I just can’t explain how happy I’m after watching this episode and worried as well. I told you, I told you Seon woo is not dead. The moment it’s revealed I SCREAMED. YAS!! YAS!!! YASSSSSS!!!

It’s a fight between truth vs lies and all our lives we are taught truth prevails in the end and even though we are far away from the end it gives me hope. But I can’t seem to shake this feeling of despair. I’m worried about our trio, So ra, Suk min, Moo young, people at Aeguk and Splash team. They have the courage to drag their superiors. They have touched the bee hive and jumped into a lion’s den, all they have is true conscience and each other. Is it enough to survive? Continue reading

Falsify Episodes 13-14 Deja vu


Moo young should have listened to Suk min when he said to take a step back and look at the bigger picture instead of running without looking what’s in the store. But I also want to side with Moo young. He’s young and aggressive. I’m not saying Suk min is old but you get my point, right?

Moo young knows what he’s doing is putting him in danger but he only wants the truth about his brother’s murderer. Detective Jeon admits Seon woo’s innocent and this gets broadcasted to the whole country and Jeon gets his life cut short even though he keeps his promise to the mastermind, whoever that’s. I had a feeling there’s going to be an accident and the truck of doom comes to prove my theory correct. Out comes the lighter guy and Moo young once again couldn’t do anything. It was like that five years back as well. But this time we see the lighter guy’s face.

Thankfully Moo young only has some bones broken. He still fights with the lighter guy when he comes to kill him. But I thought he’s fractured here and there? How can he move? Adrenaline rush? Whatever that’s, someone needs to come and help Moo young because I’m kinda tied here. Continue reading

Falsify Episodes 11-12 And the war begins


Daehan is playing the blame game and Aeguk’s is the one getting the blame even though they are in the right. I was right this is one of those dramas where the good guys are not going to win that easily.

Goo thinks he can have the control over Splash team and Suk min and Suk min knows the cunning old man too well. Suk min figures out why detective Jeon became a bad guy. According to my understanding, he’s a good guy but the prosecutors found his weak point and he went to the dark side.

So ra has decided for the time being to keep her distrust for Moo young at a side and join him to bring down the big baddie. Moo young respects his brother for not bowing and he’ll be more than surprised when the truth comes out. He’s asked for So ra’s help but he’s not willing to let her know why he’s doing it. He wants to catch his brother’s murderer. Continue reading

Falsify Episodes 9-10 United we stand, divided we fall


I was waiting for this, for Moo young, Suk min and So ra to join hands. They still have misunderstandings to solve but their enemy is the same and they want to take him down.

I liked how Suk min took the courage to talk to Moo young. Five years is a long time. He’s the one who suggested to make a team. He’ll revive his Splash team and will pretend he’s no interest in Seon woo’s case but I don’t think Goo is going to buy that. I trust Suk min. He knows what he’s doing but he can’t read Moo young. He thought Moo young wouldn’t be that stupid to barge into the prosecutor’s office but that’s exactly what he’s done. Continue reading

Falsify Episodes 7-8 Let the game begin!


The ground for the game is set and the pieces are in place. The players are about to make their first move or is this all just a setup and the players without knowing were playing this game constructed by the mastermind?

There’s no reason not to like Moo young. He’s handsome after all and he’ll do anything if you tell him that. I just love his exaggerated expressions and self-ego. He’s friends with loan sharks/gangsters and doesn’t hesitate to ask for their help and they help him of course not for free but that’s another matter.

Moo young helps Yeon Seon woo, the boy who is in prison for the murder of the coastguard and is found guilty in his all three trials, escape. He gives out crucial information that he’s being framed and Daehan is behind all this and shows the proof, which is an article that shows Daehan knew who the culprit is before the police and Daehan in its defense states that they were going through maintenance at that time so it’s a bug. Continue reading

Falsify Episodes 5-6 Use your powers sensibly


It’s a fight between prosecutors vs media vs citizens- take your pick

With great power comes great responsibility and Moo young forget that momentarily and crosses the line and ends up feeling guilty but he soon gets back up because he’s a murderer or perhaps a group of them to find.

His first step is the Noah law firm which his brother was also writing about. I do remember the old man Goo said something along the lines having more power or whatnot than Noah parting the sea in two. Do I have to remind him that Noah’s a prophet and he had the backing of God whereas Goo is corrupt and a hypocrite and these are the traits of the disciple of Satan? Continue reading

Falsify Episodes 3-4 Truth prevails in the end but when/what/where is the end?


Now that Secret Forest/Stranger has ended I think more about it and drive myself crazy. The good think is Falsify is here to take its place or maybe help its drama partner to drive me crazier.

Falsify is one of those dramas where our good guys would have to fight again and again and again and again and again and probably all their lives to get the bad guys and even then the bad guys will manage to wriggle out because money and power are everything.

What will we do then? We cheer for the good guys. We won’t lose hope because once hope is lost, we lose everything, the will to fight, to stand, to live, to win. Continue reading