Falsify (Last) Episodes 31-32 Evil will fail and Truth will prevail.


It’s time to say goodbye to a not so perfect but entertaining show which had its slow moments but still held its fort. It’s an open but a satisfying end. It’s a story to be remembered because we see injustice in our daily lives and try to fight with our limited power and if you don’t, then get up take the first step it doesn’t matter if you stumble, just remember: truth will come out no matter what, justice will win in the end, it might take time and you may not be there to see but the history will always remember it and record it for the coming generations. Continue reading


Falsify Episodes 29-30 When push comes to shove


It’s not like I didn’t enjoy the episodes, I did but most of the things that were told we knew them. Like, Goo becoming the bad guy or Chul ho writing the false articles and wanting to do right but was killed. Don’t tell me there’s someone who was still clueless.

Loose ends are being tied up before the finale and I hope it’s a good one. I don’t want my high hopes dashed.

We still don’t know who the elders are or if they’ll be revealed. Goo can reveal their identity and earn brownie points which can help in his redemption because Suk min is going all out and is going to release his bad deeds. He even informs Goo’s wife, poor woman already has a heart problem, how will she endure it? Continue reading

Falsify Episodes 27-28 So close to the truth


Nothing starts suddenly even if its fabrication, corruption or the evilness and blackness of the heart. Step by step the weakness’ are caught by the earlier blackened hearts and they use it to their heart’s content.

Something similar happened to Goo, believe it or not, he’s a good guy. He realized the evilness of the society and as a true journalist wanted the world to know but before he could realize his dreams, he’s shackled by his wife’s illness. But even now he wants to stop the ugliness and wants to take down the wicked people who are harming the society. Continue reading

Falsify Episodes 25-26 It’s payback time


Goo is a man of his words. He ruins the reputation of Aeguk, Splash and So ra but this setback doesn’t stop them to move forward.

Moo young makes his plan now that Goo has made his move. He’ll bring Nam Kang myung out on his own. He just has to take all the money that’s hidden and that’s not an easy job, their lives and reputation are at stake, but anything for justice. He asks for the gangsters help and the gangster actually has a degree and has a construction business. My jaw dropped…

Nam Kang myung’s no idea, his money that he stole is about to be stolen from him. What if something goes wrong with his surgery? It won’t but still… What’s the point of hiding or having tons of money when you can’t take it with you when you die? Continue reading

Falsify Episodes 23-24 A thought out plan


I’m speechless, dumbfounded, amazed, thrilled and have eaten my nails while watching these episodes. This is so good, I can’t contain my excitement and I’m already feeling glum because the drama is gonna end in two weeks.

Never ever trust the news! You never know what’s real and what’s fabricated and how much of real is fabricated or how much fabricated is real.

I was expecting Goo to be holding a glass of wine and enjoying as the plan unfolds. Yes, he’s calm and calculated but towards the end, he’s having a puzzled expression. What’s worrying him? Is he not satisfied with the elders’ plans? Continue reading

Falsify Episodes 21-22 And the plot thickens


WOW!! Just WOW!! Goo is some high-quality evil man who I love to hate. What was I even thinking when I thought he might be good? He can be anything but good. He’s cunning and manipulative and your biggest enemy.

Goo totally played So ra, Splash team and Aeguk newspaper just like that. I kinda admired him there because I was so shocked by how easily he can get what he wants.

He knew exactly what to throw as a bait, Nam Kang myung, and our naive gangs fell for it. The information wasn’t entirely false, Nam Kang myung did enter the country but from a different port and tattoo guy is there to greet him.

I thought tattoo guy works for Noah lawyer but nope its Nam Kyung myung. The tattoo guy has a story of his own. He’s emotionless due to a childhood trauma most probably linked to Nam Kyung myung because he’s the sponsor of the same child welfare center where the tattoo guy lived and not only that the tattoo mark he has is from the center, perhaps the logo? Continue reading

Falsify Episodes 19-20 More than meets the eye


What is Goo planning? Why is he provoking Noah lawyer and the elders? Is he going against the elders? Is he a good guy? I highly doubt that. He’s rich he can illegally get a heart for his wife, no? What is his end game?

I have no clue about Nam Kang myung’s story. Yes, I did pay attention to the story. All that I gather’s that he ran away with the taxes and when he’s to be prosecuted he suddenly died. Lots of people were involved in hiding the fake death and they all are quivering now that the prosecution and media are looking into it and have found out that he’s alive and coming back soon for some reason. All this is linked to Chul ho because he’s the one who wrote the report on his death. Continue reading