Duel: Episode 8 The truth


So many questions answered finally but still, gazillion left.

Deuk cheon’s learned to play Hoon’s game and plays with him. He knows Hoon doesn’t just want to kill the target but wants his kidney. This of course makes Hoon angry and the female boss orders to do as Deuk cheon wants. As to why the organs are needed is because the doc injected some important stuff/medicine in him but soon after he’s killed and that medicine’s precious and the female wants it.

To save his daughter Deuk cheon strikes a deal with Jo hye. She’ll get the kidnapper and he’ll get his girl and the Jo hye can arrest him. I have a really bad feeling, something bad is gonna happen at the meeting place. Continue reading

Duel: Episode 7 Anything for the loved one


Hoon shows Deuk cheon his daughter. He can have her if he does what Hoon ask him to. He asks to kill. This is not a random killing. Hoon does everything according to a plan. The target’s the kidney of the original guy, doc Lee Yong sup, and the target’s one of the three who killed him. The other two guys who took part in it are dead as well, Joo shik and the organ trafficker.

The target asks for help from the cops and Jo hye takes him. He tells about the illegal experiments 24 years back and that they killed the doc but he’s come back to kill him. Jo hye uses him as the bait to get to Deuk cheon and Joon. Deuk cheon still gets to him easily through his daughter. Continue reading

Duel: Episode 6 And the plot thickens


Then that means my theory about Joon and Hoon both being clones is right? No!

Hoon the evil twin is the small boy that he saw in his memories because they both have the same marks on their body. Joon can’t be the original doc but why does he have the doc’s memories?

The original doc’s body is stored frozen somewhere. What? I need a name for the original doc. What am I supposed to call him? Why is he preserved? Who is this new female character who has him? She’s Hoon’s boss’ boss and she wants the list. I’ll confuse myself at this rate. Continue reading

Duel: Episode 5 Nowhere near anywhere


Joon needs to take some self-defense classes. He’s being treated like a punching bag and I’m about to hit him myself because of this. He should keep a weapon by his side 24/7 if he can’t fight.

If the original guy’s killed with his organs all taken out then that means Joon and Hoon both are clones, no? But Hoon’s weird marks on his body. Experiments? Why is he keeping Joon alive? What does it mean when Hoon said that Joon will die anyways even if he isn’t the one killing him? Why did he send Joon to Deuk cheon? Why does he have So yeon? Why is he interested what Joon remembers? Continue reading

Duel: Episode 4 Raw emotions


It actually feels like it’s happening for real. The acting, feelings, feels, emotions make me think twice that I’m watching a drama. I think it’s too late because I’m invested in the story and can’t get out.

And we got the names of our not twins Lee Sung joon is the good twin and Lee Sung hoon the evil twin. If they are not twins then why the similar names? It’s only to confuse me, right? I just hope I don’t mix up their names. Not only their face match but their fingerprints too and that’s how Joon is blamed for the killing Hoon does. Convenient, no? But why has Hoon thrown out Joon? Why is he evil? What does he want? Oh yeah, the medical record but we still don’t know WHY? And why does he have Soo yeon? Why make Joon and Deuk cheon meet? Continue reading

Duel: Episode 3 More questions than answers


So the twins are not twins or brothers says the evil twin and because no mention is being made of the clone imma call them good twin and evil twin because we don’t even have their names yet.

Evil twin is searching for some list and the said list is with our new character a reporter named Mi rae (Seo Eun su and yup she’s in Romantic Doctor Kim as well and had a crush on Yoo Yeon seok’s character Dong Joo). The list is a medical record and it belongs to her mother and she recently died and for some reason, Mi rae is looking into her mother’s past. Continue reading

Duel: Episode 2-A desperate father


What does Jo hye want? I don’t understand her logic. I fail to see her plan. Can she not feel sympathy? What made her so cold and calculated? She believes what she wants to believe. I need a reason. I need her story. No one is born evil there’s to be some circumstances that trigger the devil in a person.

The evil twin escapes and the good twin’s no memories, he doesn’t even remember his name and of course had no idea about the twin. He slowly gets his memories back. He woke up in a medical facility and saw his twin. He’s given a paper which had Deuk cheon’s name and he’s no idea about any girl or kidnapping. No matter how many times he’s asked he replies with the same answer.

Deuk cheon starts to believe in the good twin and thinks he’s not the one who took his daughter but no one believes in Deuk cheon’s twin story because no one saw the other twin and all the evidence points towards the good twin. Continue reading