Circle: Two worlds connected: (Last) Episode 12 So this is how it ends.


This was such a fantastic and memorable ride. I never felt bored, not even once. It’s a bit confusing and hard to follow at first but once the story reveals the secrets you have to pick your jaw that you dropped and hold on to it because some more jaw-dropping happenings happen.

With the reconciliation of the brothers, they decide to fight Human B instead of running away. They have to find the evidence against the chairman and it isn’t easy or so we thought because Joon hyuk makes a brilliant plan -this man should be given standing ovation and massive applause- and traps the chairman. Continue reading


Circle: Two worlds connected: Episode 11 Mind boggling


Surprise! What? Wait! … I don’t understand. Okay, I do but I need a moment to process this. This is brilliant!

Beta project to New World: Woo jin finds that the data and research have been deleted by his father because it wasn’t a technology a human should have and Byul asked him to remove her memories, seeing how dangerous it can be. We still have no idea from where Byul came from.

Woo jin still has no idea assistant prof is not a nice guy and thinks he’s been helping him but soon he sees the prof’s true colors and tries to escape but ends up in an accident which puts him in a coma. Assistant prof makes a human clone and plants Woo jin’s memories in it and this Woo jin is the one Joon hyuk and Jung yeon meet. Continue reading

Circle: Two worlds connected: Episode 10 The meeting


Two more episodes to go.

Beta Project: Human B was actually active in 2017 and was very much interested in papa Kim and prof papa’s research about memories. Assistant prof made a deal with them because he’s the only one who knows how the system works and will have the full authority.

Woo jin’s lost, he’s no way to help his brother who keeps losing his memories. He thinks it’s for the better but crazy friend is against the idea and to help his brother he asks the system for help and it gives the answer: the cross. Grandma willingly gives it to him after resisting and there in it, Woo jin finds papa Kim’s research. Continue reading

Circle: Two worlds connected: Episode 9 Searching


The drama’s 10 episodes or 12? I don’t want to panic so I’m asking beforehand.

Beta Project: assistant prof hits jackpot. He’s the first one to notice the star-shaped device and it responding to Woo jin alone. He’s very much interested in it. He stays quiet when prof papa goes crazy because he doesn’t know how the system works. He kidnaps him for his later experiments and this is why the cops couldn’t find him.

Bom gyun at first recognizes prof papa as the culprit but later he starts to lose his memories and goes back on blaming bluebird for everything. He can’t have the surgery to remove the blue bug because it’s dangerous.

Woo jin and Jung yeon find the star device and it shows Woo jin’s memories. He realizes no one would ever let go of this technology. It’s a gift from Byul to younger Woo jin because he couldn’t remember his mother’s face.

Who’s this new guy prof papa’s student was talking to? He seems like a leader or something. Continue reading

Circle: Two worlds connected: Episode 8 Reunion


Beta Project: prof papa threats Woo jin with Bom gyun’s life and tells him to find the data. He uses the same tactic with Jung yeon, when she confronts him, she’s to get her memories which are the answer to the questions he’s and she can save the brothers.

All the searches, clues and hints lead to the old house of twins and there’s where Bom gyun’s being kept by prof papa and Woo jin’s the one to reach there first. He gets beaten up by prof papa’s men but when you have to protect something you use all your strength to protect it. Woo jin reaches Bom gyun and a star-shaped device attached to the ceiling automatically scans him and grants access and suddenly the electronic device/computer in the room starts itself.

How is that device still working after so many years? Kim papa put it there, right? Why is it responding to Woo jin? Continue reading

Circle: Two worlds connected: Episode 7 Memories


Beta Project: Every new episode makes my jaw drop. Prof papa has Bom gyun because prof papa’s working on an experiment with Kim papa about erasing memories but Kim papa got rid of the data and now prof papa’s searching for it and thinks Bom gyun’s it but Bom gyun’s no idea what’s going on.

Woo jin tries frantically to solve the puzzle. He looks for his grandma, who is suffering from Alzheimer, to find the belongings of his father. She doesn’t recognize Woo jin but recognizes Jung yeon and special mention should be given to the cross grandma’s wearing. The USB or data is most probably in it or there shouldn’t be any reason to show it so clearly. Continue reading

Circle: Two worlds connected: Episode 6 The chairman’s identity


Beta project: Even though Jung yeon doesn’t have memories she can’t deny the proof which states that she’s an alien. Woo jin and Jung yeon have no idea what to do, they’re broken and helpless and only trust each other. Woo jin’s sure the psychiatric hospital is the key to their answers. He saw the pen with the hospital’s name with professor papa and thinks he’s involved and to gather the clues they sneak into his study and get caught but they manage to come out with some pictures and Woo jin is beyond shocked to see his father in them. His father was working with professor papa in the hospital. Detective Hong in his investigation finds another horrible truth from a patient of the psychiatric hospital that they were being experimented on and he names Woo jin’s father the one who ran the experiments. I told ya! I was RIGHT!! *pats myself* Continue reading