Save Me Episode 1-2 Welcome to the creepy town

Save Me

There are two sets of stories going on, one is the cult and the other the governor election and in between are our leads. I love the dialect touch. There’s going to be a time jump because right now it’s 2014 in the story.

Muji is the name of the town and its some religious thingy going on which is highly suspicious from my view. The priest/spiritual father (Jo Sung ha) and his minions Kang and Jo are creepy and mysterious and I highly doubt the priest and his Almighty/Creator that he praises help anyone, but people blindly believe in them.

The priest is definitely putting a show and he’s a freaking pedo. The salvation he talks about feels that he’s talking about death. I don’t trust him and want to stay far, far, far away from him. He’s always wearing a white suit but I can see the darkness and evil and the blackness of his soul. Continue reading