Mask: Episode 20 Finale


Here we are at the end where everything has to go to its place but what’s with this episode? More than half of the episode felt like a flashback. We knew what kind of person Seok hoon is, only the rest of the characters never knew. So they had to know the truth while I looked at the time and stopped myself from forwarding the episode. Continue reading


Mask: Episode 19


And here I thought something different would happen. For goodness sake, this is the second last episode, try to wrap things up drama!

Life! Why do you give tests? Why are you so cruel? Why are you the most important thing? Or is it love? Love and life, can one live without the other? “Love conquers” but “Life is precious”. Use your time and think carefully then life your life with the person you love. Please don’t be like Seok hoon and Mi yeon and if you know that someone is like them then please report ASAP. Continue reading

Mask: Episode14


But…but…but its not the last or the second last episode. How can Min woo find out about the real identity of Ji sook this early. Why are you taking their sweetest moments from me and them, drama answer me!! It’s over everything is over for now but soon they will be together because Min woo isn’t in love with the name but with a person. Continue reading