Kuroshitsuji Manga – Chapter: 133 Twin brothers


Yana sensei is making sure her every stab reaches my heart TT_TT

We still didn’t get the name of Smile but we got a whole lot of heartache which seems like a routine deal and the next chapter is coming in December. See, I told you, heartache.

As we remember or not in the previous chapter Smile wants to open a toy store in London and this made Ciel upset. Ciel continues to be upset and doesn’t want to be an Earl because he doesn’t want to be separated from his brother. Continue reading


Kuroshitsuji Manga – Chapter: 132 They are together, for now, and not for long.


Either we are being trolled or Yana sensei has not yet named Smile or she just loves to torture her readers.

How and why hasn’t anyone called Smile by his name yet? Is it because he’s the second son so he should not be named or something? I thought the name is going to appear since Vincent’s talking about names but nope. For some reason, Vincent’s giving Sebastian vibes here. Look at his eyes!!! It’s been so long since I saw Sebastian -sigh- oh wait! I just saw him in the Atlantic movie. Okay, it’s been a long time since I saw him in the manga, all better. Continue reading

Black Butler: Book of the Atlantic – BRILLIANT!!!

kro atlantic st.png
I have no words to describe how much I loved the movie. I enjoyed every moment and every minute of it. And I barely stopped myself from watching it again. I comforted myself by replaying the scenes in my head. Amazingly made. Magnificent. Need more synonymous!…Watching the movie put me in a great mood. I was feeling down and gloomy and tired. All of a sudden I was energetic and giggling and laughing and swooning.

Enter with caution I have SPOILERS scattered here and there.

Watching the movie made me refresh the manga memories and answered some questions that are in the newest manga chapters.

It all starts on one fateful day when Lau tells about moving corpse to Ciel and Ciel realizes it’s on the same cruise ship, Campania, Lizzy and her family are on. Continue reading

Kuroshitsuji Manga – Chapter: 131 My heart T_T


This chapter is a flashback narrated by Smile. Keep your tissues closer.

What is Smile’s name? Don’t tell me he doesn’t have one. This is so sad, I can’t even…

Who made such a rule and law that the second son will not inherit anything? Ridiculous! What’s Smile to do? Continue reading

Kuroshitsuji Manga – Chapter: 129


The twin theory is true.

It’s a matter of time this came to light. There were many hints’ given. I don’t remember each one of them right now but there were clues.

In the circus arc(?) in Ciel’s memory, we see one of the twin hiding behind Vincent and the other happily greeting the guests. The time when the Phantomhive mansion was burned Ceil was abducted, we saw two of them. One was caged and the other was on the ritual table. How did he survive? Maybe Ciel thought he died, he’s in too much pain and agony and wanted to leave. The devil came, Ciel made a pact, took his revenge and never looked back. Continue reading

Natsume Yuujinchou Roku: (last) Episode 11 My story


Wait! What? This is the last episode? I thought there are going to be 12 episodes T_T I was deceived T_T

Natsumeg and Natori try to find the secret room which has the work of the famous exorcist and they find one of his dragon shiki guarding the door and he won’t let anyone enter or take the work because his master wanted his work to be kept hidden and if someone tried to take it by force he and his partner shiki will destroy the work and that’s what happens when Nanase of Matoba clan tries to get the research. Natsumeg and Natori get lucky and find some material. Continue reading