Save Me Episode 3-4 A scary world we live in

Save Me

It’s been proven time and again one needs a strong backing to get out of trouble. The bullies got a free pass because of their parents and because Dong cheol’s no such backing of any kind he gets in trouble but he thought he had a friend, Sang hwan but he too was pressurized by his father.

Dong cheol is going to prison for something that’s clearly an accident but who will speak for him? If all were looking who started it first then it’s the bullies. Dong cheol stood up against them and it became a crime.

Here I thought Sang hwan’s father might be a nice guy but I woke up from that dream. To me, it feels like he’s using his wife to get the sympathy votes and for that, he might have put her in the vegetable state. He wants to be a governor really badly but why? I don’t get his logic that his wife will get better once he gets that position. How? Do you get a miracle potion after becoming a governor that helps any illness? Then I want to become one too because I’m desperate as well to save someone in my family.

Life and death is a natural cycle. It’s hard to control emotions but it’s something we can’t do anything about.

Mommy Im loses her mind after losing her son. Her family doesn’t know what to do. Instead of giving his wife a medical treatment daddy Im takes her to a shaman and then to the cult. Kang from cult appears to help them and daddy just blindly follows her.

There’s definitely something in the water that Kang always have with her. There’s no shape of a crucifix on the spider web but daddy saw after he had that water sprinkled food. I’m scared. He’s become one of the cult people.

Sang mi is the only one who isn’t affected by the cult. She’s scared of them and doesn’t want to live there but three years pass and she still can’t get used to that life. She befriends a little boy who loves soft drink, let’s call him soda boy. He’s scared of Jo and even accidentally films him beating a woman and Sang mi is horrified to see that. Is Jo trying to get rid of her and the boy?

Jo seems different from Kang. Kang’s disgusted by Jo and Jo causally and boldly talks to the priest. Why is he different? I hate him when he gets closer to Sang mi and caresses her face. *goosebumps*

I agree with what priest said about belief and faith. It’s belief in something that causes the miracle, even if it’s your belief in a painkiller. It’s not going to work if you have doubts about it. The body sends signals and your brain reacts to it. But that doesn’t mean I like what he’s doing. He’s creepy as ever.

The Im family seems to bring bad luck to our boys. Dong cheol tried to help Sang jin and one thing led to another and now he’s in prison. By the way who wants him crippled? Mr governor? His female supporter?

Sang hwan made his mind at the last-minute to stand as a witness for Dong cheol’s trial but he saw injured daddy Im and helped him and was late. What was daddy even thinking by taking the hammer? Was he going to kill or threat the bullies?

While watching I have this sudden urge, because I’m scared, that I need to watch this drama with someone. Dong cheol seeing dead Sang jin and hearing Sang hwan’s voice. Sang min looking into nothingness when she’s with the soda boy and the camera just kept zooming in on her. The most painful scene was her admitting that it’s hard to stay with her brother and because she’s guilty she almost jumped. It’s creepy Jo who saved her.

The story has nicely traveled to the present,2017, and is Sang hwan studying law? Did he ever remind his father of the promise of getting Dong cheol out of the prison? Dong cheol still in the prison and is about to come out and hopefully will beat the hell out of Sang hwan, break the friendship and his legs. I doubt that.


2 comments on “Save Me Episode 3-4 A scary world we live in

  1. Jo says:

    The story is taking a dark and confusing turn and the main male lead(refuse to write hia name) is a no-no likw whats wrong with you?? You can’t use well his father is running for office, like its going to take some 360 change before I can ship them. DC is doing more for her than anyone

    Liked by 1 person

    • Miss Khan says:

      i agree but at the same point, SH is pitiful. he’s forced to choose between his father and friend. why am i defending him? lets see how he behaves once DC comes out of the prison. i’m more interested how DC will treat him. i don’t see any romance now but if SM is to choose then definitely its DC.
      the story sometimes gets really uncomfortable and dark and i find myself struggling through some scenes but im not gonna stop watching.

      Liked by 1 person

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