Strongest Deliveryman Episode 4 Them feels hitting me hard

strongest deliveryman

I can’t let my guard down when watching this drama. I have this huge smile on my face all the while dreading for what’s to come and pretending everything will be fine and BAM. I’m the only one to blame.

Ma boys, Kang soo and Jin gyu finally started acting like buddies and Kang soo shows his power of friendship by bringing his friends together to find out about the racing. Old soul suspected Jin gyu because he’s a fancy car but Kang soo thought it’s not possible and he wanted to believe in that till the end, till Jin gyu himself boastfully told about the race. Someone just punched me in the gut. Kang soo’s expression just broke my heart and Jin gyu had no idea and was going on about his amazing experience.

The moment Jin gyu is told that because of his fun someone is about to lose his life, he looked apologetic, he never thought and wanted that to happen. He wanted to take responsibility by compensating with money but he doesn’t want to go to the police. I think it’s because he knows his father will beat him to death and he’ll again make the decision of ending his life and maybe this time there will be no Dan ah for help. But I hated when he said the rich will never be punished because it’s true.

Kang soo plans to ruin Jin gyu and I have no idea how he’s going to do that but I cried with happiness when he called his 300+ friends and they agreed to help. He’s proud to have friends. I don’t even have 3 friends.

The episode was more about boys so Dan ah got a little but meaningful screen time. I liked how Kang soo didn’t visit her in the hospital but helped her with her other part-time job. Jin gyu did visit her but was thrown out. She can’t hear his whining.

I like Ji yoon when she’s with Jin gyu. She’s feisty and snarky but I hate her when she’s with Kang soo. Why is she using him when ever she wants and likes. I felt its random Kang soo told her about Jin gyu and the racing incident.

We got a little something on Dong soo. He’s in a gang or something and Soon ae knows that. I can feel trouble coming for them.

The best thing I like is the chemistry everyone has with the other. No words for that. I just love it.


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