Strongest Deliveryman Episode 3 Enjoyable ride

strongest deliveryman

Let’s first talk about the cute and lighthearted stuff after that I’ll jump in angst…wait it’s actually a depressing episode coated with happiness. Isn’t this like our real life?

Dan ah saves Jin gyu’s life and we see that in the flashback she actually jumped but was saved. She cried her heart out at that time and this time she’s the one who is crying. She cried in the past because she was thankful that she didn’t die and this time as well but for Jin gyu’s sake?

In her mind he’s like her and the other youth, tired and upset from studies and no job. It doesn’t even cross her mind that he might be rich, and why would a rich boy end his life? even when he says he doesn’t do anything and just plays and has fun. So it’s inevitable for her not to be shocked to learn his rich identity. She thinks it’s a dream that she’s able to solve her money problems thanks to Jin gyu. Is she naive or just what? I get Jin gyu is not a good example but rich people get depression as well and Jin gyu was depressed.

Dan ah’s bruising came from hanging, and pulling Jin gyu, from the rail? Even when she’s half dying she’s doing her work and she got ridiculed for no reason. We were shown how not to teach your kids from the rich lady and her daughter+friends. Tsk..tsk..tsk… these people, they need a high-five in the face with the chair. The rich woman was more worried about her vase. Yup, they are not human but trash.

Jin gyu’s not a bad guy. He works in her stead when she falls ill and gets a taste of his own medicine when he goes to deliver food. Kang soo reminds him that he’s like that as well and Jin gyu immediately apologizes. Yay! they become friends. My bromance!

The punks who don’t like Kang soo steal his and Dan ah’s bike and Kang soo just sit with ease and his bike comes back. How? Because Kang soo is a really sweet guy and is really kind and he cares about his friends and those friends see his bike and follow the punks. And this is why we need friends. I like their leader and he becomes Kang soo’s friend, let’s call him “old soul” because that’s how he talks and he’s a huge crush on Dan ah. Who doesn’t? Even Jin gyu feels something.

He might need to think about his feelings for Dan ah because he’s to fall in love with Ji yoon or his father will send him to Philippine. Ji yoon feels the worry from her father for her and returns home. Her father isn’t too happy with Kang soo. The hell? He protected her like his own sister. Ji yeon talks to her mother, to live the life she wants and her mother agrees on a condition she’s to date Jin gyu for a year and if he fails to enter her heart then he’s not worthy. Ji yoon makes sure she gets rejected by Jin gyu but her plan fails. I kinda like Ji yoon and Jin gyu together. Their bickering is cute.

The bromance I was rejoicing is about to have a major setback. Kang soo is hell-bent on finding the people who blocked the road for fun but pretended that some construction’s going on. His friend is not in good condition. He would have been fine if he arrived earlier. And my hatred for Jin gyu comes back. He still doesn’t know about the accident. The irony, he wanted to die but was saved and the boy who wanted to live is barely hanging on to his life. Jin gyu needs to know! He needs to apologize and beg! Arghhh!!! Anything could have happened while racing. Their cars could have collided or crashed and instead of the young man, it could have been Jin gyu or his friend there lying in the hospital.

This is a very sensitive topic for me. I know a family and their young son died while racing. He’s only twenty. I saw his family and his pregnant wife. I can’t get that image out of my head, I just can’t.


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