Falsify Episodes 11-12 And the war begins


Daehan is playing the blame game and Aeguk’s is the one getting the blame even though they are in the right. I was right this is one of those dramas where the good guys are not going to win that easily.

Goo thinks he can have the control over Splash team and Suk min and Suk min knows the cunning old man too well. Suk min figures out why detective Jeon became a bad guy. According to my understanding, he’s a good guy but the prosecutors found his weak point and he went to the dark side.

So ra has decided for the time being to keep her distrust for Moo young at a side and join him to bring down the big baddie. Moo young respects his brother for not bowing and he’ll be more than surprised when the truth comes out. He’s asked for So ra’s help but he’s not willing to let her know why he’s doing it. He wants to catch his brother’s murderer.

Seon woo’s body is still not found. He did jump in front of Moo young. No body then no death.

I like the humor and funny scenes. So ra’s boss is one odd funny guy. Aeguk’s funny people are in jail for the time being. The most I love is Suk min’s scenes and him talking to himself. He let Yoo kyung play solitaire on his computer just to throw Goo a feint. What happened to Moo young’s athletic side? And he’s deliberately sliding towards So ra when she’s moving away from him. There’s no romance, calm down.

I need the instrumental music!


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