Falsify Episodes 9-10 United we stand, divided we fall


I was waiting for this, for Moo young, Suk min and So ra to join hands. They still have misunderstandings to solve but their enemy is the same and they want to take him down.

I liked how Suk min took the courage to talk to Moo young. Five years is a long time. He’s the one who suggested to make a team. He’ll revive his Splash team and will pretend he’s no interest in Seon woo’s case but I don’t think Goo is going to buy that. I trust Suk min. He knows what he’s doing but he can’t read Moo young. He thought Moo young wouldn’t be that stupid to barge into the prosecutor’s office but that’s exactly what he’s done.

So ra knows there’s a reason for Moo young to appear in such a fashion and he gives her a reason to believe in him once again.

Every time the good guys strike the bad guys counter attack and make the good guys into bad guys. The good guys are already at rock bottom and they have nothing to lose. When you hit rock bottom, the only way to go is up.

I still believe Seon woo’s alive. There’s no dead body found and so I have every right to hope that Moo young stopped him in time. *please, oh please! No more suicides.*


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