Save Me Episode 1-2 Welcome to the creepy town

Save Me

There are two sets of stories going on, one is the cult and the other the governor election and in between are our leads. I love the dialect touch. There’s going to be a time jump because right now it’s 2014 in the story.

Muji is the name of the town and its some religious thingy going on which is highly suspicious from my view. The priest/spiritual father (Jo Sung ha) and his minions Kang and Jo are creepy and mysterious and I highly doubt the priest and his Almighty/Creator that he praises help anyone, but people blindly believe in them.

The priest is definitely putting a show and he’s a freaking pedo. The salvation he talks about feels that he’s talking about death. I don’t trust him and want to stay far, far, far away from him. He’s always wearing a white suit but I can see the darkness and evil and the blackness of his soul.

The candidate for the governor is the father of Han Sang hwan (Taec Yeon) and everyone respects the old man and because of his influence no one touches Sung hwan and run away once they hear his name. A good thing? Old man asks his son to stay out of trouble until the election. His mother is in a vegetable state.

Sung hwan has three friends and they are always together. Dong cheol’s father is a drunkard and hates his son. Jung hoon’s father is a cop and we don’t know much about the fourth friend Man hee.

In the mystery town of Muji arrives the Im family and they have been conned big time. The family consists of parents and a set of seventeen-year-old twins, a daughter, Sang mi, and a son Sang jin, he’s a defective leg.

Mr Im is eager to work any kind of work and a farm hires him. Mommy is a sweet gentle woman. The family is noticed by the priest and he helps them. Sang mi doesn’t want any help from them because she’s seen the real face of the priest, he touched her and his minion Kang was looking and didn’t say anything. I felt strange at the end of the second episode, the way Sung mi was looking at the priest when he’s giving the “heartfelt” speech. She’s not going to a be follower, right?

Things aren’t going the way the children thought. Sang jin gets bullied at school and in the end he realizes there’s no help for him in the world and commits suicide. He fell on a flower bed.

Aarrrggghhhhh!!! BULLIES!!!! I can never understand why people bully others. Why can’t they mind their own business??? They try to tell themselves they have courage by ganging up on the weak ones, just to hide their own lack of confidence.

Sung jin’s death is not Sung hwan’s fault but if he had helped… Sung mi might hate Sung hwan now. Why are the twins not in the same class? If she had been there, the bullies wouldn’t have at least taken the things that far. I was hoping for Sung jin to survive. Why did he jump? Suicide is never the answer. I hate all those bystanders who didn’t so anything when he’s being bullied. At least tell the teacher!!!

I always say, I was bullied and I stood up and fought back and helped those who were being bullied and I swear the bully ran away. It just takes a little courage to stand. Bullies are not strong, they are weak. Stand up and look them in the eye and that’s it, you’ve already won. Tell the teachers and the parents, ask for help and there’s no need to feel ashamed, you’ve done nothing wrong.


4 comments on “Save Me Episode 1-2 Welcome to the creepy town

  1. Jo says:

    This drama is soooo creepy and the cult reminds me of that cult from the 70’s the Jones??(saw it on the history channel) Where the guy made them kill themselves with a drink it was so crazy!! The leader reminds me of that guy. When he said “don’t you miss being happy” in ep 1 I was like OMG so you know what you’re doing is wrong and you’re still being evil?? Also, Dong cheol doesn’t seem to like Sung hwan and I knew Sung Jin wasn’t going to make it because he seemed too timid and frail but I was hoping I would be wrong

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    • Miss Khan says:

      its creepy but i like it. i want to see what the cult is cooking behind the walls of their purity. something shady obviously is going on and i can’t wait to see that and more importantly i want the naive people to open their eyes and see what they are believing in.
      i laughed so hard when the priest took out cancer just like that, yeah right, science and technology need to burn their books and researches and join this nonsense.
      Dong cheol feels like he’s hiding something. i can’t read him at all. i was hoping for Sung jin to survive as well. i hate him for taking his own life.


      • Jo says:

        My guess, scamming the elderly and prostitution ring and I laughed during the “cancer removal “😂😂 i thought it was a weird joke and was shocked the patient wasn’t in on it.

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        • Miss Khan says:

          your guess is probably right. the patient should go to the hospital for a check up and see what’s going on with his cancer. it must have grown even more because the priest slapped his stomach and the cancer burst… I must be evil


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