Strongest Deliveryman Episode 2 Life is not a bed of roses nor a bed of thorns

strongest deliveryman

I like that the drama is not forgetting the not so brighter side of life. Every character has their own burden and they are trying their hardest to fit in with all their flaws. How will they succeed or if they will or not is another thing

Men like Kang soo should be banned in the making because he’s so kind-hearted and anyone can take advantage of that and I feel like that’s what Ji yoon is doing. She just takes all the expensive stuff from her home and decides to live in Kang soo’s room and when he asks her to leave she turns her waterworks on. She can sell some of her stuff and find a decent room but then there would be no misunderstanding between Dan ah and Kang soo.

Ji yoon tells him that she’s twenty-three and not eighteen, he thought she’s a minor. She doesn’t see him as a man but a kind spirit and a guardian who will help her when she’s in trouble. You guys siblings? drama is giving the hint but I’m willing to wait.

Ji yoon starts her first ever part-time job at a cafe and she meets Jin gyu, because there’s only one cafe in the whole city, and he recognizes her immediately. She stepped on his car and ran and her pursuers did the same and this time her earring falls into his coffee and this time again he’s in the right but he’s no evidence. Fate must be intervening because Ji yoon’s mother, Hye ran, also wishes Jin gyu to be her son-in-law.

Dan ah notices a dress stuck in the door of Kang soo’s room and opens the door. She decides on her own that this must be his hobby and even imagines him holding the dress. Ahahahaha. She uses his secret as a leverage and asks him to pay. Kang soo thinks Dan ah knows about the girl living. Poor guy’s no idea what she’s imagined about him.

Dan ah might not have asked for money but her mother suddenly asks for her brother’s tuition fee and blackmail her and then the land lady raises the rent and she’s no choice but to threat and blackmail Kang soo. She can’t wait to get the hell out of Hell Joseon but all her hard-earned money is flying away.

I understand where Dan ah is coming from when she says she can’t help her family. She’s working tirelessly and even doing an extra job so she can learn English and her family just appears and asks for money shamelessly.

Is the drama trying to gain sympathy from me for Jin gyu? Sorry but I’m out of it. He’s scared of his father and has stored his name in his cell as “danger”. He likes racing and because of his adventurous hobby, a young boy is about to lose his life. He and his rich friends closed off a road just to have a race. Go race in the deserts or somewhere empty!! WHY BLOCK THE ROAD???? I hate him and do I feel bad when his father hit him? I’m not sure. His father’s to blame for what Jin gyu is today. I wonder if he had been different if his father’s nice to him. His father beats him because he almost ruined his reputation and Jin gyu himself doesn’t know what he did wrong. I know he doesn’t know about the accident but closing the road and thinking there would be no consequences and living a care free life…

I still don’t know why his father hates him and he even asks him to die, it’s daddy who had no interest in him. He decides to listen to his father but doesn’t have the courage to jump from the bridge into the river. Dan ah happens to pass by and notices him. His foot slips and they both fall and we get a quick flashback, she too once stood there in tears.

Kang soo is going to feel so guilty. He asked the boy to meet his mother and on the way, the boy got into an accident. If he dies then the death is on Jin gyu and his friends.

Dan ah and Kang soo were on the same train to Seoul five years back. In anger, because of her family, Dan ah tore her high-school degree. A dumb move indeed. She can ask her school for a copy or something right? In my school, one can ask if he/she loses or misplace the degree or certificate.

I feel gloomy after watching the episode but I like how Dan ah’s a furious woman from the start and she doesn’t care about things like love. My love and respect for this woman keep rising.


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