Strongest Deliveryman Episode 1 Meet the crazies

strongest deliveryman.jpg

Everyone is crazy in this drama and I love that. I loved the episode. We got the introduction of our all four leads and the side characters, which means lots of names that I’m not good at remembering and that’s why nicknames were invented.

Our hero Choi Kang-soo (Go Kyung-pyo) is twenty-five years old and has a noodle head or is it a mop head? for some reason. He still looks mighty fine and handsome. He’s a delivery-man, and takes his job seriously, and doesn’t stay at one place for long because he’s in search of “the woman” aka his mother who destroyed his father’s life. His father’s last words for him were to be a kind man and he follows that advice and meddles in other people’s business and helps those in need. That’s how he meets the run-away from home Lee Ji-yoon (Go Won-hee).

Our heroine Lee Dan-ah (Chae Soo-bin) is also twenty-five and a delivery(wo)man. She knows how to protect herself and where to put the other person. She’s bold, beautiful and sassy and I just love her. She hires Kang soo and has a leash on him. Love her even more. She wants to leave the country and for that, she is saving the money and studying hard.

I like Soon-ae and Dong-soo. We don’t know their relationship but they run the noodle shop and they both adore Dan-ah. Dan-ah and Kang soo gets to hear rude remarks because they are delivery persons and they both retaliate in an appropriate manner. RESPECT!

Meet the second male lead Oh Jin-gyu (Kim-Sun-ho). He’s the one who looks down at Kang soo for being a delivery-man. I was all ready to hate him and then it’s shown that his behaviour is not his fault. His father doesn’t care much about him and doesn’t give him any responsibilities in the company and only has eyes for the oldest son. He’s treated like a moron who can’t accomplish anything and this is one of the reasons he looks down on others. That’s no excuse to insult anyone and if he did it again I’ll curse him *prepares voodoo doll* even though he looks really cute and needs love.

The run away from home, Lee Ji-hoon, is a rich girl and is twenty-three years old. She’s a commanding mother Jung Hye-ran and mommy is going to be the villain of the story as she’s in the “food” business and wants to own every shop. Yup, I’m hating her already.

The pace is fast. The story is simple for now and sweet. I like all four leads. So what are you waiting for?


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