Criminal Minds K-version Episodes 1-2 and so it begins

Criminal Minds.jpg

Even though I’m back, I still can’t get into the routine of drama watching. It took me a whole day to complete a single episode of this drama, part of being was it wasn’t that good or good.

What should I say about the episodes…hmmmm… It’s inevitable for me not to compare to the US version. I don’t want to but I can’t help it. I need a different set of eyes, those who haven’t watched the US version, to feel something which I’m kinda unable to, NOT MY FAULT!!

I get it, it’s a remake and everything but it feels like the actors are trying to copy the original characters instead of bringing out their own versatility and uniqueness. The only actor I truly enjoyed and felt was in sync with his character’s Son Hyun-Joo. Go Yoon as DR. Lee Han was AWKWARD and Yoo Sun as Na-na Hwang was CRINGEWORTHY. Media specialist Yoo Min-Young had way too much makeup on for my taste. She’s looking like a tomato with all the redness. I didn’t feel anything from Lee Joon-Gi and Moon Chae-won’s characters BUT I loved the young unsub’s acting though I hate the way the team got to him. I was scratching my head on how its decided that this guy is the suspect/culprit…

Nonetheless, I tried to enjoy the episodes and I really like the second part of the second episode. The chasing in the first part was fake, freaking fake and I almost dropped the episode for the nth time and I have yet to learn what positions the characters hold in the team now that everyone’s under the NCI – National Criminal Investigation.

I’m willing to give this drama some time and more chances, let’s see where it’ll take us.


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