Ruler: Master of the Mask-Episodes 37-38 The true king


All hailed the king. The end. No? Okay.

So, it wouldn’t be Mask if there’s no poison involved but no one died. They will in tomorrow’s episode, don’t you worry.

Sun claims his throne and pauper goes crazy. I thought pauper had a plan when he took the poisoned cup but… I need to keep my expectations low. I think he’ll die protecting the king or maybe they’ll be friends again or he’ll remain evil and die.

What’s with Ga eun breaking the pots delicately? Drop the damn things on the floor one by one, lady, we don’t have time!! The drama just wanted her to have some scratches on her hand so we can feel pity for her and praise her hard work. She finds the jar which proves Sun is the prince.

I was pretty sure clingy’s father knows how to make the antidote but the thing is no one knows this not even Dae mok then how come I knew and Gon too? He decides to help the prince because that’s what clingy wanted. Is clingy Mrs. Ramsay (To the Lighthouse) or what, impactful even after her death.

Dae mok is not sitting still. He’s planning on killing the king by his own subjects through a rebellion.


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