Lookout: (Last) Episodes 31-32 Memories


I loved this journey and would like to embark on it again just to see our very own clown’s cleverness.

I never had any intention of watching the drama, the synopsis didn’t pull me in and Kim Young kwang WAS just an okay-ish actor for me. I never really cared about his work. I’m glad I didn’t listen to myself. I was blown away by Kim Young kwang’s portrayal of Do han. I hated him with all my might when he’s introduced but before I knew it, I was actually rooting for him to succeed in his plan. I won’t say I’m happy how the drama ended, I expected this much and worse…

A round of applause to the whole team of Lookout for creating such a memorable drama.

The last hour starts with me ready to take whatever is to come and as I thought the hacker boy finds the love-sick stupid girl and Soo ji survives the bullet but it’s Do han and murderer boy who lose their lives. I actually don’t know what happened to the murderer boy, did he survive or not because I was a blubbering crying mess. Do han could have moved but he didn’t and took the fall with the murderer boy and the last thing on his mind was his guilt for not saving the little girl and not being able to get forgiveness from her mother. She forgives him and I hope it reached him.

I don’t know if I should call it irony or what but murderer boy pushed Yoo na and Do han didn’t interfere and these two guys died from a fall…

I’m glad murderer boy’s mom decided to actually help her son. She did good but it’s already too late.

I hate drama for playing with my feelings and giving me a false hope when it’s only prosecutor Kim’s imagination but I was happy with how he called Do han his friend. *I need tissues and a minute*

And so a year passes and the gang continues Do han’s legacy to get the corrupted and prosecutor Kim’s joined the gang and when you support the righteous the corrupt try to defeat you and something like that’s happening to our gang but worry not it’s the truth-honesty and righteousness that wins not evilness-darkness.


4 comments on “Lookout: (Last) Episodes 31-32 Memories

  1. Jo says:

    The cast did an amazing job! I’d give it an 8/10, I like that it was open ended but not really which leaves room for a possible special or S2 (doubt it) I like that they continued his legacy and that he died doing the right thing but OMG, ep 31 PISSED ME OFF, I kept saying, WHY ARE YOU LISTENING TO THAT CHILD?? All in all, great acting and I’m glad Kim Young Kwang is getting better with each acting gig so kudos to him 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • Miss Khan says:

      I don’t care about season 2 or any special if there’s no Do han and by Do han I mean Kim Young kwang. I refuse to watch if a season 2 is made without him. if there is, I don’t care revive him, do something to bring Do han back. I still can’t get over Do han’s death T_T

      Same. I screamed at my screen. a teenager controlling adults!!! what happened to Do han’s genius brain? he always had a plan!!

      with all its flaws and everything, I LOVED the drama and the cast deserves the praise. *leaves to watch Do Han’s devilish smiles*

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