Lookout: Episodes 29-30 Punishment of the crimes


Our gang’s ready to get the punishment for the crimes they committed but the murderer boy decided to play a game. He not only locks the love-sick stupid girl but puts the jammer on and plants a bomb. This shows how much of a psycho he is and I dislike his mother more than him because she’s been harboring a criminal fully knowing what he’s capable of. What’s she waiting for? Another murder by her son?

With Soo ji still busy with her investigation the lover couple contacts Do han for help and he tries to push the murderer boy’s buttons but he’s smart and won’t give Do han what he wants. I said I love Do han’s smile, not this murderer boy’s! Can he stop smiling!!

Prosecutor Kim’s father also gets his interrogation-investigation to get his punishment.

Murderer boy threatens the cop and gives her a choice to choose between Soo ji and her daughter. Soo ji who has lost her daughter asks her to shoot and save her child. Do han comes a step too late and Soo ji is shot. She’s fine, right? And hacker boy found the stupid love-sick, right?

There’s only one episode more to go and I want a satisfying end.


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