Ruler: Master of the Mask-Episodes 33-34 Dilly dally, dilly dally


Let’s kill the one who helped the prince the most, well why not?

Poor clingy loses her life. In her last minutes, she only thought about her love, the prince. She’s truly a clingy till the end.

Dae mok didn’t even hesitated for a minute and slashed her. Why are their no women near him? Wife, mistress, daughter… His son cuts his ties with him. This was the first time he stood in front of his father.

I keep forgetting not many know that prince’s alive but whatever

Gon joins prince’s side.

Is pauper’s mom stupid or what? She wanted her son back and didn’t like the change in him but when she realizes the real prince is alive she tells him. Am I lost or am I lost?

Pauper makes Ga eun his queen and finally, the pot comes into conversation and discussion. There’s something in it which proves the real identity of the prince.

Dae mok doesn’t have poppy anymore and he makes a plan. He’ll make the Pyunsoo stronger and will take only those with him who will help in strengthening the group.

The prince finally grows a backbone after spending the whole episode wallowing in self-pity and thinking if he should take the throne or not because he’s a traitor’s son and then decides he needs to because he needs to save his subjects. Woo bo’s to make the antidote.

Take your time we still have three episodes to go.

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