Lookout: Episodes 27-28 The trump card


What a reversal! I love this game of trust and betrayal and the love-sick girl needs a brain transplant. God! She’s so stupid.

Do han puts his career on the line and reveals all that he’s done on the order of chief prosecutor but all in vain because he’s no proof. High and mighty chief prosecutor swears he’s never done anything shameful. Maybe he’s partial amnesia or he’s a really corrupt man who thinks he can get away with his lies.

Do han won’t let him sit on the attorney general’s chair this easily and plays his hidden card: detective Nam. He’s still alive!! Gosh, I love Do han’s smile.

Detective Nam did commit suicide but he didn’t die and Do han asked him to stand against chief prosecutor but he declined at first. He changed his mind because chief prosecutor easily evaded all the corruption claim and made him a corrupted cop and so the call recordings are heard in the hall, thanks to prosecutor Kim, and just like that chief prosecutor’s dream of becoming the attorney general goes POOF. But he’s the nerve to say that if the claims on him are proved true then the belief of people in prosecution will be shaken.

The ex-chief prosecutor wasn’t going to right his wrongs?? If not for prosecutor Kim, the chief prosecutor would have gotten the attorney general’s seat.

Soo ji surrenders to the police after her confrontation with Do han. She hates him and won’t forgive him for what he did but she understands why he did it. Do han takes all the blame so Soo ji can get a lighter sentence but it seems like she doesn’t want his help.

Coming to the stupid love girl. If I could I would have transferred some of Do han’s brain cells in her. Murderer boy plays her and falls right into his trap and gets locked in the boiler room or whatever room that is. I mean she’s beyond stupid. She finds a suicide note by murderer boy and instead of notifying the staff or teachers or his friends, who by the way are in front of her, she runs herself to save him. I was expecting he’s going to push her from the rooftop but locking her isn’t a bad idea, it’s better than dying. I want to slap him every time he smiles or smirks.


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