Lookout: Episodes 25-26 One for all, all for one


Do han knew he’ll need his gangs help and asks them beforehand and just like that comes out of chief prosecutor’s trap safely. I just love the understanding between the brothers, the credit mostly goes to the handsome priest, he lends his name that he may or may not get back and forgives his brother as it’s not his fault for what happened with their mother.

If Do han made his plans then chief prosecutor wasn’t behind and in the end, Do han stands alone to fight him. Chief prosecutor makes a deal with him about his father in exchange for keeping his mouth shut in the hearing and Do han sways but he’s made his mind and reveals that he could have stopped the girl from getting murdered but didn’t. Poor him, poor Soo ji. How will she react now?

Thank God stupid girl found about murderer boy’s identity before she’s thrown from the rooftop as well. She should have taken a proof picture or something. Murderer boy’s mother is scared of her son. Don’t tell me, he’s going to harm his own mother!

I thought detective Nam’s phone was with the chief prosecutor but it’s with prosecutor Kim’s father, the ex-chief prosecutor and he’s the password as well. Will he reveal the truth or hide it? He’s feeling guilty and his son has sensed it and the phone is now in his hands. 

Last but not the least, hacker boy and shut-in girl plan their future. At least someone has to have a happy ending here.


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