Duel: Episode 10 Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me


and the reason, the connection between Hoon and Deuk cheon is finally revealed among other riddles.

Joon keeps his Hoon persona and meets the female boss and comes out alive with Soo yeon and even gives important information Hoon never gave. He’s and can recall the doc’s memories and the medication the doc took was fake. Doc gave the real one to someone else.

Minion proves his suspicions and before he could harm Joon, Deuk cheon comes to his rescue and they safely escape with the help of Deuk cheon’s colleagues.

Leaving Hoon alone was a mistake and he wasn’t even tied properly. The moment he wakes up, he escapes and reaches Deuk cheon to take his daughter from him. He wants him to experience the same pain of losing someone that’s dear to him. And this is the connection. I thought it’s something to do with Deuk cheon’s wife but no its Deuk cheon himself.

The caretaker/female doctor in charge of the twins Han Yoo ra was killed in a car accident in front of Hoon. The clones thought of her as a mother and she cared for them as well. She helped them escape and gave Joon to her friend and took Hoon but she’s being chased. They asked for help from a police officer and he’s none other than Deuk cheon but I guess he didn’t help them.

Hoon doesn’t know the female doctor is still alive and well. She’s in charge of female boss’ father who is receiving the stem cell treatment and she hates the man for what he did do the clones(?) That’s not all, she’s the wife of the doc and she tells Jo hye that she’s the one who made the clones, not her husband.

Uhmm okay but doesn’t it sound strange that the face of your husband is calling you mom????? Did the doc give her the real medication? If not then who has it? Why is she angry at the boss’ father? She’s the one who made the clones and he just used them. What was Mi rae’s role again in the story? She didn’t even appear once and her mother’s arc just went somewhere.


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