Duel: Episode 9 Interchange


I knew it and it was very obvious something is going to happen at the meeting place. Deuk cheon’s loses his bargaining chip, the kidney guy, and couldn’t take his daughter but he manages to shoot at Hoon.

Kidney guy tells Hoon his kidney doesn’t work properly but it’s still taken from him and the medication the female boss wanted isn’t even on the organ. Poor guy died for no reason then.

Jo hye’s recent performance doesn’t please the chief prosecutor and to secure her position she looks into the illegal experiments 24 years back and into the doc.

Joon has regained his memories and my initial theory that Joon and Hoon both are clones is right. They were friendly as kids. The caretaker with them isn’t she Deuk cheon’s dead wife?

Joon said he saw Soo yeon when he’s abducted and kept at Hoon’s place but why did he saw the hairpin? It was with Deuk cheon at that time…

Joon and Deuk cheon sneak into Hoon’s place but Soo yeon isn’t there, only injured Hoon. Joon helps him because he’s the one who can take them to the little girl. The minion’s the girl and Joon pretends to be Hoon in front of him. He’s going to get caught.

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