Ruler: Master of the Mask-Episodes 31-32 I never thought I would say this… Cheers for clingy!


Why are the episodes so slow? Barely anything happens, even though I watch it week after week, my interest is not in it anymore.

As I told ya, Chun soo survives. He can’t die yet. He’s the main lead. It’s not like male leads don’t die but this one hasn’t served his purpose. He finds out the poppy field because he’s discarded nearby and he saw lots and lots of dead bodies of small children. He saves his friend and clingy helps him escape with the other children and burns the field. She might die, I can’t guarantee her safety. Dae mok will go crazy once he hears what she’s done. Granddaughter or not she’s going to hell with his blade.

Pauper is even more confident now that he thinks Chun soo is dead. He acts like a true king and his mother only wants him to leave before his real identity is exposed and he’s given punishment.

Other than that nothing major happened, nothing that I remember.


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