Duel: Episode 8 The truth


So many questions answered finally but still, gazillion left.

Deuk cheon’s learned to play Hoon’s game and plays with him. He knows Hoon doesn’t just want to kill the target but wants his kidney. This of course makes Hoon angry and the female boss orders to do as Deuk cheon wants. As to why the organs are needed is because the doc injected some important stuff/medicine in him but soon after he’s killed and that medicine’s precious and the female wants it.

To save his daughter Deuk cheon strikes a deal with Jo hye. She’ll get the kidnapper and he’ll get his girl and the Jo hye can arrest him. I have a really bad feeling, something bad is gonna happen at the meeting place.

Joon finds out that he’s a clone and his name’s Yoo Woo hyun and he used to live in an orphanage but we don’t know his life before that yet. He’s searching and investigation on the doc and human cloning. He meets a woman in a psychiatric hospital. She’s under the care of Mi rae’s mother. She’s delusional and thinks someone is taking her eggs to make clones. Okay, so she’s not paranoid or delusional and Joon met her before he lost his memories.

It’s getting clear that Hoon met Deuk cheon when he’s young. Something did happen but Deuk cheon doesn’t remember.


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