Natsume Yuujinchou Roku: (last) Episode 11 My story


Wait! What? This is the last episode? I thought there are going to be 12 episodes T_T I was deceived T_T

Natsumeg and Natori try to find the secret room which has the work of the famous exorcist and they find one of his dragon shiki guarding the door and he won’t let anyone enter or take the work because his master wanted his work to be kept hidden and if someone tried to take it by force he and his partner shiki will destroy the work and that’s what happens when Nanase of Matoba clan tries to get the research. Natsumeg and Natori get lucky and find some material.

Natsumeg tells Natori about his grandma Reiko and her fighting with the yokais and taking their names and that he’s the only one who can release those names. Natori mumbles that such dangerous thing should be burned. Natsumeg fails to hear him. Nyanko’s suspicious of Natori’s smile

Great, how am I supposed to interpret Natori’s statement? Doesn’t he know that Natsumeg cares for yokais!? Remember the episode, I don’t remember the season, when a yokai asks Natsumeg to release him but his name’s stuck to another yokais name and Natsumeg looked for the other one and released them both. The paper’s a yokais body and if it gets ripped or damaged the yokai will feel the pain.

If Natori actually cares for him then he shouldn’t have suggested that. It’s a good thing Natsumeg didn’t hear anything. He must have been shocked and hurt.

The season didn’t end not on a cliffhanger but we are still left pondering and wondering like Natsumeg because of what the dragon shiki said. He met someone with Natsumeg’s face and he thinks it must be Reiko but no it’s a man. There are only two possibilities Natsumeg’s father or grand-father.

You must be wondering why am I calling Natsume, Natsumeg. Natori gave him that name and then made fun of him.

Nyanko or any other yokai who met Reiko must have seen the man she’s with. As we all know, a normal man would have never been able to handle her. Are the rumors true that her partner’s a yokai and fingers are being pointed at Nyanko or was he an exorcist?

6 comments on “Natsume Yuujinchou Roku: (last) Episode 11 My story

  1. Shokamoka says:

    I see Natsumeg…

    Is that a female Natsume? 😮

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  2. Karandi says:

    I don’t think Natori realised that destorying it would kill the yokai but he still is pretty suspicious gesting that the book be destroyed. I loved the episode but desperately want another season.

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    • Miss Khan says:

      Natori’s an exorcist and he himself have yokais working for him. So, I don’t think he didn’t know that damaging the paper with the yokai name on it wouldn’t hurt the yokais. He’s secretly searching for the Yuujinchou if he didn’t know then he must have heard when he’s looking into it.
      I don’t think I can believe in Natori anymore plus I don’t think the new season is going to come anytime soon. It can happen if the anime takes a different route from the manga but if its gonna follow it then manga needs to release a chapter every day because the anime has already caught up with it T_T

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      • Karandi says:

        That’s sad news about the anime catching up.
        About Natori, even though he’s been looking into it, it isn’t as though the yokai have told him anything. As Nyanko-sensei pointed out earlier in the series, the yokai wouldn’t tell an exorcist something like that.

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