Lookout: Episodes 19-20 The deceiver gets deceived


One by one all the reasons are coming out to why Do han’s identity’s to be kept a secret. It’s too late now…

Our trio is the first to trick Do han. The face-off was interrupted by prosecutor Kim’s brain who brings the police and our team gets out safely, after almost getting caught, by making a situation where Do han’s Soo ji’s hostage. Prosecutor Kim never believed in that play.

Prosecutor Kim’s been giving hints upon hints to Do han that he knows he’s planning something but Do han isn’t catching them hints. Dammit! Use your head, it’s all because of the hair style you are using your touch. Prosecutor Kim helps avoid suspicion from handsome priest. He doesn’t want Do han ad Soo ji to be in danger but he’s no choice and gives the evidence of Do han helping Soo ji to the witch and presenting it as Do han’s working on chief prosecutor’s orders.

Do han tells his father’s spy story to Soo ji and admits he’s after the chief prosecutor. Hacker boy doesn’t believe his mother testified against Do han’s father. She’d to do because she’s threatened with his unborn child’s life and most likely the Viper detective who threatened is detective Nam. Hacker boy hopes for his mother to be alive. She got missing when she decided to stand as a witness again in Do han’s father’s re-trial.

Chief prosecutor was highly suspicious of Do han and he gives him a test which our smart guy doesn’t pass.

See, now everyone knows he’s hiding something and has ulterior motives. You should have listened to me!!


One comment on “Lookout: Episodes 19-20 The deceiver gets deceived

  1. Jo says:

    Yes, even the real one said we shouldn’t have gotten her involved but WOW to all those secrets, writer’s doing a good job. Only 12 more to go 😊😊

    Liked by 1 person

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